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  1. TheOldCrow

    Dolphin vs DVII

    I don't know much about the dolphin but I do know a good deal about the d.vii. It was regarded as one of the most efficient and deadly planes at the end of the war. It had a thick wing like the dr.1 which allowed it to turn very agile, it had very forgiving stall characteristics so it was very good in the hands of inexperienced pilots. It was fast, not as fast as the spads 130 mph (if I remember correctly) but a remarkable 117 mph or 189 km/h, It had reinforced wings so it was better in a dive as well. equipped with a BMW IIIa engine it could actually prop hang for a moment before stalling, the engine and large wing area gave it a good rate of climb as well. Compared to the camel and the spad it was easy to use for beginners and deadly in the hands of an experienced pilot. A good book to read on it would be the first 12 or so chapters in Dan Hamptons "Lords of the Sky" it goes in depth on all ww1 planes from the beginning of the war and on.
  2. TheOldCrow

    A.I. Crashing immediately after spawn

    I'm sure it's most likely because we're still in early access for FC vol 1 but it does put a damper on flying in single player if you only get to dogfight with half the planes you're supposed to spawn in
  3. Recently whenever I play Il-2 I'll boot up a quick mission between an a.i. pilot just to practice my shooting before I go into multiplayer. My usual mission is me in the Spad 13 fighting against a pfalz usually on the deck or me at 500 m and the pfalz slightly lower to dive on. But I've noticed when I start the pfalz at the lowest altitude, after I shoot down the first enemy every other will immediately spawn and crash into the ground. Has anyot else experienced this?
  4. TheOldCrow

    BoS - Cannot shot down planes

    You can select the certain planes in a 1v1 a.i. dogfight. You'll see a pull down bar that shows all the types of planes your a.i. enemy can fly. This includes bombers as well as fighters.
  5. TheOldCrow

    Expensive aircraft in Il-2?

    I think the at least $15 is fair. Every plane is done with an immense amount of detail and care. Compared to something like CLOD blitz where you have a larger gallery of planes to start with. And, while they're decent in flight model and realism they aren't to the standard Il-2 bos has had, at least in my experience with the games.
  6. If you're having problems with multiple planes in the area a CPU would probably be best to get.