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  1. Thanks for the summary, has an. I have some other questions for you. I'll probably reach out to you via PM on Discord as my mailbox here is stuffed full.
  2. Despite a few discos later in the day (not at peak players), server was solid with less than a handful of server overload errors. When there seemed to be a few multiple player discos (even I lost a score today from one), I checked the server immediately "under the hood", and it was running smooth and within parameters. Strangely, the discos of multiple players simultaneously seemed to be of players within proximity to each other. Still, was a lot of fun and seemed better than a few weeks past.
  3. Jasta 5 is pleased to present and host this years spring campaign in collaboration with J99_Sizzlor as mission builder. Our 11th annual April campaign moves from the "Bloody" space above Arras and Vimy Ridge. Spring Offensive - Operation Michael When: Saturdays 1600-2000 GMT April 3 Easter Truce April 8 Test mission (Thursday Night Fights) April 10, 17, 24, May 1 Inventories: Central - Albatross DVa, Pfalz DIII, Fokker Dr1, Halberstadt CLII vs. Entente - Camel, Spad XIII, SE5a w/bombs, Bristol II Summary: The camp
  4. It is with heavy hearts that the pilots of Jagdstaffel 5 inform the community that Chunko has fought his last fight here. Having won many fights over Flanders with so many of you whom he considered worthy opponents, and having won his fight with cancer a handful of years ago, and untold other fights that life brings that only he knew, he has flown his last flight here. Yesterday I received word from another community member who knew him in person and had attended various flight shows with him (and also flew with him before J5) that he passed away last week from a "chest infection". Altho
  5. I would buy Vol 2 in early release, as then you'll get the Career mode at the earliest possible date either way....while supporting further development of the Career mode you seek.
  6. As announced last week, we are flying with custom paints disabled this week in order to prove that there are not corrupt paints in the large custom community paint set adversely affecting player connections. Flying Circus Furball - When: Sunday Time: 19:00 UTC/GMT (convert to your local time zone) Where: Flying Circus Flugpark Type: Dogfights and two-seater missions (drop in & drop out anytime). Entrance: Everyone welcome, regardless of experience. Come fly and have fun!
  7. aaannnnddd....this chapter has just about come to a close. I hope. Finally.
  8. I'm sure a camel jockey will be of more help, but in the meantime, make sure your mixture isn't too low. Learn to use the blip switch. That said, it sure sounds like you could be pranging/breaking your prop on touchdown. Glad to hear newer pilots are finding the Flugpark II practice server useful.
  9. A short-lived love story on Valentines Day.... 1PL-Sahaj gave himself a well deserved valentine on Valentines day, downing his 77th player while on a wild ride that day that included many such scores. Had it not been that the awards office had posted results through Saturday of last week instead of the usual Sunday, the award would have been announced that same day. Unfortunately the aspiring pilots success was cut short only days later this past week in an unexplained solo flying accident. In other news, the following updates from over the front
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