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  1. Hi Vyrtuoz, I think that I found a reason for the issue that I was experiencing: 1-If you install Tacview and you already started a career the recording isn't going to work (no little red camera, at least for me). 2-If you have Tacview already installed and start a career from zero, Tacview is going to work without any issue. For now, i already installed Tacview 1.7.6, and started a new career, without any issues for now. Thanks for your answer.
  2. Hi Vyrtuoz. I recently bought a copy of Tacview 1.7.5 and have a question about it...Is it possible to record data from the Career Mode? so far I have tested the quick missions and it is possible to record data but for some reason its not possible to do it in career mode, the red record icon doesn't even appear. By the way I'm using version 3.011b or the sim. PD: It works great with X-Plane 11.32!
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