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  1. Salute editor community, I have to ask a simple question. Right now I'm setting damage on mission start via damage mcu wich gets triggered by a mission begin mcu. Problem now is; for example static planes or hangars are burning at mission start. I want them to be like "destroyed for several days", so not burning anymore. Any tips here? Thank you very much, Hunger
  2. I seriously looked over these maps like one hundret times! Thank you so much Juri!
  3. Thank you very much! For some reason, I cant open these images, can you send me image links via pm maybe? Where did you find these maps on lexikon der wehrmacht, I've checked like every single map for each involved unit
  4. Hello and thank you for lookin into this thread! As I'm preparing to start developing a single player scripted campaign using the new Velikjie Luki summer map, I'm lookin into the War Diary of the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht to get the frontline from 20.07 - 28.08 right. You can generally say, that fighting has taken place at this time on the Map. I ran into some problems identifying the russian villages, they are clearly named in the war diary, but I can not make them out. It's about the villages of Stankowo Koshino Fedorkowo. The L.A
  5. Thats what I think, too. And I hope Jason and team don't get tired of some individual responses. Anyway I'm very thankful for these kind of small insights into the dev process aside the regular DDs. It's just as in real life too, the happy majority is the silent part. Horrido, Hunger
  6. Seriously, three dots could be anything😂
  7. Thank you very much! So we have III/JG53 and StG1 operating there, question now is; what VVS units where active
  8. Does anyone know anything about wich air units were involved in the military operations by july 1941 around that place?
  9. Thank you very much as always! Short but excellent info!
  10. Best descision! Hell Hawks in VR, homecockpit and Buttkicker is an absolute unique experience. I love that campaign so far. On the 7th mission now
  11. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/12-suggestions/ <-- ?
  12. Same for me. I think spotting has become very realistic. But it's just my personal experience. I think it's sometimes even easier to spot sth in GB as to spot other gliders around me in real life, even if they are painted white.
  13. A big thank you also from me and Squadron! You guys do a great job! I absolutely love your product and I'm definately goingt to support you guys further as much as I can. Horrido! Pilots from Hunger's Bunte Bühne
  14. Anyone experiencing problems with SimShaker-Wings? --> PROBABLY SOLVED, MY STARTUP CFG WAS RESETTED DUE TO THE PATCH
  15. Bought - 4x Fw109A3 3x Ju52 3x 109G6 4x P40E 1x P38 1x Fw190D9 1x PO2 1x Hurricane Will buy another Hurri when its delivered
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