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  1. Cliffs definitely has hydraulics modeled. In the Bf-110 for example, the left engine drives an alternator for the electric battery and the right drives the hydraulics system. If the right engine is disabled and the shaft has stopped turning, you lose the ability to move the flaps/gear although there is a backup reservoir that lets you extend the gear. Though I'm not sure if hydraulic lines can be damaged, the pneumatic system for the Spitfire's flaps can be punctured.
  2. Not to mention that Spitfires will retain energy far better in turns than any 109 will. Alternatively he may have pulled up into a climb and come back down still retaining the energy as well. Using lots of rolling maneuvers to make yourself a difficult shot while potentially forcing an overshoot is a good way of dealing with a Spitfire in a 109, works best at about 300-350km/h. Chandelles are also effective if you have enough distance in a long chase, where you climb and turn at the same time into a 180. You can climb at best climb rate (200-250km/h), but for the Spitfire to keep their nose on you they have to climb steeper than they can sustain and if timed right they will stall out, just in time for you to dive in and hit them at the apex where they are most vulnerable. See you in the skies
  3. I think the conf.ini file in Cliffs still has the settings for this right at the bottom of it even though the feature no longer exists. Crazy
  4. Some useful knowledge has also been collected in this thread in the ATAG forums for flying the 110 as a fighter, this is for the Bf110 C variant in Cliffs of Dover so not everything may apply. I've found the Bf110 E-2 in BoX to be a considerably more stable gun platform and better in the turn but worse at roll, speed and climb than the CloD C models. Also from my experience: - Fly high (at very least 3K, 4-5K is better) and strike quickly and cleanly with boom-and-zoom attacks. If you can sneak up on a fighter and get a good few one or two second bursts in from low 6 or similar, they are as good as dead since the 110's armament is not particularly merciful. Keep your speed high if down low so you don't get caught out. - Fly with a buddy or ten if you can. Sure you can lone wolf in the 110 and be successful if you are careful but having someone to cover your six and you theirs make it more fun, increases the situations you can afford to engage a particular aircraft if he has friends and make it more likely to come back home in one piece. The number of VVS planes that I've seen that will climb directly after your plane vertically also make attractive targets for a wingman just as they stall out at the top. Also mixing up the planes you wing up with makes things interesting, 109s can act as 'escort' if you do need a hand, or bait to get an enemy plane target-fixated while the 110 drops in behind, unseen. That part never gets old for me Hope this helps
  5. This is the IL-2 Cliffs of Dover section, but check this thread out: I deleted the entire \IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\updates folder which fixed it for me, but others are reporting success with the download utility that the devs provided in another thread (not sure where, you may be able to find it by searching). Hope this helps
  6. Got to admit it's news to me that it was an ATAG-only feature, anyone can use it (and could previously) provided they have an ATAG Forum account and they request access in the forum thread here: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1782&page=46 The track editor itself is located here: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/tracks/cgi-bin/enableexternals.php Have fun movie makers EDIT: Thought you may have meant only ATAG members could use it, not that it was limited to the ATAG server, which was the case previously That's what I get for late-night posting...
  7. Could be a realism settings thing, make sure that in Options > Realism you have everything under "Aircraft Switching" turned OFF. These settings are better used for some multiplayer servers and have little relevance in singleplayer.
  8. How is this relevant? TFS already have people working on those things alongside their day-jobs and personal lives. If you've got the spare time to post about it and the urge to see CloD improve then I'd encourage you to join.
  9. Wow, 262 is looking great Can't wait for it, keep up the good work 1C
  10. Provided you can shoot straight and stick to mostly boom and zoom tactics it's great and it only takes a short burst for them to make like grandmother's shortbread in your mouth. Naturally I forget that they do come with a weight/aerodynamics penalty and try to turnfight with them and get my rear end handed to me They make a nice dual role escort/ secondary ground attacker when combined with 110s or 88s too.
  11. Dead-On Awesome - damn right
  12. Yep, the Spitfire and Hurricane approach speed is about 100-110 mph on final, slowing to 80-90 with full flaps down as you are touching down. The 109 at 110 are even faster than that due to the higher wingloading, their approach speeds are more like 200 km/h (125 mph). Also when recovering from a spin I find pushing the stick forward a bit to get the nose down quicker assists getting back to normal flight. This link is for the Team Fusion wiki flight manuals, these list a number of useful figures and procedures for flying each aircraft: https://www.theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/wiki/doku.php?id=flight_manuals
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