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  1. C est quoi l interet de mettre des screenshots de skins et volontairement ne pas mettre de liens de telechargement ...franchement j ai du mal a saisir ... Dimanche prochain je fais une grosse bouffe à la maison , y aura plein de trucs sympas mais je ne vous donnerais ni le lieu ni l adresse ... ah et y a mes copines , les hotesses monsters qui viennent aussi ....c est cool hein ...
  2. This mission was a blast , we were something like 15 pilots if i remember it well , 9 Normandie Niemen pilots in Yaks , and 6 CCG pilots in IL2 ... what s cannot be seen in the vid , is that we have prepared the attack of the base in a total different way, every single Il2 was supposed to attack a particular parking ...6 IL2 6 targets BUT approaching the objective it appears that the stationnary ennemy planes were all at the same place and not as intended on different locations , so Habu our lead decide to reorganize the way we were going to attack may be only 30 seconds before we reach the airfield ...and from a "each il2 one target" scenario it become "every il2 on the same" !!! and exit on left turn ... it was a good run and as usual a nice time flying together .
  3. agghhh it s me again Considering my awfull skills on the P47 i d better take a A20 ... much more my glass of wine (sorry was expecting sturmovik as ground attacker)
  4. yup thank you coco for all the countless hours of pleasure me and my mates have spent on coco expert AND upon all for YOUR time dedicated to the community ; it was GREAT ! Thank you . 13
  5. ooooohh seems i ve missunderstood something , not understand i can fly both mission , so , still a fast (of course) Po2 on first mission AND an allied ground attacker on the second ... Thank you sir !!
  6. Hi , i would like a Po2 plz Thx 13
  7. Thks Hagar , Awesome document , very informative ! . Cherry on the cake those "from the past" real documents always shake something in me , they re kinda special to my heart , thanks a lot ! And Thks Gielow too for this informative vid on the jumo !
  8. Private joke mode on : Usb de 🤬 Palonnier de 👿 Private joke mode off : jolis screenshots 😎
  9. In : Il2 41 plz . Ohhhhh yeahhhhh Thx 13
  10. Yep same here And as already said , make sure it is connected to a USB2 rather than USB3 .... But even with this ...you ll face it ... happens sometimes , sometimes not ... Weird i agree , and as the others , i ve got 2 MsFFB2 , 2 "greenlight" , both o them act the same ... When it s working , i never Alt +Tab , i never Ctrl+Alt+Sup , i never go in the menu , NEVER ! When it s not working as kisslas said Yep it s weird , but i cant fly without FFB....
  11. I second what J2 steve F on that Zoom on track ir , is not a great idea , at least to my opinion ...it s waaaay more efficient and /natural to use , to set zoom where ever you want on your throttle or joystick , and on an axis : hat/ rotary /slider depending of what you own and of your liking , than trying to make it work through track ir .... ....i ve tried this years ago , and even if you finally find a good speed and range , it is nothing natural to use ... at least for me ...keep this Z axis for "leaning" , and set your zoom elsewhere right under your fingers ... 13
  12. Hello all Very nice to see you all back and Fnbf back on track . Will not be able to make it on next friday so have fun guys ! 13
  13. Superb ! As usual ...should i say it ...thks Pat !
  14. I' ve reinstalled my game ... at least on the Il2 , i ve no more problems with sounds , and no more with the T34 ...tested offline on Qmb , and online only on one server ... i' ve played 1h45/2h00 ... will tell here if i still encounter problems on other planes /server/maps etc etc ... tested only on prokhorovka map online and kuban offline ...
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