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  1. Redkestrel is spot on with everything, just wanted to add. Make sure your motherboard specs allow ddr4 ram sticks. To my knowledge most boards that support ddr3 cant support higher speed ddr4 sticks if any at all.
  2. 50gb is super low for the amount of content you get out of every expansion. Hell my DCS world install is 110 gb with 7 planes and 2 maps.
  3. Depends on a number of factors, What's my airspeed? Over 250 I may contemplate, but 200 or less I'd just dive away. Turning in would dump too much speed. Especially since the 109 rate fights better than the P-40. How much fuel do I have? Less weight can give me more speed for an actual fight (this also goes for ammo I've used). What did the bandit do after the merge? If he dove I'd follow but if I'm facing an F-4 and they go vertical I know I can't follow. Surprise and speed are your friends fighting in the P-40. Energy fighting keeps you in the fight longer but once you reach the deck you almost have to run.
  4. You're definitely not wrong it is a pain to fly...but I love it. Equal advantage with a good opponent will 75% of the time get you killed. I primarily use it for bouncing and hunting. stay up high and use your dive speed to make a good first pass. I can usually get 2 passes before I start to run out of steam. Plus it ahs excellent maneuverability in a dive and with speed. I find it very easy to stay behind a fleeing 109 which makes them an easy kill for my .50 cals
  5. You can probably get away with a faster 8 gb ram stick for now. But, the two issues are the CPU and Graphics card. For max settings at 60 fps a Ryzen 3600 and a card equivalent to a 1080 8gb is going to get you there. If you want just High performance for cheaper id go for a Ryzen 5 2600 (equivalent intel would be I-5 8600k) and something like a Radeon Rx 580 or 590 alternatively you could go nvidia and get a 1660 or 1070 all should be 8gb vram.
  6. That money runs out fast when you don't put out more content and you have a whole team to pay every week. They've found a good medium between the two. Hell just look at the last Dev diary. They're fixing stuff.
  7. Dude if you don't play on the server just don't respond on the topic. You obviously know a great deal about the history and that's fantastic. But, there's no reason to be toxic about it. Just let people play what they want. Doesn't matter if it's historical or not in a multiplayer server basing its self on historical accuracy. But allowing freedoms for people who don't want to know the history to still enjoy the game
  8. Great video! That second kill with the pilot snipe was beautiful
  9. I can finally live up to my name lol thanks alot for these!
  10. That skin looks amazing, I can't wait to see more man!
  11. It only shows up if you've purchased it through the Il-2 site
  12. I was talking about punishment for shooting a parachute not leaving formation. My bad
  13. Full weight for the P-47 is around 12 tons compared to the P-38's 17 tons. But you also have to realize the P-38 is running two engines. Both being Allison 1710 v12 engines. You're going to have a much better power to weight ratio compared to the P-47 which is why the lightning feels better even at low altitude compared to the thunderbolt
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