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  1. Hi all and Tip let s go for a P39 plz ! Cya tomorrow !
  2. " C'est à bannir depuis Vista." ...je m etais monte un pc de course a l epoque de la sortie de vista ....et j avais installe vista 64 Bon j y ai perdu des cheveux , mais voyons le bon cote des choses , j y ai pris de bonnes habitudes Bon ca remarche tant mieux ...mais ce serait bien de savoir pourquoi ...du coup virer Bos de program files c est ca de moins comme merde possiblement a l origine de tes problemes à envisager . En fait vista ca m a rendu achement zen ...tu trouvais pas de solutions , tu eliminais juste les causes possibles de problemes jusqu a ce que ca marche ^^... en attendant que ca replante .... Treve de plaisanterie vu ta config t as tout pour en profiter , c est rien de le dire ....regarde la mienne et je te promets que meme si c est pas parfait sur mon dinausore ...ca marche vraiment bien c est super beau et je m eclate ! Comme habu ....geforce experience .... je ne sais pas si tu l as mais si oui vire le ... une autre potentialite d emmerdes que tu t epargneras en ne l installant pas ....
  3. Salut , juste comme ca ! un conseil , vire ton installation BOS de Program Files ....c est generateur d emmerdes , ca veut pas dire que t en auras s il y est , mais ne pas l y mettre evite les emmerdes que ca genere potentiellemeny et c est pas specifique a BOS ... C est facile a faire tu fais un couper coller complet de tout le repertoire ailleurs ou tu veux mais ni dans program ni dans program files , ensuite vu que t as deplace ton jeu , tu vires le raccourci actuel et tu vas chercher l exe du jeu dans il2bos bin game et tu crees un raccourci sur le bureau et hop le tour est joue t as que ca a faire ....ah et si quand meme regler ton driver de CG... Verifies un truc , chez moi c est regle comme du papier a musique , si je mets le jeu en mode plein ecran au lieu de mode fenetre , ca plante direct pendant le chargement , je vois juste le logo Il2 et la crac ca plante ... j ai bien lu que ca marchait dorenavant mais jettes y un oeil quand meme ... Avec la config que tu as ca ne peut pas ne pas tourner ....
  4. Hi all ! More than happy to fly with the "DBS band" on Fnbf My microphone problems are solved , all my apologizes to bladebender for last friday , as i have not been able to be there at time in game nor on Ts . Cant wait for friday ! 13
  5. Still there too for me ... even if i ve fixed the problem with 100 % smoothness in camera settings since a long time , but i wanted to see if 3.001 would have changed things , so i tested with 0% smoothness and the prob came back as soon as i tried ...
  6. I ve got a similar problem , the game sometimes lose the mouse cursor (it suddenly disapear) , and the only way to navigate in the menu is with keyboard arrows and "enter" ; sometimes cursor come back magically without doing anything ....sometimes not ...sometimes he does not disapear at all ...strange ... To notice that when the mouse cursor magically reappear , oftenly left clic on mouse make the game shut down with error message : il2.exe stop working ... It s not a mouse related problem , my mouse is perfectly working anywhere else ... Really strange ...
  7. Thank you Haash ! will probably test during this week end , i will report if needed Again thx for the update ,as i told you i m really not a sp guy , but i love this campaign !
  8. @jordan inverted roll is here even with true view not checked ... Roll is inverted only when i look back and up when i look to the back and to the bottom Roll work as intended . Upon a theorical horizontal mid line it s rolling on the opposite side than it should ... Again with or without true view at least for me probleme is the same . I m using a Track IR 5 , with an exclusive profile ticked in tir settings (based on Requiem' s one ) , classical track clip ( not the pro one with leds) and it has always perfectly worked until 3.001 ...
  9. Hi all , Irre_Golgoth21 will not be there for this one ...so ...there s a free A20 13
  10. Hi Tip and all , 1 pe2 for Irre_Golgoth and 1 for me plz . And @Tip date of the day is wrong in the title , as it s still 9march and it should be 16th ... think you ll have to edit this one more time
  11. just a little miscommunication between IRRE golgoth and me ....so we free up the 2 il2' s ....and are in with 2 pe2 87 golgoth reserved for us ...... sorry for any inconvenience
  12. Hello Tip and all 1IL2 for IRRE _Golgoth and one for me plz Thx
  13. "Okay, I'll show up and see what's up. " Ok so will i cya
  14. "How much framerate drop does Reshade give you?" about 1 to 2 fps with MY system ....oh and there s a tool inside reshade , that show you in real time if there ' s a fps cost or not and how much ...for each effect you use , it s not totally perfect it s approximative but a very usefull tool though . I' m using lumasharpen +tone map +lift gamma gain + clarity . CLARITY has absolutely no impact on framerate at least on MY system . Adaptive sharpen on the contrary is a fps killer for ME , again on MY system ... and that' what it's look like : Il-2 2017-10-21 23-16-10 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr krasnodar vue ensemble by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr Il-2 2017-10-21 22-31-21 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr And here are my graphic settings in game , see my config in my sig , my screen is a HD one 1920X1080 . Il-2 2018-02-18 14-52-55 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr
  15. Face to face ?... that s what happened yesterday evening to my friend Irre_Golgoth 21 in the PE2.... Il-2 2018-02-17 01-51-19 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr And yes it will end the bad way .... Il-2 2018-02-17 01-53-27 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr
  16. Preset is a XXX.ini file , copy paste it here : Your drive Bos location/IL-2Sturmovik Battle of Moscow/bin/game Close , then when you' ll reopen the software in game, you' ll just have to select the name of the preset , and modify it to your liking ...or not . Btw it' s usually of no use, to use someone else's profile ... as for example i' ve got 2 monitors on my PC, my own preset is great (to my liking) on my monitor one , and uggly on the second ...even as they are different monitors the settings i made for them tend to give them the same appearence ... An other tip , when you are in reshade soft , ingame , select configuration mode to tweak the profile , and when done dont forget to reselect performance mode , as it will load only the effects you are using where as configuration mode select all of them . This way loading time of reshade is shorter
  17. Hello Tip , due to a little lack of communication between me and Irre_Golgoth21 , both of us have applied for 2 pe2's : Golgoth on battlefield and me here ; sorry for the inconvenience ... So we just need 2 planes not 4
  18. 1 pe 2 for IRRE_Golgoth21 and one for me Plz Tip
  19. OOh yes , we crossed you with IRRE_Golgoth 21 on our last run from Buryakosvkaya to Mingrelsvkaya in Pe2s, we were flying at tree top , and as soon as we saw you we gave a "phone call" to our Normandie Niemen yak friends Nice formation Btw , as i were the N°2 i was looking everywhere , awaiting for one or two 109 to fall on us ...finally none ... I ve got several tracks of yesterday mission , havent replayed them at the moment and dunno if i ve got one of the moment we "almost meet" , if so i ll take screenshots and post them here .
  20. Yep , should be good now as he tell us this week : "back to cable instead of wi/fi" , and it now sounds good . Cool thing ! ^^
  21. "We have one PE2 free" i think Irre_Golgoth will be more than happy , especially with his brand new connection ^^
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