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    VR Development: any priority changes?

    @ironk79 AMD FX-4100 3.6GHz (OC to 4.2GHz) ~ 8GB RAM (DDR3 1333MHz) ~ ASUS GTX1050Ti Phoenix 4GB ~ 250GB WD HDD (No USB3 connections) Runs Cliffs and BoX just fine with a couple of settings turned down, but not sure it would be able to handle VR.
  2. ATAG_kiwiflieger

    VR Development: any priority changes?

    I would love to try VR - but then I'm worried I won't be able to fly any other way and then have to save for months to get a rig that will actually run it, not to mention the VR set itself. Living on the bottom of the world is not good for tech prices
  3. ATAG_kiwiflieger

    Gib F4F please

    Check out some of SpiritusMortem's work - unless this is for the GB series in which case don't mind me
  4. ATAG_kiwiflieger


    I've never had an issue with mine, runs flawlessly in both Cliffs and BoX. Make sure that in the gamesettings.ini (AppData/TSNotifier) you have these lines in the file: [IL-2.exe] game.enabled=1 font.size=15 speaker.offsetY=70 Also make sure that in the tray right-click menu > General that 'Show Speaker' and non-speaker are ticked. Running as admin may help as well.
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    Sounds in MP

    It might be the little chat message notification bells. Do they sync up with server messages?
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    IL-2 Cliffs of Dover - How to configure Multiplayer

    Might be in your realism settings, uncheck all the boxes that say 'Cannot select side, group, aircraft, position' etc.
  7. ATAG_kiwiflieger

    Finally installed Blitz.

    Hi BlitzPig It is possible to copy over the old config .ini files with some minor modification necessary to get it to work straight away. I wrote a guide to doing so here: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=27296 If you need a hand getting up to speed on the Cliffs planes and other features don't hesitate to hop on the ATAG TeamSpeak server and ask, we're a friendly bunch.
  8. Are you daljac on Steam community hub? I am replying there with some links that may help.
  9. ATAG_kiwiflieger

    Aussie/NZ/Asian timezone gatherings

    S! all, The Antipodean evening timezones tend to have things a bit harder when it comes to seeing numbers on servers as the more flight-simmer-populated side of the globe is asleep and consequently not flying. Setting a time when us from down under can rally round gives us a bit more of a chance of seeing some action on comms and in the skies. That said - there is an upcoming gathering for this purpose on Sunday 20th January 0800GMT on the ATAG Axis vs. Allies Cliffs of Dover Blitz server. In relevant timezones that is: 2100 NZDT - 1900 AEDT - 1830 ACDT - 1600 AWST - 0900 CET (if we have any interested EUR flyers). This is informal and as such there are no plans for missions or raids - but no matter if you are a hardened Battle of Britain veteran or just getting started with Cliffs, feel free to turn up if you can and fly, people will be on TeamSpeak to talk with and to help out. More information in this thread here: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=12641 ATAG Teamspeak address: Password available here: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=23120 Blue skies
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    S! all, I've noticed recently flying the 'Last Assault' 1941 mission on Wings of Liberty that it seems to have a significantly higher number of lag and desync issues than any other missions. On one occasion I was flying a 110 sortie to the Russian airfield target - I made my first pass dropping my 250's and noticed no flak was firing. The bombs, upon explosion, did not damage any targets. About 60 seconds later I saw the flak open up and the targets that I had bombed flashed into dust and appeared destroyed, along with the accompanying messages. A few times during my attack I noticed the aircraft received a number of sporadic hits while the flak appeared to lag behind to shoot at my position ~60 seconds ago. and the messages 'Outdated hit data - SERVER-WINGS > ATAG_kiwiflieger 62.7 sec' (or some similar time) would appear. I also noticed these messages originating from a number of other people during the sortie. On another sortie I engaged a Pe-2 and, seeing no gunner fire, parked on his 6 and fired the entirety of my cannon ammo and about 1/2 of my MG ammo (I was in 109E7) into the aircraft. I noticed the hit puffs appearing but no visual damage was occuring on his aircraft. I broke off and engaged a MiG-3 firing MG ammo and the same thing occured - hit puffs but no apparent damage. After ~120 seconds I received light damage to my aircraft that appeared to originate from thin air, but the 'Outdated hit data' messages that appeared indicated I was being hit by the Pe-2 rear gunner. Not wanting to risk catastrophic damage I bailed out. In both these sorties I used my navigation lights to verify position to my other fliers on TeamSpeak, which did not appear while I had them illuminated but instead about 2 minutes later, which was roughly consistent with the delay time appearing in 'Outdated hit data' messages. I hope this helps the mission builders in some way.
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    What is your favourite plane

    Toss up between the Bf 110 and the Fw 190... I prefer the 110 in Cliffs because it's more competitive against RAF but still enjoy it very much in BoX for groundpounding. The 190 though has to be my favourite single-engine, for glorious speed and armament
  12. ATAG_kiwiflieger

    Error initializing DirectX

    Looking up the Satellite C870-198 model shows that it only has an Intel integrated graphics card, which is way below the minimum specification. To play Cliffs of Dover Blitz, you will need a computer than can support dedicated graphics chips/cards. Sorry
  13. ATAG_kiwiflieger

    Giveaway ENDED, thanks for participating

    Busdriver - thanks so much for your generosity. The Me 262 has long been a favourite of mine and I very much look forward to flying it when it gets released. Have a great holiday season! And if I'm ever in Minnesota I'll buy you a beverage
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    problem to access Atag

    Might be a long shot but could you PM me your public IP address and I can check the blacklist?
  15. Based on my (minimal) experience in aircraft it's partially accurate. That is, your head does move in the opposite direction to a roll due to inertia but is easily corrected to bring it back to cockpit centre once the roll is established, whereas in Cliffs it stays pressed to the side of the canopy throughout the roll.
  16. ATAG_kiwiflieger

    Giveaway ENDED, thanks for participating

    May I enter myself for Battle of Bodenplatte? A very kind gesture on the OP's behalf, salute to you sir I hope this is entertaining (but it is not clean!)
  17. ATAG_kiwiflieger

    problem to access Atag

    This is right now? I can access it fine. Is it an ISP thing?
  18. ATAG_kiwiflieger

    Most challenging landing

    Very nice! I kept finding myself trying to look around with my headtracker though
  19. ATAG_kiwiflieger

    How to takeoff in bombers??

    I'm not so familiar with the He 111 and Ju 88, but I find it gets very difficult to take off in the Bf110E-2 when above about 60% fuel and with full bombload. Try reducing your fuel-load on all the aircraft until it gets easier. Holding it on the runway to get plenty of speed before you rotate helps (but not so much that your wheels blow out).
  20. ATAG_kiwiflieger

    Badge for CLoD - @Buzzsaw

    Cliffs of Dover is Steam-only as well so there may be issues with the integration into the forum, just as those who bought Great Battles on Steam don't have the badges in forum. Will have it in my signature I think
  21. ATAG_kiwiflieger

    BoS always fails to login first time

    Possible solution to this, I changed from fullscreen to windowed mode to see if it would improve alt-tabbing. No change with the alt-tab but I noticed that this double login is now gone and it will work first time I click 'Enter'. Posting here to see if this helps anyone out
  22. ATAG_kiwiflieger

    [GIVE AWAYS] The Community Charity Thread

    Here's a 25% off code - use it quickly, it expires on the 21st. RGJ8PX2R Enjoy
  23. ATAG_kiwiflieger

    Suggestions for those with Crash problems

    gerriraz, try to uninstall Cliffs of Dover and then reinstall it, making sure any anti-virus software you have is off or disabled. Also try following the steps taken at this page: https://support.microsoft.com/en-nz/help/929833/use-the-system-file-checker-tool-to-repair-missing-or-corrupted-system
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    Logitech force 3dpro solutions

    As Buzzsaw said, no special drivers/software are strictly needed for the X3D Pro, the ones that Windows automatically installs do fine. Currently the sim doesn't assign default stick bindings and must be done manually on initial setup. This video by the ever-present Sokol (S!) shows how: If attempting to assign them doesn't work, check your stick is calibrated properly in the Windows Control Panel>Devices and printers>right click the stick symbol>Game controller settings>Properties. Also make sure that in Steam Settings>Controller>General Controller Settings that 'Generic Gamepad Config. Support' is unchecked. Salute
  25. ATAG_kiwiflieger

    Small thing (new 2018 TWC campaign)

    Nice choice of music