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  1. Gambits Hell Hawks Campaign was the best campaign I've flown so far. Super immersive and well designed.
  2. Just awesome! I hoped DVD was about exactly that!
  3. Love to hear that the Rheinland Map gets some attention, too. Thank you for the Le Havre screenshots also! Very nice!
  4. So why dont you create five or six more thrads then? That will surely motivate the devs
  5. Two copy paste threads in the general diskussion forum? Seriously?
  6. Looked for the same thing for a long time. I used to build ArmA Terrains for a long time and would love to try my best for a small IL2 terrain. Look for old RoF forum entrys and especially have a look on the russian forum by using google translator. Thats probably the only way to find support right now.
  7. Just wonderful news! Thank you so much!
  8. Salute Community! Again I need your research assistance. I'm currently still building my P40 singleplayer campaign. The campaign itself is semi-historical and deals with a fictional P40 unit, wich was thrown against the advancing enemy forces in the area of Velikije Luki Juli/August 1941. Howewer, frontlines and single battles are historical and taken out of the german war lecture I have here (e.G. War Diary of the "Oberkommando der Wehrmacht", etc..). Sadly, I have absolutely no information about VVS structures and as I have very few time due to my job and my child, I need y
  9. Okay I tested this with other Maps and the problem doesn't seem to be there, too. Can anyone reproduce this? Map: VL Summer, Plane: P40, MCU - Attack Area P40 is missing ground targets by approx 20m.
  10. I seriously don't know why, but simshaker wings only works for me when using the onboard soundcard for simshaker and BK and my external soundcard for 5.1 and Headphones. I
  11. Salute editor community! Due to my P40 campaign creation, I noticed that P40s cant hit ground targets on the new VL map. They always hit short, as if they cant read the hightmap. Has anyone of you experienced a similar behaviour with P40 or on the new VL map? That just brings my campaign to a full stop right now... Thanks guys, Hunger
  12. It's awesome! Built a complete Homepit with buttkicker etc as well as two giant fans blowing cold wind into my face when flying 😂
  13. Wonderful work regarding the hurri BTW! Will buy a second one as soon as it's released
  14. Just finished to build the second mission of a campaign for it. I fell in love with her.
  15. Oh my god I cant beleave that I havent seen this feature for like 3 years... Thank you so much! Solved for me!
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