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  1. Solid advise, yet of you like this sort of missions and to answer your question about mission heights.... Mission completion heights are generally consistent with current understanding regarding maximum picture resolution for cameras of the period. Additional tips: 1. Rollover two-seater mission icon on map with mouse to see mission requirements. 2. If applicable , be sure you take the plane that is assigned to the mission. Check ALL fields and review available two-seater planes to see if one is assigned to your mission. 3. There is nothing wrong with taking a few escort planes with you....advantage of using comms ....you can ask for help. 4. Generally you should assume you need to return back to the take off field pretty much undamaged (some enemy aircraft inflicted damage generally ok) to get credit for mission completion.....crash landings on field can break photo plates. Additional considerations: In some missions it can be necessary to compete recons/mapping in order for other tasks to unlock....for instance, you have to take photos of a target before you can go bomb it, etc. This is a consideration in trying to complete them. The lack of points for recons is a developer imposed limitation that also existed in RoF. However some creative minds continue to problem solve the issue. A few are getting closer to a viable, yet imperfect, solution.
  2. This is a amazing video series produced by the Boeing Museum of Flight in Seattle Washington. The videos are from a symposium of respected WWI historians who share what we know, and what we are still learning about the war in the air 1914-1918. For those of you who can ever arrange to visit the museum, it is a must see. Thank you to @1PL-Husar for bringing the video series to light in another thread.
  3. Interesting discussion.with lots of great information in the videos and graphs.
  4. I am happy to report that the Jasta 5 Flugpark is back up and better than ever! Thanks to all the Flying Circus community members who expressed concern and offered suggestions and assistance in helping us resolve the situation. Thanks for your patience and support. We will get the parser connected shortly. In the meantime have fun!
  5. Flying Circus Furball When: Sunday, 1st December 2019. Time: 19:00 UTC/GMT start. Where: FC Jasta 5 Flugpark. Type: Dogfights and two-seater missions (drop in & drop out anytime). Entrance: Everyone welcome, regardless of experience. Come fly and have fun! Communications - Flugpark Discord: https://discord.gg/h8MRmyN
  6. Work continues looking into the source of the problems preventing access to the Flugpark. For the time being the server will be deactivated until functionality is able to be restored. We will keep the community appraised of any updates or status changes on this thread. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding and words of support. In the meantime, we encourage you to fly Flying Circus on the FC JG1 server, ZooWings and other FC based servers. Keep up the fight in the air!
  7. Matt indicates he thinks there are micro fixes that can be deployed out behind the scenes meta server side without triggering the need to "update" on the user end. We are working to do a fresh game install, see if the existing missions work. If not, we are considering directing efforts to creating a simple mission to test on the server. If that works, then build on that working mission behind the scenes (along with a few upgrades/revisions) in order that the Flugpark becomes available at the earliest possible time for the community. We can try to figure out over time what exactly happened (quite possible we will never know) as we move forward building on a working server. Thank you for all your patience and support. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  8. Here are some details regarding the work completed thus far:
  9. We will get it running, but it may take a bit more than a bit of magic....probably not by the earlier EU start time, but hopefully by the regular NA start time. Unfortunately all our server team is NA based. So as posted above, look for the JG1 server if Flugpark not on the list.
  10. Congratulations J28w-Broccoli! Still going strong! Continued luck!
  11. A listing of active multiplayer units is here, so don't forget to check on availability here first and then drop a post requesting to have your unit added to the list.
  12. Fair point. We will try to coordinate the natural 3 hour mission rollover better.
  13. Great turnout today; great fights! Post your pictures and videos here from the event!
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