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  1. those problems between tir / ffb and the stutter that results begins in dec 2016 almost 2 years ago ...so to tell the truth i do think it will be solved/ nor take care of ( ffb owners are a large minority) ... and that s why every work around is welcome, as i cannot fly without ffb ... just impossible !!!! AND even with those settings ...it s far from being as enjoyable as 0 smooth ... very far ...just make the game playable ...
  2. Well it was just a suggestion to help , it takes me a loooong time to find a set up between the game and my Tir that suits me , and there' s absolutely no fun in searching for it ... its boring as hell to test the different options /settings speed smooth eeeek , in particular when you were totally satisfied by the way it works before and that suddenly all is messed up ...
  3. 100 % smoothness ingame + Tir speed : 1.2 Tir smooth : 5
  4. 13Nrv

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Hope Tip's IRL issues will be easily and fast solved No Fnbf this friday , so and to wait for the 1st of june : here is a delivery of action screenshots and some for eye pleasure , all coming from last week sortie : 4 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr 7 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr 8 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr 10 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr 12 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr 15 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr 50 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr 55 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr 60 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr 101 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr 102 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr 103 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr 104 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr 105 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr 140 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr 145 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr 180 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr 181 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr 219 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr 220 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr 221 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr 250 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr 223 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr
  5. 13Nrv

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Oh yes , one of the greatiest online mission i' ve ever lived ! Awesome flying ! As Retneck says it , not much more to tell , just one 2 pics ...before the others ...to come tomorrow ... I ve got 2 hours of tracks and load of screenshots ... must choose ...though here s the first one two of them ... 2018_5_11__23_45_24 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr 2018_5_12__17_31_57 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr
  6. 13Nrv

    Skins WIP ET RC

    Pareil , merci pour le up , reste plus qu a attendre la mise en ligne de la campagne de Juri pour reprendre le bestiau en main ^^ .
  7. @ DD_Arthur Hmmm no, my stick does not do this ... At the moment if i switch off ffb in game settings , then my joystick has no more resistance nor centering and just fall ...i will try after a reboot to see what happens ... never try this to tell the truth ^^ ...
  8. Playing without ffb with a ffb2 is impossible , cos there s no centering at all , the joystick is just falling , it s totally impossible to fly without , you know it ... 100% smoothness , well it s possible ! you must adapt your track IR settings in order to have a feeling close to what you like ( depends what you like ....i have a personnal profile initially based on requiem's one , but wayyyy faster to "compensate the 100 % smoothness" and with no dead zones at the center cos i dont like it . i think it now has nothing in common with requiem's one ^^ ) However ,it doesn t feel like with 0 % smoothness BUT the game IS playable ,it s no more a big deal ...and yes it takes time to make his own profile and it s not fun at all ...
  9. I m lucky , the 100 % smoothness trick make my game playable ... Because i always play with that settings and adapted profile in Track IR it IS playable .... Meanwhile , at each new update i m always testing with smoothness at 0 +Track IR on , to see if there s a change or not , and also testing with no track IR smooth at 0 to be able to feel the difference with my actual settings : It s very clear that 0 % smoothness is wayyyyyyyyyyy more enjoyable than 100 % .....still hoping for a patch to solve this annoying thing ... but considering initial post is from 2016 honestly i m not very confident ....
  10. 13Nrv

    Pip's 4K skins

    J aime beaucoup l helice speciale sur le 109 de la photo en haut a droite ...field mod ... ^^... Ouais on peut largement penser que compte tenu des conditions de travail et des circonstances , les peintres devaient avoir des soucis largement plus majeurs que de reproduire strictement à l identique chaque deco d un appareil à un autre ... et qu il doit donc probablement y avoir une infinite de variantes ... " désolé pour cette longue présentation " : houlaaa bah en ce qui me concerne ne le soit pas !!! j en redemande parce que ca permet de voir de tres belles photos et d en apprendre un peu plus !
  11. 13Nrv


    Ok just to inform you , my problem is solved and sounds to have nothing to do with 3.002c update , one of my Ram stick is dead ... it just occurs that it dies the same day than i update my game ...and that s the reason why i was facing black screens ...
  12. 13Nrv


    Nope it was not on full servers, i even got the problem on empty server ... there s a real problem , i m not rejected from the server , and it is not traffic / connection firewall related : my whole PC is blocked ... black screen and nothing else to do either than : ctrl/alt/sup if it dare to work or power off and restart the whole machine ... Note than sometimes it may work ... i can enter and play ( 1 time out of 10 trials ) ... and when it work entering esc then going to "settings" lead to immediate crash and black screen though ... Ahhh and i now got error messages that appears , not every time though that is what it looks like : error loading model graphics\planes\yak1s69\10yak1s69\10yak1s 69.mgm Exception Access Violation And i ve already got the same message with il2 43 A20 pe2s87 even pe2 gunner error loading model ... Nothing of that happened before 3.002 c , and my PC work normally on other games ... AND on BOS in SP i ve got no problem at all ... I ve reinstalled the whole game sunday , the problem remain exactly the same ... i ve tried two nvidia drivers 397.31 and 391.35 both were working before 3.002c ... no changes . I cannot do anything more , i ve inspected my whole PC nothing to say ...it runs well . Look at that it was the last time i succeeded entering a server : 2018_4_29__18_57_31 by 13 Nrv, sur Flickr On this try i ve had "pe2 graphics exception access violation" error message for the plane and for the gunner ... BUT i have entered the server ...and was able to fly !!! ???? .... I really dunno what to do .... nor what s going on .
  13. 13Nrv

    Help, black screen

    Exactly the same thing for me , since last update ... 3.002c
  14. 13Nrv


    Brief description: black screen in mp , sp works but entering any mp server lead to a blackscreen , with sound and mouse cursor but nothing else . Only solution to get out is killing process in task manager . Appears right after update 3.002c . I have reinstalled the whole game since and the problem is still there ...
  15. 13Nrv

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Well launching 2 Fab 250 @ something like 650 km/h is probably not the cheapest way to get rid of a warehouse ... but at least it work very well And provided that i ve often been surprised in the Fnbf by very tough targets ... 2 is better than one ! ^^