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  1. ATAG_kiwiflieger

    TFS Update: Tobruk Discussion

    +1 previous post. Any chance of seeing anything on the E-7?
  2. ATAG_kiwiflieger

    An option to improve performance in CLIFFS OF DOVER

    Also note a reasonably simple way of starting Cliffs in High priority is to create a .bat file with the command inside it and run that to start the program. Create a text file and paste this text inside it: @echo off start /high Launcher64.exe exit Then click "Save As" and enter 'start.bat' into the name box. Ensure that the extension is .bat as this will determine that it is a command file. Save in your Cliffs directory in steamapps and then whenever you want to boot Cliffs in high priority, double click the file to run it. You can create a shortcut to desktop if you so wish for easier access and also add other commands to start other necessary programs like headtrackers or voice comms, just by adding another line below the Launcher64 line and typing: start /d "path to other program" program_name.exe any_other_starting_parameters Good hunting all
  3. ATAG_kiwiflieger

    Ju52 pool

    Ju-52 would be sweet. Having just read a book on the Cretan invasion is also making Crete my dream for TF6.0 It's not totally useless in the Battle of Britain theatre either - how else would you film this scene?