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  1. Are your checkzone triggers working correctly? Couldn't try it out yet, but squadronmates told me, that in my free hunt missions, every enemy fighter group was airborne at the same time. Since they get triggered via checkzone triggers, I'm a bit worried
  2. Sadly, I can't make them as df missions, cause that would not correspond to my statistic system. But if nothing helps, I will have to try that out. Thank you!
  3. That seriously can't be. If check zones don't work anymore, I can throw over 150 Coops to garbage. Have you experienced the same problem as I'm having right now???
  4. Salute Community! Since the latest patch, I'm not able to select a plane in my coop missions anymore. As soon as I try to select a plane, the whole game hangs up in endless loading. As our weekly coop mission is starting in 8 hours, I have exactly 8 hours left to solve the problem. What I did so far: resaved the mission completely rebuild the mission build a whole new scenario with just one plane to test if its caused by my mission structure, but didn't work out there either Nothing was the solution. Do you guys experience the same problem? Has anyone an idea what could cause the problem? horridoh and thank you, Hunger
  5. Same problem for me here. UI hangs up in endless loading as I select a plane
  6. Thank you so much for your work devteam! Thank you from our whole COOP community!
  7. windows screen scale was the solution for me. Try to scale down, you'll proberbly see your editor as it used to be
  8. Flugtage haben sich geändert. COOPs finden ab sofort jeden Donnerstag, ~2000-2200 statt. Zweiter Termin ist Sonntags Abends, der ist jedoch nicht garantiert. Wir haben letzten Donnerstag die 100'te COOP geflogen.
  9. Devs: Thank you so much!!!!! Love your work!
  10. Salute community! My question is, if there is any option or possible way to trigger an event by chat message in coop missions. I basically want to simulate communication with an artillery observer, so I asked myself if there is maybe a way to do it. Horridoh, Hunger
  11. No this is the way you do it. You should make yourself very familiar with the mission tree on the left side. A well organized mission tree is an important first step. For Buildings etc, remember to set the correct durability. I think everything under 2000 can be destroyed by machineguns, while values over 2000 are set for bombs etc. But you have to try that out maybe or have a look at THIS EXCELLENT GUIDE
  12. @Thad, @BlackSix, the "media translator - stop media" was indeed the solution! Works like a charm now! Thank you guys! Tested;
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