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  1. Sorry guys, but as already said, convergence is just the spot where your bullets actually cross, you do not zero your sight with convergence. It should not affect deflection shooting or anything. If you set your convergence to 200, your bullets will fly, cross their flight paths (not your line of sight!) at 200, will travel futher and reach their original "spread" (?) again at 400. After they reach 400m, they will further spread. To make it clear another example: Imagine a Plane wich has two Machineguns on each wing tip. If you set your convergence to 50 and press the fire trigger, the bullets will leave the barrel and take their ballistic flight path. BUT the bullet fired from the left wing will cross the bullet fired from the right wing at 50m. At 100m they are still on their usual flight path, butt will now have the maximum spread of their original location (wingtip/wingtip). After 100m, they are STILL on their usual flightpath, but will travel further and further away from each other. So you do not affect their vertical and horizontal ballistic flight path, you just choose where they cross.
  2. To keep you guys posted: We found the convoy heading to stalingrad with headlights on. As soon as a proximity mcu was triggered, the convoi emedeately panic stopped and left the street in all directions. Then, they turned the theadlights off! AAA set in as soon as we got reeeeeaaaaly close to the convoy. Horridoh, Hunger
  3. Of course, I use the "force complete low" MCU. We'll fly the COOP today evening, so I can tell you tomorrow if it works
  4. Salute community! First, as I'm about to build my first nightfighter COOP (Fighter bombers hunt for enemy convoys at night), I have to ask if there is a way to turn the truck and tank headlights off at night. Second, is there a way to make convoy AAA fire even at night? Thank you and greetings, Hunger
  5. I`ve built about 150 COOps now, and used to built a lot more in `46 an some for CloDo. The only thing I really miss is the undo button as well as a rearm/refuel option. I`ve managed to learn the editor in one day, at least to get the basics to run. Everything else came step by step. The editor GUI is simple as soon as you understand how the tree works. Thats my opinion.
  6. What about spending a little bit of time to learn how to handle it? You seriously underestimate this powerful ME.
  7. Flugtage haben sich geändert. COOPs finden ab sofort im SP nur Mittwochs, wenn ein Paar der Herren Zeit haben oder sich finden Montags statt. In der Regel zwischen 2000 und 2200 Uhr.
  8. Solved! It was caused due to the use of Ä/Ü/Ö in the server name as well as the description. Horridoh, Hunger
  9. It pops up EVERY time I try to host our weekly COOPs. I'm getting absolutely crazy here.
  10. Dear Community, a new mystical error is causing me to go totally crazy. As soon as I create an MP COOP Server, the error [#10002 - Connection to master server lost] pops up and keeps the server invisible. All relevant ports are open. The error also pops up, when NVIDIA GeForce Experience is closed. Do you guys have any ideas? COOPs are awesome, but only 2 out of 10 pilots are able to host right now due to several problems. Horridoh, Hunger
  11. Unsere Webpräsenz: Hier! Teamspeak: ts3.hungersbuntebühne.de oder schau Hier! Screenshots aus unseren COOPs: Hier! Youtube, Strams und Videos: Klicke hier! Über uns, kurz und schmerzlos: Wir sind eine kleine Gruppe (Minimal 4, Maximal 10 Mitglieder) von virtuellen Hobbypiloten, die eine zusammenhängend erzählte Online-Karriere anhand von COOPs zusammen fliegen. Unsere Flugtage sind dabei einmal Mittwochs, sowie Montags-Abends, das sind auch die einzigen Tage, an denen man sich in der Regel im TS trifft. Alle Mitflieger sind 30+ Jahre alt, daher ist das Ambiente tatsächlich sehr gemütlich und stressfrei. Mitteilen möchte ich uns hier im speziellen jenen gleichgesinnten, die einmal in der Woche an unseren COOPs teilnehmen möchten. Jeder Einsatz wird mit einem kurzen Einsatzbericht zusammengefasst und in einer Statistik verfolgt. Unser Ziel ist es die Kriegszeit von 41-45 durchzufliegen, dabei benötigen wir für einen Schauplatz ca. 6 Realmonate. Zur Zeit befinden wir uns in Stalingrad, Juni 42. Genauere Information findest du auf der vorbenannten Webpräsenz. Wenn du Lust hast mal mitzufliegen, dann schau bitte zu erst >>>> HIER <<<< rein, vielen Dank! Horridoh und weiterhin viel Fligerglück!
  12. Something like "packed data verification error". It came out of nowhere. The only thing I did before was working with the mission editor and build my weekly COOP mission. I have no idea where it came from
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