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  1. WW 1 Tank Crew? This is great news!
  2. The 352nd partaking in some North Africa missions:
  3. The Wildcat. It was so much fun to fly! Flying that in IL2 1946 against the Zero was such a blast! Flying in MP I had so many fun times! Launching off the deck, heading out to face the dreaded Zero, then returning back to the carrier. Really taught me teamwork and patience. In game, the P-38. Just love the looks and the sounds of that plane! That extra engine has gotten me back to my virtual home many a time!
  4. Hey Wood! I would really like to have multi-squad mission events like you describe. I have participated in several of these type missions and they have been a blast!
  5. Welcome to IL2! Check out our Discord server! Link in my signature below. Cheers!
  6. Praetor, we fly against both AI and real life pilots. On official squad missions we might fly a Coop on our dedicated server or hop on Combat Box etc. Once a month we get together with multiple squads (Allied and Axis) and host a large PVP mission. We also participate in TAW as well. We have three squadrons (374th, 375th, 376th) and one HQ flight.
  7. Are you looking to fly a particular plane? The 361st FG mainly flies the Mustang, but we do fly other types on occasion. When BON comes out, we will be flying the 47 and the 51. Check out our Dicord https://discord.gg/C8wKCSR Cheers!
  8. Just bought a new P-51? With the recent sale on Bodenplatte, there might be some new folks out there with the Mustang. If you want to have a great time flying missions with other people, come check out the 361st Fighter Squadron!
  9. Link to Discord : https://discord.gg/C8wKCSR
  10. Any particular plane set or time period you are interested in? The 361st Virtual FG flies the P-51 in Bodenplatte. We fly @ 2030 EST on Sat. and Wed. nights. Discord link: https://discord.gg/C8wKCSR
  11. SARFlytitus that looks great so far! Thanks for working on this!
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