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  1. That money runs out fast when you don't put out more content and you have a whole team to pay every week. They've found a good medium between the two. Hell just look at the last Dev diary. They're fixing stuff.
  2. Dude if you don't play on the server just don't respond on the topic. You obviously know a great deal about the history and that's fantastic. But, there's no reason to be toxic about it. Just let people play what they want. Doesn't matter if it's historical or not in a multiplayer server basing its self on historical accuracy. But allowing freedoms for people who don't want to know the history to still enjoy the game
  3. Great video! That second kill with the pilot snipe was beautiful
  4. I can finally live up to my name lol thanks alot for these!
  5. That skin looks amazing, I can't wait to see more man!
  6. It only shows up if you've purchased it through the Il-2 site
  7. I was talking about punishment for shooting a parachute not leaving formation. My bad
  8. Full weight for the P-47 is around 12 tons compared to the P-38's 17 tons. But you also have to realize the P-38 is running two engines. Both being Allison 1710 v12 engines. You're going to have a much better power to weight ratio compared to the P-47 which is why the lightning feels better even at low altitude compared to the thunderbolt
  9. I have to agree, it's the only skin I'm waiting for lol
  10. Right around 68% fuel is just wing tanks, anything higher fills the main fuselage tanks
  11. I think this would be a great choice but you run into the problem of this not being very common in the luftwaffe. Only coming onto the scene by January of 45'. Only one surviving 152 is currently being restored and not much is known about the development of the plane. Or, even how many were made. It would definitely be a cool plane to have as a collector but I dont know how able the team is to make an accurate FM and modeling of it.
  12. That's awesome! Did you bounce him or did you actually get into a fight with him?
  13. Just played combat box and got my first two confirmed kills with the P-51 and I'm really loving the plane. 50 cals are deadly and it feels like a rocket above 15 thousand feet. I also saw Scharfi's latest P-51 video and loved it. Anyone else having good success with the mustang?
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