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  1. Would be a very nice addition to this webspace. Very good idea!
  2. Looking good! Thanks as always guys"!
  3. I think this may is a mission design problem. "AI return to base" checkbox in ME as well as an active enemy fake field nearby sometimes is the correct way, at least in my experience. In our weekly coops, we rarely experience this behaviour.
  4. I can't confirm this. We encounter a very competetive AI in our weekly COOP missions. Especially if they outnumber us, then situations get hot very fast. Sure, its not a human pilot, but sometimes they can get you in serious trouble. My Mission settings for enemy fighters are; Every WP priority for AI patrol missions; LOW Leading plane; ACE 2nd and 3rd plane; HIGH 4th and eventually 5th and 6th plane; NORMAL They are only "passive" if their WPs are set to MEDIUM.
  5. Please try to at least put one fakefield on your map. Sorry if this was already mentioned. Horridoh
  6. Is there actually a way to prevent not yet activated units from consuming resources?
  7. Thank you, but I mean deleting the whole group MCU-Delete triggered during the running mission. OP; Is there any way to delete a whole group at mission start? I'd love to delete several bomber-flights at mission start, if a certain event is triggered.
  8. They are not enabled at mission start. But even when not enabled, they seem to use resources. At least, that's my subjective impression. That's why I would like to completely delete whole groups wich don't get activated due to mission logics at start. Don't get me wrong, the question is not about basics. But what's your opinion/experience; Do not spawned/not enabled units cost server performance?
  9. Okay, maybe I wasnt able to make clear enough what exactly I mean; I want to delete the whole group J*ager when not needed, so it's not consuming any resources during the mission. It seems like, even if not enabled/spawned, fighter planes and MCUs in this group cost a lot of performance.
  10. Salute Editor Community! A short question; Is there any way to delete a whole group at mission start? I'd love to delete several bomber-flights at mission start, if a certain event is triggered. The easiest way would be to delete the whole group wich contains these bomber-flights. Is there any way to do this? Thank you, Hunger
  11. Thank you! A very informative DD! Horridoh!
  12. Zur Zeit wird unsere Webpräsenz umgebaut. Wir sind dabei, ein neues UI für Flugbücher, Staffelbrett und Einsatzberichte herzustellen (Notwendigkeit der Automatisierung). Die HP befindet sich demnach derzeit im Umbau. Weiterhin haben wir unsere Kampagne neu gestartet. Wir beginnen trotzdem im Sommer 43, Kuban-Brückenkopf. Viele Grüße und Horridoh
  13. As soon as the price drops a little, I'm definately going to buy TC. Just awesome work!
  14. Thats the answer I was waiting for. I tested until yesterday and came to a similar conclusion. My maximum WP distance for ships is ~10km now and I hope that everything will work fine. Sadly its not as simple as simple as “shift click”. Thank you as always guys! Horridoh!
  15. Thank you, but that was not my question. The question is about ship waypoints, cause their distance to each other has an influence on the ships behavior. If the distance is larger, there is a point where the ship just doesn't move forward anymore. So there must be somekind of optimal wp2wp distance for ships
  16. Salute Editor community! Does anyone of you guys have experiences with the optimal distance between wayponts of ships? In the past I've encountered the phenomenon of stopping ships when the distance between waypoints is too big. Since I'm not interested in putting like 100000 Waypoints for one ship, I have to ask the question if there is somekind of "optimal" distance. Thank you! Hunger
  17. Aktuell streamen wir über unseren Flugzeugführer "Rohleder" (Zupfhansel) auf Twith.tv. Schaut doch mal rein: https://www.twitch.tv/zupfhansel/videos
  18. Wir fliegen 1-2 mal die Woche ausschließlich COOPs. Kein Clan oder Geschwader, einfach nur ein Paar Leute die zusammen fliegen: https://www.hungersbuntebuehne.de/ Hinweise für Interessenten: https://www.hungersbuntebuehne.de/gastpiloten/
  19. Moin! Ich klinke mich hier mal ein, da ich parallel bei Pikas versuche zu helfen. Seine VR läuft einwandfrei, ich vermute das Problem liegt an IL-2 selbst. Wenn PikAs mit "VR Brille einschalten" startet, startet das Spiel sich nicht in der zweigeteilten Ansicht, als ob es nicht im VR Modus läuft.
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