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  1. J5_Baeumer


    I think he may be on to something. As in ... probably of no use what'soever in a dogfight. All to be hoped for is perhaps getting a glimpse of someone level on my six while I'm on autopilot cruising along or otherwise not paying attention.. Except that I've usually been killed by getting bounced ....which by definition isn't ideally co-alt behind me.... You too SP1969! Thanks for showing me that I can possibly have both style AND functionality at the same time. Not sure what all that chrome will do to my weight to lift ratios and so on though! May only be able to fly stealthily on overcast days too! Drat! Hmmmm......style or functionality....style or functionality.....not so functional....I'm perhaps leaning more towards style now....
  2. J5_Baeumer


    I can't decide which style I would prefer.... OR I definitely see possibilities with the signals to my wingmates.....do I go for functionality or style?
  3. You are correct, Jade. It is in fact doable, as I have done it myself.
  4. J5_Baeumer

    Attn: Server operators

  5. Way to go 1969! Thanks much! Big contribution to the community!
  6. You are correct....we will be showing there again soon.
  7. J5_Baeumer

    Tank controls are ridiculous

    Badger, I've been using JoytoKey with success except in solving the automatic slew to Target problem you mention above, in the Tiger....it's always worked somehow with the T34 since I first started using joytokey. But not for the Tiger. Hoping you or anyone else who has solved this issue can share the solution here. Thad?
  8. J5_Baeumer

    Sopwith Camel with over-rev throttling?

    For the time being, the throttle limit has been temporarily activated at the request of several newer pilots using the server frequently. Jasta 5 is committed to being supportive and responsive to the stated needs of newer pilots joining the community of online WWI flight. P.S. Be assured Jasta 5 RoF events will continue"full real" and the FC server settings may revert back to full real sometime soon as we try to assess how many regular users of the server find this setting helpful.
  9. J5_Baeumer

    Auto update the GCF skin folder

    ...agreed, but still nothing compared to what we had to do to patch Red Baron 3D back in the day! Thanks for your creative and relatively simple solution to a major obstacle, Darkowl! This is a major contribution to further the development of supports to the community. PS thanks also to GCFs hosting the main repository.
  10. J5_Baeumer

    Best Map

    The best map is soon to be released. Arras! PS Hoping the files we sent Jason of Boistrancourt Chateau and field are included in FC!🤞
  11. Trupo.... to fly or shoot at?!
  12. J5_Baeumer

    Trying Tanks for the first time.

    Welcome....You can easily separate them yourself by either going into your in game settings and assigning tank related commands to specific buttons of your choice in the second column or by installing and using a third party tool.like joy2key . This is all discussed in more detail in numerous other threads found via use of the forum search tool. Look for posts by Thad.
  13. J5_Baeumer

    Skin 4k Pfalz DIIIa / Sopwith Camel / Spad XIII

    Nice Julian! I am biased to the one with the green tail. Looks beautiful!
  14. J5_Baeumer

    Where will everyone be flying today ?

    Thanks Wolfram. Glad you enjoyed Bloody April last year. To answer your questions: Jasta 5 expects to continue to offer community events such as our Bloody April and Black September community campaigns as soon as it is possible to conduct the kinds of missions (often two-seater reconnaissance, trench mapping, bombing, etc) that such campaigns are built around. To that end, please see our announcement on our server thread here about another first for the FC community we have been able to pull together....the first FC two seater photo recon mission...using the new UL2 plane (and Pfalz DIIIa) on the Jasta 5 server (not JG 5).... This is significant since we have moved the FC community significantly closer to being able to offer some kind of objectives based campaigns. Anyone interested in this development should see the other thread for details or simply drop by the Jasta 5 WWI server and give it a whirl (you'll have to fly from the Entente base to do it). Enjoy!
  15. J5_Baeumer

    The new fad of flying on tank servers

    Thats not the fault of the game developer but rather the fault of the mission builder (if anyone can actually be faulted for creating a mission for everyone to enjoy). Mission builders can correct these things in their mission editor settings. I am sure that if anyone has the time to review the mission editor documentation and start playing around with it, could correct most of the issues this thread is discussing (beyond and damage modeling etc.) and offer the "improved" mission files to server ops if they don't want to run their own dedicated tank server.