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  1. Et puis quand on vole en groupe,  on decide de l emport bombes en commun , en fonction des cibles ....et de la charge de carburant commune en fonction de chaque mission...  comme toujours on partage l experience et on fait au mieux pour s inspirer de ce qui a marche et ne surtout pas reproduire ce qui devait etre ameliore... :) ...  le online en groupe apporte clairement une dimension toute autre ...

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  2. This mission was a blast , we were something like 15 pilots if i remember it well , 9 Normandie Niemen pilots in Yaks , and 6 CCG pilots in IL2 ... what s cannot be seen in the vid , is that we have prepared the attack of the base in a total different way, every single Il2  was supposed to attack a particular parking ...6 IL2 6 targets BUT approaching the objective it appears that the stationnary ennemy planes were all at the same place and not as intended on different locations , so Habu our lead decide to reorganize the way we were going to attack may be only 30 seconds before we reach the airfield ...and from a "each il2 one target" scenario  it become "every il2 on the same" !!! and exit on left turn ... it was a good run and as usual a nice time flying together .

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  3. Thks Hagar , Awesome document , very informative ! .

    Cherry on the cake those "from the past" real documents always shake something in me , they re kinda special to my heart , thanks a lot !

    And Thks Gielow too for this informative vid on the jumo !

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  4. Yep same here

    And as already said , make sure it is connected to a USB2 rather than USB3 ....

    But even with this ...you ll face it ... happens sometimes , sometimes not ...

    Weird i agree , and as the others , i ve got 2 MsFFB2 , 2 "greenlight" , both o them act the same ...

    When it s working , i never Alt +Tab , i never Ctrl+Alt+Sup , i never go in the menu , NEVER ! 

    When it s not working as kisslas said

    On 4/25/2019 at 10:30 PM, kissklas said:

    If you have them, try switching to usb 2. May be that is the issue but I never remember to try it. I have the same issue when spawning in sometimes, but just do the menu trick. Into either key mapping or the input one and back. 

    Yep it s weird , but i cant fly without FFB....

  5. I second what J2 steve F on that

    Zoom on track ir , is not a great idea , at least to my opinion ...it s waaaay more efficient  and /natural to use ,  to set zoom where ever you want on your throttle or joystick , and on an axis  : hat/ rotary /slider depending of what you own and of your liking ,  than trying to make it work through track ir ....

    ....i ve tried this years ago , and even if you finally find a good speed and range , it is nothing natural to use ... at least for me ...keep this Z axis for "leaning" , and set your zoom elsewhere right under your fingers ... 



  6. I' ve reinstalled my game  ... at least on the Il2 , i ve no more problems with sounds , and no more with the T34 ...tested offline on Qmb , and  online  only on one server ... i' ve played 1h45/2h00 ... will tell here if i still encounter problems on other planes /server/maps etc etc ... tested only on prokhorovka map online and kuban offline ...

  7. +1 ,

    i' m playing with a 5.0 value in the update frequency line , and till this line was introduced in the Start up CFG , i' ve been able to reduce the smoothing of the camera to 80 % instead of the 100 % i was running before to get rid of  the stuttering .

    To tell the truth ,  if 80 % smooth is better than 100 %  , the view is by far not as free , as fast and as "natural" that it is with  0% smoothing , especially in fast movements ... so it 's still a walkaround ...


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