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  1. Adding an ingame Voice-over-IP radio with selectable frequencies Type of improvement: Multiplayer Game Play / Over all immersion for squadrons Explanation of proposals: We all know that teamspeak is a great improvement for online gamplay since it has been released. We propably all use it for our squadrons or when we want to take a quick flight with some unknown server teammates. Now, imagine you could communicate with the radio built in your Plane, imagine you could select two different radio frequencies when you customize your Plane and then communicate with ist. Communicate wit
  2. Sorry it should be "Indianer mit Möbelwagen" for sure
  3. Position indication on the map is really not needed. Just train yourself in navigation with map and compass to make sure where exactly you are. I think we need a "Bodenleitstelle" wich informs you about enemy activity in the operation area like: "An alle Radfahrer, Indianer mit Möbelwagen über Kamishyn auf Hanni 1000, Ende" "To all frendly aircraft in the area, bad guys with bombers over Kamishyn at altitude 1000m, over". I would like to get such informations via Radio from time to time
  4. Is there a button or something like it in the "introduce yourself"-screen to get to the next screen? I can write my name and select my country but nothing happens as there is nothing I can do. Pls help me here
  5. Just awesome!!! I love your work, cant wait to takeoff with that JU87!
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