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  1. Sorry, but my maps are definately heavily loaded. I never had a crash zooming in or out, nor did it crashed when using a lot of cams. The only reason the ME crashes for me so far is, if I group link an active entety to a static block. Dont get me wrong, I do not say that the ME is flawless or that you are wrong, but the ME is absolutely fine for me and crashes are more than rare for me.
  2. Honestly, I had about two crashes in over one year now. Reading this thread is the complete opposite of my experience. Question is: why is there such a huge difference here
  3. - VR Free head movement in custom settings - Pilotmodel on/off without mods, to further improve VR immersion
  4. So the camera rotating around the aircraft is basicalle the main menu (propably). As it seems like you cant see the menu itself, maybe something with your resolution (or else) is wrong. What about checking your resolution settings inside the launcher and compare it to your screen resolution. Maybe you should also check, if fullscreen is ticked on. Im sorry about my english, as german is my mothertongue.
  5. Thank you Devs, perfect decision! I'm very happy to see a Normandy scenario in this sim! All pilots of -HungersBunteBuehne- are on board!
  6. Thank you, thank you! Maybe my english isnt good enough to make this point more clear
  7. Sorry, but there is no reason to further explain to you, that TS is not even close to a lobby system. Using TS as a hub for every player for any platform has never worked, will never work, and especially you would never make it work. You are just not able to understand, that you are compareing a third party software not even everybody is using (besides squads, free communitys ect ect who are using own servers) with a centralized, ingame lobby everybode has to use. How cant you understand the difference? Whats your point? The reason for missing coops right now are not the people (next thi
  8. Yes you have, cause your sht is all about that. You dont understand the actual point me and some others made here. We dont want HL back. A UI like HL implemented in the game would support COOP match building. You talk about TS like its an actual quick solution but guy you dont even beleave yourself.
  9. may you hand me over the ts adress, where every single active pilot (game running) is waiting on? I may have missed it so far, I'm very sorry.
  10. - because - and exactly this is why everything regarding the use of TS to replace a lobby is nonsense. I'm very sorry, but you have to see a massive difference here.
  11. Some kind of joke? It's not about a feature, its about the UI and the central hub for all virtual pilots. Teamspeak has and is none of it. Teamspeak is a tool for verbal communication running next to a game, and not a fundamental cornerstone to organize people for a game. If you want to use TS for the same purpose, you would have to force every player to use the same TS server. How can someone have little to no understanding where the difference is here? Thank you for your nonsense. Horridoh
  12. As already said, I'm pretty sure a UI like HL with the ability to actually communicate and see all online players would be the solution. Imagine I could actively invite players to my coop, imagine players could actually see when the coop is going to start. I just remember all the coops hostet by I/KG26 years ago and how I was sitting there, waiting for the Server to pop up.
  13. Never had this problem, not once until the COOP mode was released. Have you post your issue to the Editor forum here?
  14. We fly 4 COOPs 2 times a week. I've built over 150 COOP missions and they work(ed) pretty much flawless. I think the only real problem is the COOP Lobby as well es no possibility to chat with everyone inside the lobby like it used to be in HL. You actually dont know if COOPs are ongoing, you cant promote your starting COOP mission, you dont know when anything will happen and if anything will happen, youre actually sitting in complete dark, if not connected via ts. Rebuild HL, as simple as it is.
  15. Small update 4.001c is live: - Heinkel forward gunner returned to the cockpit; - Artillery should appear normally in multiplayer; - Ten Days of Autumn campaign: aircraft appear and disappear according to the new visibility distance; - Ten Days of Autumn campaign: the movement of all transport... Recommended by Sneaksie Thank you devs!
  16. Does anyone have a working solution for spawn/delete AAA? (See screenshot above)
  17. Could it be possible, that a spawn mcu can't get activated twice? What is the trick here? The AAA has to spawn as soon as planes enter checkzone A and despawn after leaving checkzone B. Never was a problem with activate / deactivate MCUs, but how does it work with Spawn / Delete?!
  18. Thank you very much! Excellent update! Please, also have a look at these MP Bugs to get rid off. The invisible clientside artillery units are a pita right now. Thank you again!
  19. Salute community, we've recently experienced CLIENTSIDE invisible artillery and searchlights during our COOP missions. Guns and Lights are activated by checkzone -> timer -> activate trigger. Never had a problem before and just ran into that strange phenomenon. The Server can clearly see the objects on the ground, while they are invisible for the clients. Can anyone of you guys confirm this? Thank you, Hunger
  20. Schau mal hier rein. Wir fliegen ausschließlich COOPs, 1 - 2 Male in der Woche. Hauptflugtag und Zeit ist Donnerstag, 2015 Uhr.
  21. Are your checkzone triggers working correctly? Couldn't try it out yet, but squadronmates told me, that in my free hunt missions, every enemy fighter group was airborne at the same time. Since they get triggered via checkzone triggers, I'm a bit worried
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