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  1. Great flights today all. Over 39 players from 1200-1500 UTC and 80 players stopped in at some point from 1500-1800 UTC!
  2. You probably suffered self inflicted frag damage or some machine gun damage at the target. Take a look at your sortie details in the parser record for that mission.
  3. That's, Bosche, with a capital B, Talbot....unless you prefer the variant spelling.😄
  4. Flying Circus Furball When: Sunday, the 20th October 2019. Time: 17:00 UTC/GMT Where: Flying Circus Flugpark Server Type: dogfights and two-seater missions (drop in & drop out anytime) Entrance: Everyone welcome, regardless of experience. Come fly and have fun. Parser Results: http://stats.jasta5.org:8000/en/
  5. Updated list with second Pour le Merite awarded to SeaW0lf!
  6. Regarding comms while flying on the server... note that teamspeak address on the bottom left of the grey box above (jasta5teamspeak3.com). .... its probably the logical place to go if your on the server since others have been going there when flying on the Flugpark (feel free to use it for other servers of course too). This coms server also serves as the Blue Team coms channel for JG1 Flanders in Flames as well, so many regular flyers already know this place. Feel free to use if it is useful. PS: Its also a good place to "hang" out waiting for other pilots if you are one of the "lonely people"... PSS Here is the server activity for yesterday afternoon. All start times are GMT/UTC. You can track this yourself by going to the server parser here: http://stats.jasta5.org:8000/en/missions/
  7. Emphasis (pandering) here for Larner. 😁 Blue Skies,
  8. Not at the same time....but there was a solid 25-30 from 1700-2100. Lots of returning vets as well as some newer players trying multiplayer.
  9. 36 flying 1500-1800 GMT 58 flying 1800-2100 GMT http://stats.jasta5.org:8000/en/missions/?tour=5 for more details or to register on the parser.
  10. Jasta 5 congratulates SeaW0lf for 25+ (33+) victories for one virtual life in a full real environment Flying Circus Flugpark, as evidenced by the Flugpark official parser records (see screenshot below; the FC Flugpark parser can be visited at http://stats.jasta5.org:8000/en/ ). This is quite the accomplishment and worthy of recognition by us all. Congratulations and S! ( heel click!) The list below will be updated to include new pilots meeting the 25 victories requirement in full real server/events involving live pilots, provided proper supporting documentation/evidence is submitted. Recipients - J99_Sizzlor - October 12, 2019 (31) SeaW0lf - October 17, 2019 (33 and alive)
  11. I had the same ammo bug....said I shot all 1200 rounds when that was definitely not the case. ...appreciate you wanting to fly only on clear days, Learner, but not all of us are such fair weather flyers. 😃 Wonder if the cloud issue you refer to is related to the enhanced visibility.....let's see what turning off Enhanced Visibility does to the phenomenon starting tomorrow.
  12. Yes, in that poll thread ...please vote if you have not already done so...
  13. Peter Jackson? interested in WW1? Um, yeah! The segment at the end of this film about the making of the film gets into his collection and how it was used to recreate authentic sounds to put to the silent film to bring it alive. Saw this film in large theatre with a group of amateur and professional military historians....amazing and highly recommend the film, "They shall not grow old". https://m.imdb.com/title/tt7905466/
  14. Continuing this regularly scheduled community event started by GCF. Flying Circus Furball When: Sunday, the 13th October 2019 Time: 17:00 UTC/GMT Where: Flying Circus Flugpark Server Type: dogfights and two-seater missions (drop in & drop out anytime) Entrance: Everyone welcome, regardless of experience. Come fly and have fun
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