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  1. You might get more help in the Technical section in the IL-2 GB section, this is for Cliffs of Dover. I believe you can go to this link here: https://il2sturmovik.com/download/ and re-download the game installer program though?
  2. I was just thinking something along those lines yesterday. What would be even cooler is clicking on the map/documents sleeve hideyhole thing that you get on some aircraft (or have a keybinding for it) and then opening a pilot's notes document to check while in the aircraft... I can dream can't I?
  3. If XSplit Gamecaster is causing issues you could try using OBS Studio? I know one guy who uses it for streaming all sorts of combat flight sims and it looks like it works well. Interface is very in-depth and customisable as well, I use it for recording videos and it certainly does the job. https://obsproject.com/ These threads might help with the 'no-click' issue: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=22261&p=229937&viewfull=1#post229937
  4. It may be that your TrackIR curves need adjusting so that it is more sensitive on the translation axes if it requires a large amount of movement to get the view to move ingame.
  5. Is this Cliffs of Dover Blitz? I think this may be in the wrong forum section. The shake stopping when the magnetos are off is because your engine is no longer on and generating any power. Engine stopping and won't turn back on? Also very likely damage related. In the 109E, you will be seeing this cockpit (hopefully): The two temperature dials below the gear indicator (two green lights in this pic) should both read 90-95 deg C when you hover the cursor over them. If they are higher than that, then this is likely the cause of engine failure. Also note that as this is the 109E-3, there is no automatic prop-pitch and it has to be managed constantly below 2400 RPM to keep the engine happy.
  6. Hi syncromash, Is this shake only temporary or permanent? If it's permanent, it's probably damage to the engine. Keep your RPMs at 2300 or below in normal flight as much as possible, the issue may be an overrev of the engine. I would recommend reading up on the aircraft engine limits here: https://www.theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/wiki/doku.php?id=bf109e34 Lots of other good info on that wiki for someone starting out too. See you in the skies
  7. Actual conversation between myself and non-flight simmer. "Hey, what's that bird over there?" "Oh, it's a Stuka bird." Silence. "Kingfisher, I mean."
  8. I think the Bf 110 E-2 had DB601B engines - almost the same as a DB601A, but different reduction gear, something like 1:1.88 on the B vs 1:1.55 on the A. Some 110s also had the DB601P, the changed-reduction gear version of the DB601N, used in the 109 E-7N and F-2. I guess that might explain it?
  9. 109/110 continuous cruise I usually hold 1.2 ATA 2300 RPM. Combat mode can be anything up to 1.3 ATA 2450 RPM, but wouldn't hold this for any more than 7 minutes. I think the emergency power is modelled different to BoX in that you have to assign a button to "Toggle Emergency Power", which in the German fighters is on a 1-minute timer, instead of just moving the throttle fully forwards. Don't let the RPM go above 2500 unless short bursts only and then never take it above 2700 if you want to keep your engine spinning. At high altitudes (6K and up) the 601N engines in the 109E4N/110C4N can go up to 2600RPM in the cruise but watch the temperatures to make sure they don't go above 105 degC for the oil and 100 degC for the water. Recommended oil temperature to keep it at is about 95 and water I usually keep around 90. If you are playing multiplayer, hop on Teamspeak and just ask around, people will help out 99% of the time to get you up and running and are always glad to have bait a wingman. Do note that if you are bombing anything you will need to select the bombs you are using and the appropriate fusing for those bombs, otherwise if they are dropped too low they won't go off. The HUD instruments you refer to I believe can be removed by unticking the box in Realism settings for "Turn cockpit off" or something like that. Most MP servers are full real and won't have this anyway if that's the route you're taking. Good luck and see you in the skies
  10. It does use a geodetic model. This thread talks about it a bit - https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=26483 This video also shows it - you can see it increasing as the Spit moves higher so I'm guessing it's not FOV causing that. https://youtu.be/uv-6cJR1RSU?t=35s I think someone made an online radar console for Cliffs that to get correct altitude for plotted contacts at a known angle and range to 'level' ground you had to factor in the curvature. Exciting stuff. If I understand you correctly you mean a large number of different maps could eventually form an all-encompassing European scenery? That would be absolutely fascinating to fly in, but I think that having everything in one engine just means that the limitations of that engine (however small) would be inescapable. Cliffs and BoX have both got their pros and cons, and I think it's good to get a taste of both, switch between them now and again. As am I
  11. - Cliffs can handle up to and probably beyond 130 players on a server with 4.5 - this is no secret. Never seen BoX do that before. - Cliffs does model the curvature of the Earth, if you get high enough in a warping plane then you can see the curve. How is Cliffs actively hurting BoX? Ultimately they are owned by the same company. I bought BoX after getting Cliffs, and a lot have people have probably done that or vice versa. I think it's important to have content in more game engines to deliver variability, and not have a 'one engine for all' approach.
  12. Massive 109F skin screenshot dump here https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=29487
  13. You could also try Buzzsaw's advice here: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=29040&p=317661#post317661 This is probably located in the _CommonRedist/DotNet folder of your game install, otherwise you could download it from the internet. Hope this helps
  14. Ok, a few more things - this section of the log here, "Exception Info: System.AccessViolationException" means that the game can't access a file or memory and it can't handle it. You could try verifying the integrity of game files in game Properties > Local Files in Steam library, or even entirely reinstalling the game with anti-virus off. I solved this issue for me by following the steps outlined in my post #3 in this thread here: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=24476 (try at your own risk) How much RAM do you have? Is this being almost fully used when you're ingame?
  15. Pasting those errors here so others can take a look at them: I would suggest checking out this thread first: I will see if I can find any more related information this afternoon
  16. Inspiring stuff Plank, I'm starting to wonder why I bought a set of TFRP pedals when I could have made some... Made my own IR headtracking setup and works like a charm. Keep cracking on with the No.8 wire
  17. Definitely think AA guns should be improved (with a background priority, there's more important stuff to do as well) but not sure about tanks.
  18. Changing Full Screen to 'Pseudo' mode in the Video settings may allow you to take screenshots - not sure. Otherwise you can hit 'Print Screen' and that will put it on the clipboard, where it can be pasted into Paint or GIMP or something similar and saved as an image. It's possible that the simplified controls feature might be causing the up and right-hand movement, try flying with it off to see if that makes a difference. You will have to at some point or another For video capture look up OBS studio, that works well for what it does although there are other more simple programs out there. Hope this helps
  19. Hello and welcome! These topics may help: Also, is your joystick recognised by Windows or any other games? Otherwise, there are plenty of stickied topics both on this forum and lots of info over at theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum in the Technical corner. Hope this helps
  20. F10 to toggle use of the mouse in 'independent mode' should do it.
  21. This is likely related to the fact that Cliffs will reset your controller ID each time it is plugged into the PC - e.g T.Flight_Hotas_4-AA417BA7 would become T.Flight_Hotas_4-H52W0H5, or some other random code is appended to the end of the joystick name. I believe this was introduced in 4.5 to fix the Windows 10 peripherals issue, where in 4.3 controllers were called 'Joystick0' and 'Joystick1', and so forth. Windows 10 had a habit of changing the IDs round randomly and it did cause a lot of grief. The new method is a partial fix that works as long as you don't unplug the stick and remix the ID. Understandably for you, that's not an option. What would probably fix the issue is if TFS simply removed the random code from the end, and perhaps replaced it with a single number, just in case someone has more than one identical stick, leaving the controller name intact. this would also make sharing joystick profiles and default profiles for the game install so much easier. There is a workaround for fixing it each time without rebinding all the keys in Cliffs itself here: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=27366 (ATAG link but I'm pretty sure Sokol1 wrote a tutorial somewhere on these forums...) Hope this helps
  22. +1 previous post. Any chance of seeing anything on the E-7?
  23. Also note a reasonably simple way of starting Cliffs in High priority is to create a .bat file with the command inside it and run that to start the program. Create a text file and paste this text inside it: @echo off start /high Launcher64.exe exit Then click "Save As" and enter 'start.bat' into the name box. Ensure that the extension is .bat as this will determine that it is a command file. Save in your Cliffs directory in steamapps and then whenever you want to boot Cliffs in high priority, double click the file to run it. You can create a shortcut to desktop if you so wish for easier access and also add other commands to start other necessary programs like headtrackers or voice comms, just by adding another line below the Launcher64 line and typing: start /d "path to other program" program_name.exe any_other_starting_parameters Good hunting all
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