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  1. J5_Baeumer

    Skin 4k Pfalz DIIIa / Sopwith Camel

    Nice Julian! I am biased to the one with the green tail. Looks beautiful!
  2. J5_Baeumer

    Where will everyone be flying today ?

    Thanks Wolfram. Glad you enjoyed Bloody April last year. To answer your questions: Jasta 5 expects to continue to offer community events such as our Bloody April and Black September community campaigns as soon as it is possible to conduct the kinds of missions (often two-seater reconnaissance, trench mapping, bombing, etc) that such campaigns are built around. To that end, please see our announcement on our server thread here about another first for the FC community we have been able to pull together....the first FC two seater photo recon mission...using the new UL2 plane (and Pfalz DIIIa) on the Jasta 5 server (not JG 5).... This is significant since we have moved the FC community significantly closer to being able to offer some kind of objectives based campaigns. Anyone interested in this development should see the other thread for details or simply drop by the Jasta 5 WWI server and give it a whirl (you'll have to fly from the Entente base to do it). Enjoy!
  3. J5_Baeumer

    The new fad of flying on tank servers

    Thats not the fault of the game developer but rather the fault of the mission builder (if anyone can actually be faulted for creating a mission for everyone to enjoy). Mission builders can correct these things in their mission editor settings. I am sure that if anyone has the time to review the mission editor documentation and start playing around with it, could correct most of the issues this thread is discussing (beyond and damage modeling etc.) and offer the "improved" mission files to server ops if they don't want to run their own dedicated tank server.
  4. J5_Baeumer

    The new fad of flying on tank servers

    Its something those who run the servers can address simply through the mission editor. Limit planes and/or ordinance (or eliminate planes by not having active air fields). I notice that some tankers have taken to the skies as spotters more and more frequently, communicating enemy tank movements to ground forces, which is not too much a problem as it deducts from tanks on the ground and is a realistic tactic. Usually these flying tankers can't bomb the broad side of a barn and their planes usually don't last long as they either crash them accidentally while getting "up close and personal" view of enemy forces or they destroy the engines because they don't know their engine management; look for the oil streaks in the sky which is a sure indication of a tanker on a spotting mission. That said, I've also noticed what Stupor Mundi is saying and agree that it would be nice to see some of the limits mentioned above. I think the idea of a few "recon" equipped planes for each side might be a good thing, but the bombing is counter productive while the tanking community tries to build itself. PS Icons off of course!
  5. J5_Baeumer

    Where will everyone be flying today ?

    Best way to find out is to go online and see. If nobody on a FC/WWI server, feel free to visit the J5 WWI Flugpark. There are some target drones and ground targets available. Just spend a minute reading the mission notes and scrolling over the icons on the map to figure out where you want to start from depending on your interest. PS there were 5 or 6 of us in the J5 server this evening about 01:00 GMT.
  6. J5_Baeumer

    Pz III Aus. L / T-34/76 Skin Templates

    I have been able to collect about a dozen Tiger and handful of KV1 ( which nobody drives) skins, but you're right, nobody has seemed to bother with the Pzlll and T34 skins.to date. I'm still seeing players driving the Pzlll from time to time and of course the T34 is always in high use.
  7. J5_Baeumer

    Trees, forest, collision detection of shots

    I meant visual cover of course, to be more precise.
  8. Familiar with the quote. Also, we are all familiar with a real DrI pilot who says the DrI modelling is highly accurate in FC.....hardly an example of a nerfed FM...? Additionally, personal experience flying both RoF and FC DrIs should prove to even an average sim pilot like me that for whatever reason, the two sims DrI flight models are different. Quite different, at least in how they translate in their respective game environments. My personal opinion is the FC DrI bring highly preferred to fly, once one learns to get it off the ground properly. Finally, this is a business. It's not uncommon to under promise and over deliver, or try to. The overwhelming consensus elsewhere on this form seems to contradict your fairly pessimistic 'analysis' regarding the performance of the DrI, and the whether we are flying a purely ported RoF FM or not in FC. Frankly I don't think it matters.....what does matter is that the FC models to date appear improved from RoF and highly accurate making planes that many hated and even refused to fly or couldn't fly in RoF, actually enjoyable to fly. But then, this isn't really a thread about the DrI, it's about the Camel....a plane yet to be released that none of us have been able to fly, much less 'test'. I look forward to flying the camel and seeing what it is like in FC when released.....history being my guide....I look forward to being pleasantly surprised.
  9. Very wrong on the first point and therefore likely wrong on both points.
  10. No, I think it is actually a form of mercy....same results in RoF.....
  11. J5_Baeumer

    Trees, forest, collision detection of shots

    Stupor, do you think it's gone too far in the other direction? I can't remember being able to push over a small sapling of a tree for cover in a great while now it seems.
  12. J5_Baeumer

    Virtual Central Power Jastas and Entente Squadrons

    Thanks, link corrected.
  13. J5_Baeumer

    szelljr skindeposit (WW 1) ®

    Very nice work, even the historically fictionalized all red Fokker DrI never flown by the Red Baron.