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  1. Thanks guys! Wonderful DD as always!
  2. A big thank you also from me and Squadron! You guys do a great job! I absolutely love your product and I'm definately goingt to support you guys further as much as I can. Horrido! Pilots from Hunger's Bunte Bühne
  3. Anyone experiencing problems with SimShaker-Wings? --> PROBABLY SOLVED, MY STARTUP CFG WAS RESETTED DUE TO THE PATCH
  4. Bought - 4x Fw109A3 3x Ju52 3x 109G6 4x P40E 1x P38 1x Fw190D9 1x PO2 1x Hurricane Will buy another Hurri when its delivered
  5. Would be a very nice addition to this webspace. Very good idea!
  6. Looking good! Thanks as always guys"!
  7. I think this may is a mission design problem. "AI return to base" checkbox in ME as well as an active enemy fake field nearby sometimes is the correct way, at least in my experience. In our weekly coops, we rarely experience this behaviour.
  8. I can't confirm this. We encounter a very competetive AI in our weekly COOP missions. Especially if they outnumber us, then situations get hot very fast. Sure, its not a human pilot, but sometimes they can get you in serious trouble. My Mission settings for enemy fighters are; Every WP priority for AI patrol missions; LOW Leading plane; ACE 2nd and 3rd plane; HIGH 4th and eventually 5th and 6th plane; NORMAL They are only "passive" if their WPs are set to MEDIUM.
  9. Please try to at least put one fakefield on your map. Sorry if this was already mentioned. Horridoh
  10. Is there actually a way to prevent not yet activated units from consuming resources?
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