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  1. Being completely honest I don't mind not having it. But DCS world's approach may appease others, instead of a different Insignia by removing the middle completely they blue it out with paint looking like wear
  2. After trying it out a 262 needs the element of surprise to do alot of damage and get kills. Diving at speed can be easily countered by a quick turn after the dive becomes too fast. I also forsee alot of accidentally unrecoverable dive deaths, once you hit 850-900 kmh the nose tucks and the dive is so extreme I have yet to recover from it
  3. Recently I started reading a very good book called "The German Aces Speak" having interviews and accounts from 4 well known and decorated German aces and high Luftwaffe Command. The first two Aces mentioned, Walter Krupinski, A fighter in JG.52 on the eastern front and one of Erich Hartmann's instructors. And, Adolf Galland Commander of the Luftwaffe Fighters under Goring. Both flew 262 in JV.44 in early 1945. Both brought up how vulnerable the jet was at take off and landings. How allied P-51's would follow them back to base to shoot down on final or strafe on the ground. My questions are this, Will we see more Allied planes fly deeper in to enemy lines to score easy 262 kills? Will vulching 262's become a problem? I would definite recommend the book btw very solid read and a lot of info on eastern front in Krupinski's interview.
  4. This is kinda what I figured, definitely caught me off guard at first. He definitely didn't find any help either before my P-40 shredded him 😆
  5. Recently on the WOL servers I was flying a P-40 doing some circling over one of our positions. I noticed a 190 pilot on the deck heading back to his lines and dove after him. Just as I was closing within shooting range he pulled up slightly and flashed his nav lights. I then proceeded to take his wing off with the P-40's 50 cals. Any idea what he was doing? I've never come across this before. I assumed he might have confused me as a friendly but I've no way of knowing.
  6. Mine would probably be the G-6, It feels very floaty and not at all as nimble as variants like the F-4. And to all the hate towards the P-40... I know its definitely not the best plane out there. But I love it so much. That and the P-47 are the closest I have to the Mustang until it finally comes out.
  7. I recently started a Moscow career in a p-40e and I've only ever had a.i. 109's chase me while my plane was injured. If my flight came out on top of the dogfight they usually turn tail and head back deep into their own lines.
  8. TheOldCrow


    I have a Radeon Rx 580 and I haven't had any issues with the game, everything seems to run completely normal.
  9. Turning on the 4k texture setting fixed all the stuttering I had, I'd say give that a try
  10. My favorite would definitely be the A5M, One of the first planes to ever use a flush rivet system. It laid the ground work for the A6M which is regarded as one of the best and most widely used Japanese fighter.
  11. I agree, researching that would definitely be a difficult task. If you're interested in learning more pick up the book Lords of the Skies by Dan Hampton, they go through an entire few chapters on the Spanish Civil war and how it shaped the Luftwaffe's pilots and aircraft.
  12. These are some great ideas. I would especially love a GB Battle of Britain set (I don't care for CLoD that much). But, the Spanish civil war might be a problem since the 109 A was leaps and bounds ahead of the planes it was up against. It was many of the Luftwaffe pilots training grounds for practicing air combat since their planes out preformed the competition.
  13. I think Novice has some things right about FC vs ROF. If players want a more complete package, ROF is definitely the way to go. But, we must remember that FC is still very much early access. I have just over 250 hours in ROF and only about 100 in GB with a good 10 in Flying Circus and I constantly enjoy flipping back and forth between the two. ROF has a better package right now but I think FC has the ability to rise above ROF in the long run with better flight models and updated graphics engines.
  14. A two other good books to look at would be Lords of the Sky by Dan Hampton and Dog-Fight Aerial tactics of the Ace's of WW1 by Norman Franks. Both go super in depth about tactics and the mindset of ww1 pilots
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