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  1. 13Nrv

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Ok , i will be there , now and then too Cya 13
  2. smoothness in game 100 % and adapt your track ir profile to your liking ( speed smooth and curves ) ...yep it s just a work around but it works for me since 2 years ....still hoping that the problem will be solved ... i use a work around that works for sure but it s not as it should work ..... as soon as i disable ffb i can see how different it is ... and how much better it is ..... unfortunetaly ...without ffb it s unplayable ....
  3. 13Nrv

    Info dans le DD 200

    The fuel leak effect was changed, it became less noticeable, more realistic Forcement en bomber / attacker on est interesse au premier chef ...
  4. 13Nrv

    Online videos (featuring DBS)

    thanks for the reply ... i do like videos , it s way more " alive" than screenshots that i use ... and was wondering about what software to use ... shadow play is great already tried it ...but i REALLY dont want the G force .... thing ... so ... Thx anyway .
  5. 13Nrv

    Online videos (featuring DBS)

    nice vid ...with what soft do you capture it ?...
  6. 13Nrv

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    i ve got a record of these flights bex ....(no remarquable screenshots to show though)... yep thx to our NN friends , and to the french spit who escorts us on our second run ( therion ? ) ....and also to the two La 5 Fn who have also escort us with the spit : they were the two contacts i ve spotted circling around us ... they do escort us to the target and also on our RTB ... at least 25 % of the travel back . Thank you guys ! Concerning the ennemy spotted on our Base when we were just about to land , it was a He 111 flying real high 5000 ? and alone .... he launched two bombs and destroy a fuel reserve on our base ...no escort nothing else than a high loner 111 .... It was a cool mission ... a nice restart ....AND I M SOOOOOOO happy Fnbf are back !!!!!!!
  7. 13Nrv

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Ohhhhh YEAHHHH ^^
  8. 13Nrv

    Pip's 4K skins

    image020 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr image022 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr image025 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr image027 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr image028 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr image031 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr image035 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr image036 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr
  9. 13Nrv

    Campagne Les Bouchers de Kuban

    plutot bas by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr low alt by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr
  10. 13Nrv

    Campagne Les Bouchers de Kuban

    Le online sur Bos c est vrai que ca peut etre comme prendre un train en marche, et si on est pas dedans au depart / pas familier avec le truc ca peut paraitre intimidant voire obscur .... ben justement là c est l opportunite d attrapper le train en marche ... et de se faire briefer pour rejoindre un evenement des plus sympa ! Alors les francophones qui se tatent arretez de vous tatez .... amenez vous !
  11. 13Nrv

    Campagne Les Bouchers de Kuban

    ouaip notamment pour tous ceux qui hesitent a se lancer dans le online , c est vraiment une belle occasion de le faire !!!!
  12. 13Nrv

    Pilot body in the cockpit?

    If this subject pops up again and again and again and again, then there must be some truth in it. nope just enough people to make the subject pops in ... but i m not concerned ...too much busy watching out of my cockpit to see and identify threats ....
  13. 13Nrv

    Attention aux vieux simeurs...

    speciale dedicace à Pips ^^ so called ....oeil de lynx voui ma poule j ai immediatement pense a toi sur ce coup la ! Toujours pas vu le film ceci dit ...
  14. 13Nrv

    Po-2 ... ?

    I do wait for this plane , both the plane and the scenarios coming along with it , online and offline , and yeah especially online night mission !