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  1. It wasn't so much for fuel saving. I thought I might gain some extra performance by leaning out the mixture as I gained altitude.
  2. I can't adjust prop pitch, only RPM and water radiator and fuel mixture. Does anyone know optimal fuel mixture settings for various altitudes?
  3. Wow, this was also a thing with the original IL-2 Sturmovik game. Hope it can be addressed by the devs or modded. I'm not a programmer, but I would hazard a guess that limiting climb/cruise speed to a certain percentage of maximum performance isn't too big a deal. Thanks for clearing up the brakes issue. Would be great if (in some future update) we can multi-crew pilot/bombardier.
  4. Love this game. Love this aircraft. A few issues though. When cruising between waypoints in Career mode I can't keep up with the formation. I'm following engine settings recommended in Chuck's guide. I'm using the supercharger settings and water radiator but still not keeping pace. Fuel setting is normally 40% or 50%. Is the AI using less perhaps? Secondly when landing, I touch down just fine but as I gradually apply brake (using my rudder toe brakes) the aircraft spins off to the left and almost rolls. It's done this every time on me and also the one time I watched my friend land in coop who has completely different controls setup. What are we missing? Lastly, I'm finding the workload of steering the aircraft between waypoints and then jumping to the bomb sight a bit much, mostly just on short routes where you're literally climbing and turning up until bombs drop. Can I use the autopilot (not the level auto pilot, but cheat AI autopilot), to stay in formation and still operate the guns and bomb sight? Any assistance appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Nevermmind, just discovered I need to download coop missions first with the aircraft I want to fly incorporated into them.
  6. I'm trying to host a coop game however when I create the server all the russian aircraft are locked. When I try to select one I get #10003: This aircraft is not available for your account (or has been modified). I've never installed any mods, and my friend has the same thing. Can we only play as German side in coop?
  7. Brief description: Disappearing smoke columns. Detailed description, conditions: Thick black smoke over bombed cities suddenly appears, disappears and re-appears again within seconds. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): See images (Over Stalingrad, Aug '42) Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Win 10 x64, i7-4790K 16GB RAM, GTX 970m
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