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  1. You were just a bit faster than me : I have the same question about the AA trucks : will it be possible to drive them with a FFB wheel ? Will it be possible to use Pedals : Gas/Brake/Clutch ? Gearbox ? AND if yes will we have any FFB in the wheel . No misunderstanding : i m not looking for a sharp FFB as needed to race a Porsche GT3- RS at Spa Francorchamps , but at least some credible reactions in the wheel ? I dont think i would buy a complete racing wheel just to play those trucks if i had none ... it' s just because i' ve got one and it would be much more fun to drive them wit
  2. Top ! I love it ! Great idea and great achievement ... kinda cartoonesque ! Great really ;) 13
  3. Great video Flypatypus , really enjoyed watching it ... And concerning the "all non native english speakers" , I ve always like italian people speaking english ...it s always remind me of Valentino Rossi ' s interviews , same way to speak english and i do like the italian touch in english speaking !!!! Great video really a must have !
  4. Great ! This will close any future discussions / subjects about the "supposed uber pe2 gunners " ... 😁
  5. Just landed from an online experience with obelix and friends to test these patch . Yep , external sounds " wind " are loud and aggressive , and the louder sound when leaning in cockpit is also too aggressive , at the point i had to lower ingame sound to hear my buddies on TS... To my opinion , it s just a little bit too aggressive and really need some work to equalize soundS.... between engine sound /wind / leaning sound /ingame radio ... a nice idea that just need some polishing ...
  6. Thanks to all who flew on the jasta 5 server on those thursday night , it was a really big BLAST , lot of fun ! See you all next thursday , as it is well started to become a weekly "rendez vous" 😉
  7. Love it ! Great work !
  8. Great to watch , great to fly ! Nice work Bex as usual , and this one is particularly great ! Can' t stand to fly the next episode 😉
  9. Yes to both question . No question . No problem to pay for it .
  10. j adorerai que trumpette nous rejoignes sur team speak ... t en dis quoi trumpette ?
  11. supprimer ce post serait une bonne idee .... ca obligerait l autre comique de trumpette à ouvrir le sien ...
  12. trumpette ....ouvres ton topic de non partage d experienceS en vol , de non partage d informationS avec des nouveaux venus et....de non partage de skins '....
  13. Et puis quand on vole en groupe, on decide de l emport bombes en commun , en fonction des cibles ....et de la charge de carburant commune en fonction de chaque mission... comme toujours on partage l experience et on fait au mieux pour s inspirer de ce qui a marche et ne surtout pas reproduire ce qui devait etre ameliore... ... le online en groupe apporte clairement une dimension toute autre ...
  14. Thank you Tip and the Dbs , and let me tell you that beside the interest of the eventin itself , i ve met in it so much interesting and great people from all over the world and yes that was great ... yep participation make it happened and it was GREAT ! 😉
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