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  1. 13Nrv

    3 écran et comme un effet "zoom"

    Sh3llxY tu es sim racer ?... à ma connaissance sur Bos tu ne peux pas regler le FOV au sens ou on l entend en sim racing , tu peux avancer et reculer ta position dans l avion ce qui va legerement modifier ton point de vue , mais c est sans aucune commune mesure avec le reglage du FOV qu on utilise en simracing et qui est un reglage natif dans tout simu auto qui se respecte ...d ailleurs je regrette qu on ai pas cette possibilite dans Bos ...
  2. 13Nrv


    Wohooo oh yes ...those "Spad XIII of Maréchal des logis Caulier " will definetly be my first Spad 13's skin choice (13+13+13 love it !) Thanks Pat another great skin
  3. Hello Silent eskimo , if it s unchecked , you will not see any custom skins from other players , and if it s checked , you will only see custom skins from other player that you have downloaded and installed into the skin folder ... if you dont have them , it will be the default skin .
  4. i ve seen this , no time to test it today nor until this week end , will do on saturday sunday and tell you here ... hope it will finally work !!!!!!!!! Fingers crossed 😃
  5. Thanks for the FFB updating , not enough time to test until this week end but will do it on saturday/sunday .... It s a long awaited update for all the people who own an MS FFB2 and a Track IR to get rid of those silly stuttering we are facing with ffb on . Thanks Devs both for the work and to take care of what we are saying in this forum 13
  6. 13Nrv

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Ohhhh yeah !!!! one A20 plz
  7. 13Nrv

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    I will more than probably not be able to fly on friday , my throttle has died ...so count me out for this one 😥
  8. Hi sniperton "Anyway, I cross my fingers for you." Well the game is still highly playable with the smoothness 100 and tricking my Tir profile and ingame cam settings , i still play it , and i ve no more stuttering , the point is , that head movements are not as fluid as they were , and as they are as soon as i disable the Ffb ... but it doesnt prevent me from playing ! I will try "vjoy", just to see if it change something or not ....who knows ?... The really astonishing thing is that it used to work perfectly , "as is" , with my system , stutters arrived right with one of the patches , dont remember his number , it was two years ago , as soon as the update was installed stutter has arrived ... There s also a strange thing ... when i deselect the "head shaking" in the camera settings ingame , the strength and the effects of the force feedback are WAY weaker , almost no effects and low forces ... It sounds like there s a lot of interferences between a lot of things (track ir , cam settings, Ffb, wind ... ) when we are talking about the ffb ...but well it s an other subject , let s keep focus on the original one , and thanks for fingers cross
  9. 13Nrv

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Same for me as for Cathaoir , Bf site is unaccessible so ...i can not access to my mp's Thx Tip
  10. Hi Kalthios , i m running an inhouse build , on a windows 10 X64 pro OS , a "green" FFB2 and i' m encountering the same stuttering since 2 years and an update i do not remember the exact number. I' ve got 2 Ms FFB2 both are "green light "version and the problem is the same with both of them ... ...i know some of us with the exactly same systems doesn t encounter any stutt ...it' s ...strange ... As already wrote , the smoothing trick is a walkaround , it s just a walkaround to play but far from a real solution ...at least i can play the game, but disabling ffb and the difference just jump at my face ... Dunno what to say , may be sending my system to them ?....or may be we both go for a ride to 1C with our systems in our luggages ^^
  11. 13Nrv

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    " Nov. 23rd would be the next available date for my schedule. " ❤️
  12. 13Nrv

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Ok , i will be there , now and then too Cya 13
  13. smoothness in game 100 % and adapt your track ir profile to your liking ( speed smooth and curves ) ...yep it s just a work around but it works for me since 2 years ....still hoping that the problem will be solved ... i use a work around that works for sure but it s not as it should work ..... as soon as i disable ffb i can see how different it is ... and how much better it is ..... unfortunetaly ...without ffb it s unplayable ....
  14. 13Nrv

    Info dans le DD 200

    The fuel leak effect was changed, it became less noticeable, more realistic Forcement en bomber / attacker on est interesse au premier chef ...
  15. 13Nrv

    Online videos (featuring DBS)

    thanks for the reply ... i do like videos , it s way more " alive" than screenshots that i use ... and was wondering about what software to use ... shadow play is great already tried it ...but i REALLY dont want the G force .... thing ... so ... Thx anyway .