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  1. Busdriver - thanks so much for your generosity. The Me 262 has long been a favourite of mine and I very much look forward to flying it when it gets released. Have a great holiday season! And if I'm ever in Minnesota I'll buy you a beverage
  2. Might be a long shot but could you PM me your public IP address and I can check the blacklist?
  3. Based on my (minimal) experience in aircraft it's partially accurate. That is, your head does move in the opposite direction to a roll due to inertia but is easily corrected to bring it back to cockpit centre once the roll is established, whereas in Cliffs it stays pressed to the side of the canopy throughout the roll.
  4. May I enter myself for Battle of Bodenplatte? A very kind gesture on the OP's behalf, salute to you sir I hope this is entertaining (but it is not clean!)
  5. This is right now? I can access it fine. Is it an ISP thing?
  6. Very nice! I kept finding myself trying to look around with my headtracker though
  7. I'm not so familiar with the He 111 and Ju 88, but I find it gets very difficult to take off in the Bf110E-2 when above about 60% fuel and with full bombload. Try reducing your fuel-load on all the aircraft until it gets easier. Holding it on the runway to get plenty of speed before you rotate helps (but not so much that your wheels blow out).
  8. Cliffs of Dover is Steam-only as well so there may be issues with the integration into the forum, just as those who bought Great Battles on Steam don't have the badges in forum. Will have it in my signature I think
  9. Possible solution to this, I changed from fullscreen to windowed mode to see if it would improve alt-tabbing. No change with the alt-tab but I noticed that this double login is now gone and it will work first time I click 'Enter'. Posting here to see if this helps anyone out
  10. Here's a 25% off code - use it quickly, it expires on the 21st. RGJ8PX2R Enjoy
  11. gerriraz, try to uninstall Cliffs of Dover and then reinstall it, making sure any anti-virus software you have is off or disabled. Also try following the steps taken at this page: https://support.microsoft.com/en-nz/help/929833/use-the-system-file-checker-tool-to-repair-missing-or-corrupted-system
  12. As Buzzsaw said, no special drivers/software are strictly needed for the X3D Pro, the ones that Windows automatically installs do fine. Currently the sim doesn't assign default stick bindings and must be done manually on initial setup. This video by the ever-present Sokol (S!) shows how: If attempting to assign them doesn't work, check your stick is calibrated properly in the Windows Control Panel>Devices and printers>right click the stick symbol>Game controller settings>Properties. Also make sure that in Steam Settings>Controller>General Controller Settings that 'Generic Gamepad Config. Support' is unchecked. Salute
  13. Cliffs gunner AI has changed a bit since 2015 as well, it used to be that gunners were either steely eyed snipers at 400m or couldn't hit the broad side of a barn at two paces. I was attacking Wellingtons yesterday with a 110 in a Battle of Wilhelmshaven-type engagement, beam attacks with a vertical component were the best method that myself and my wingman found, and even then they were sporadically pinging us depending on how close we got. Close 6 with little relative movement is suicide, just as BoX is.
  14. I have the same issue, ever since I got IL-2 GB in February. I noticed both of the firewall rules are different, one is for UDP protocol and the other for TCP. Tried deleting either one but still no joy with the relogin.
  15. Just had a chance to fly this for the first time this afternoon. Only a few people on due to timing but still huge fun, the versatility of the Cliffs coding and scripting really shows through with all that TWC have done here. to you guys
  16. Interesting solution here that the Aussies across the ditch are coming up with for lower pilot training costs. I hear that the regional Australian airlines have been very hard-hit by shortages recently and are forcing some out of business. The low cost is very helpful for pilot training but in Australia lots of their electricity is coal-fire plant generated and emissions are still there. This could have major emission savings in countries with higher proportions of renewable/clean power generation though. Petrol engines may roar today, but I think electric engines whisper of the future...
  17. I think if Cliffs clouds were just 3D volumetric with the current textures they would be fantastic. The cumulus are already pretty good as they are now. Perfection would be a coded weather engine where weather fronts and pressure areas could be created in the FMB for missions, along with more cloud types - cirrus, stratus, nimbus and so forth - and precipitation too. I can dream Mind you with Libya coming up, clouds and rain won't be making appearances that could be described as regular...
  18. Cliffs has been updated to the 4.5 version as Spiritus_Mortem says, this is under a different game in your Steam library, "IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover Blitz" and is separate to the old 4.3 and earlier Cliffs.
  19. Try this IP: Same password I think.
  20. The 110 had it's speed corrected to be more in line with real-life in 4.5, it was much slower beforehand. With a 110C-4N I can attain 450km/h on the deck, rads closed up, and about 410 at 5-6km of altitude. This is IAS though, I suspect Chuck's guide refers to TAS, in which case the speed is pretty much correct for its altitude.
  21. Nice! Where in NZ, if you don't mind me asking?
  22. *googles Gypsy Major* I noticed the pilot reaches his arm up out of the cockpit to flick the magnetos on, I only just realised that they were there when flying the Tiger Moth a few days ago. Always learning stuff with IL-2. I agree about the engine sound though, would be good to see.
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