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  1. Haha. Like I said, there's always....one...wink. Your it Bidu! 😆
  2. ....umm, when did anyone see serious Albie pilots flying consistently with this mod to good effect? I tried it once every few years in Rof just to remind myself how silly an idea it was.... ....and I admit to thinking of trying it once in FC....make that twice....against AI....on the FC Fluugpark, when nobody was looking so I couldn't be embarrassed....snicker...look what B is flying....snicker.... ...but I still haven't....figuring it could wait for the testing team ( many of whom are posting here) to give me their analysis...bit apparently it's such a silly idea to them that it's not even worth the time to try out....much less hypothocate about here...yet I take the time to make a post....thus consuming more time on the topic than it warrants.....since nobody ...well, you know what I mean....there's always somebody...but seriously, this is seen as undermining the entire project? I doubt that too...
  3. ....and then there's the rest of us who, while respecting the fact that there are drawbacks to simply porting over ten year old models, accept the fact that this is the fact, and appreciate the more important fact that this is better than not having the WWI flight sim community moving forward technologically with the potential for future improvements. Thanks you to Jason and his crew for their commitment to the community that gave them their start!
  4. Nice idea, it's just not at the top of the list....nor mine given the entire pipeline of other more important projects for the studio....not just the TC related ones.
  5. It's customary for serious mission or multiplayer campaign designers to make it a 50/50 (or worse) proposition to fly over the trenches at less than 1500 metres....which I often refer to as "the fence". Jasta 5 campaigns such as Bloody April and Black September as a rule include "the fence".
  6. J5_Baeumer


    Related to your these frustrations around nose up flying...I wonder how many pilots IRL actually flew around full throttle full time, for how long they were able to do that.
  7. Pat has recently confirmed in another recent thread his plans to support FC.
  8. Its actually turning out to be a very nice sim, Badger, and its still early release. Get in some of the tanks and try it for yourself, otherwise, well, perhaps not insulting the DEVS would be better place to start.
  9. So good to see more gents putting things together on the Entente side.
  10. Seaw0lf, very helpful listing of planes side by side. The Camel was conspicuously absent from the list however. If this was by accident, perhaps you would consider adding it to your list for the sake of documenting the complete list?
  11. An Albatross DVa dressed up with a Greentail has never looked so good! Thanks devs!
  12. Outstanding work, especially the dirt in the tracks!
  13. Robert, so good to hear your impressions as a pilot getting involved in WWI. I'm sure your comments are music to the developers ears as much as it is to those of us who are WWI sim enthusiasts. Jasta 5 is hoping to host it's annual Black September campaign this year hopefully on the new Arras map. Jasta 5 has conducted this historical campaign along with our Bloody April campaign for several years in Rise of Flight and look forward to hosting them in the Flying Circus environment as soon as the necessary resources in plane sets and map make that possible. We also expect other campaigns by other well established flying groups like JG1 to be hosted and hope other newer groups will form and host additional events as well.
  14. Your contributions to these conversations via your personal experience and those of your unique contacts is much appreciated, Chill.
  15. I'm glad we have FC NOW even in BETA form....instead of waiting for full release with no bug fixes and feature development based on community feedback. Looking forward to the soon to be released Albatross and Se5a.....oh, and the Arras map! Looking forward to seeing you then SP1969 and some others.
  16. 1. Download joy2key 3rd party software. 2. Lookfor posts here on tank forum by Thad...many of his posts have a list of the tank controls. 3. Mapthe in game tank controls to your hotas controller in ways that make sense to you. 4. don't be afraid to revise your mapping of controls to your controllers as you learn what might work better. 5.practice makes perfect. Since you're not already a pilot or tanker or gamer you've got to put in seat time to develop muscle and brain memory using your controllers. 6. Enjoy the ride!
  17. ....but will other players be able to see the same custom skins you assign in editor if they have not downloaded the same custom skins....?
  18. How do you prevent turret from returning to center position when you RETURN to gunner position? This happens only on Tiger ...not T34 which allows you to move gun, leave gunner position and return to gunner position without gun automatically trying to return to centered.
  19. I thought the thread was titled "Old Geezers Retirement". Sorry. I didn't have my reading glasses on obviously, which would suggest I might be of an age making me eligible for retirement and therefore your group....only if I weren't otherwise preoccupied with administrivia at Boistrancourt however. Best of luck with your recruitment or retirement or both! PS: Have you chosen a "side" yet to fly in the campaigns that are no doubt on the horizon? Entente? Central? French? Something else? Let me know and I'll add your unit to the community list we have going (or post your answer and website/contact method here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/38404-virtual-central-power-jastas-and-entente-squadrons/
  20. @JD-UK.....Your sentiments are shared by many I suspect ...and I predict you'll be pleased when on a full real setting server with no icons alot of tanks rolling in small groups and even some.planes in the air to hide from as you hunt for enemy tanks....very intense and very enjoyable.....
  21. @stupor-mundi....I understand the frustration and share in each of them from haystacks, water wells, small wagons and trees made of cement....all of which are mission builder controlled settings.....I especially hate the cement trees but can live with the other objects as they are more than less avoidable. ....and I've run into my share of invisible objects.... .....and I am open to your thoughts something could be amiss.... .....but I also know that building a mission map involves populating a map with buildings trees etc and then very often someone may strip some objects out of the map....then put things back in....possibly mucking things up with multiple layers of object elements that can be left behind unintetionally....and often I suspect a mission builder does this when learning to use the mission editor and once they start to get the hang of mission building we likely inherit these invisible artifacts of prior mission building experiemts from their trial and error efforts along the way.... I like @Dakpilot idea of each of the main tanker servers having a thread for reporting objects so those mission builders who care can see what things are wrong and have some two way communications with users of their missions and get a simple hit list of items they can attend to for continued server development and improvement.
  22. Just a quick note that there have been conversations prior to Bloody April campaign putting plans in the works to improve the pilot experience on the Jasta 5 server consistent with some of the recommendations being posted by pilots once we have the Arras map available. The exception to this is that we hope to adjust the mission rollover timing shortly.
  23. When you left the commander position without buttoning up you left the commander up there while you moved into the Gunner control position....it's not like a in game person moved from commander to Gunner....you simply too direct actionable control of a different crewman....so your commander died by strafing while you were controlling gunner. That is why you could not return to take control of Commander ....you left him in harm's way where he died....
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