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  1. 13Nrv

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Ohhhhh YEAHHHH ^^
  2. 13Nrv

    Pip's 4K skins

    image020 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr image022 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr image025 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr image027 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr image028 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr image031 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr image035 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr image036 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr
  3. 13Nrv

    Campagne Les Bouchers de Kuban

    plutot bas by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr low alt by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr
  4. 13Nrv

    Campagne Les Bouchers de Kuban

    Le online sur Bos c est vrai que ca peut etre comme prendre un train en marche, et si on est pas dedans au depart / pas familier avec le truc ca peut paraitre intimidant voire obscur .... ben justement là c est l opportunite d attrapper le train en marche ... et de se faire briefer pour rejoindre un evenement des plus sympa ! Alors les francophones qui se tatent arretez de vous tatez .... amenez vous !
  5. 13Nrv

    Campagne Les Bouchers de Kuban

    ouaip notamment pour tous ceux qui hesitent a se lancer dans le online , c est vraiment une belle occasion de le faire !!!!
  6. 13Nrv

    Pilot body in the cockpit?

    If this subject pops up again and again and again and again, then there must be some truth in it. nope just enough people to make the subject pops in ... but i m not concerned ...too much busy watching out of my cockpit to see and identify threats ....
  7. 13Nrv

    Attention aux vieux simeurs...

    speciale dedicace à Pips ^^ so called ....oeil de lynx voui ma poule j ai immediatement pense a toi sur ce coup la ! Toujours pas vu le film ceci dit ...
  8. 13Nrv

    Po-2 ... ?

    I do wait for this plane , both the plane and the scenarios coming along with it , online and offline , and yeah especially online night mission !
  9. 13Nrv

    replacing graphic card ?

    GTX970 4 gig msi overclocked edition here , run ultra with a i7 860 ... yes the i7 is overclocked from 2.8 to 3.7 ... and yes its a 2011 cpu .... settings ingame no Hdr but its just a matter of taste , it doesn t kill fps fps killers ? : shadows : set it to high ....ultra is a great fps killer distant landscape with 4 gigs of Vram not more than X3 , set it to X4 and fps are dead .... Grass quality an other great fps killer , set to distant ....ultra kill fps ...normal is ugly ....but a fps booster ... Clouds high Visibility aka "horizon draw distance" set to 100 kms but might work higher , does not appear as an fps killer , try different settings ... AA X 4 No v sync in game , and in nvidia pannel conf, Vsync set to fast ----> no tearing in cockpit at all with these setting ... 1080 p of course And windowed not fullscreen No tearing smooth playing online / offline ... even if fps often under the refresh rate of 60 .... it s always smooth ... Will a 1070 be better for you ?....it s all depending on the other parts of your rig ...especially CPU and RAM not quantity but speed ...and motherboard too depending on PCIe X ...i m running a p7p55D yep : 2011 pcie X2 .... 1050Ti will barely change nothing ... 1060 with 6 gigs will only manage distant landscape set to X4 instead of X3 ....thanks to 6 gigs instead of 4 .... worth the cost ?.... Ahhh and Adding 8GB of ram will help in nothing concerning Bos ...
  10. 13Nrv

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Yep , thanks for all the work and time put into those great event . These last sorties were quite emotionnal , nice to be back to stalingrad too ! Thanks to all ! C you all soon it has been great flying S , meeting nice guys , yep loads of fun ! Thank you ... ScreenshotS may be this week end ! Bye all ! 13
  11. 13Nrv

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    " Btw this isn't the complete end of [DBS] Bomber events. Just FNBF in its current configuration. " Count me in for the years the next event will at least last " you guys got everything you need ? " i will miss that !
  12. those problems between tir / ffb and the stutter that results begins in dec 2016 almost 2 years ago ...so to tell the truth i do think it will be solved/ nor take care of ( ffb owners are a large minority) ... and that s why every work around is welcome, as i cannot fly without ffb ... just impossible !!!! AND even with those settings ...it s far from being as enjoyable as 0 smooth ... very far ...just make the game playable ...
  13. Well it was just a suggestion to help , it takes me a loooong time to find a set up between the game and my Tir that suits me , and there' s absolutely no fun in searching for it ... its boring as hell to test the different options /settings speed smooth eeeek , in particular when you were totally satisfied by the way it works before and that suddenly all is messed up ...
  14. 100 % smoothness ingame + Tir speed : 1.2 Tir smooth : 5