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  1. OH! Boy OH! Boy... You guys and or Gals Dev Team Are great!!!!! Pugs allowed Here
  2. Magnum11

    Nvidia Graphics Issues Post Here

    Guys... I had all the Above problems, graphics device removed, Direct X done this direct X done that, Blah, Blah ,Blah I Tried all the Reg fixes no joy. After Messing with it For two weeks I tried another GPU removed my EVGA GTX 1080 ti sc2 installed my back up.... EVGA 1070 ti ftw 2 Wala problem Fixed. my 1080 is on it's way back to EVGA for RMA I'm not saying all of you have to replace your GPU's This is just my story.. And my Apology to 1C I was blaming them for a While out of frustration … Mike Pugs are people too
  3. Magnum11

    The Hurricane....continued

    Have two more Whiskeys and say yes
  4. Great hotfixes and communication like no other. First class !
  5. Great job Team Your Hard work is Appreciated Thanks Hope My DX Crash is gone now ?
  6. Magnum11

    HS129 V2 WIP

    Can't Sleep at night waiting for this 4K Beauty... It's been much Ignored By the Skinners, Hope you will do the Eastern front 4k green and gray P39 or green and Black.. some time also Thanks so Much Mike
  7. Magnum11

    HS129 V2 WIP

    Keep Given it that Lovin!
  8. Magnum11

    PWCG Now has Bodenplatte campaign

    Pooches Gracias Misuer Wilson
  9. Magnum11

    HS129 V2 WIP

    No Pug Spam here.... Yea! Beeeeeeauttttiful Nice work Keep them coming !!! Can't wait to fly that factory fresh Duck.
  10. Thanks Team IC What a Bunch of wild and Crazy Guys
  11. No Pugs Here..... Thanks Development Team for your Class A+ Work your the Best
  12. Magnum11

    Developer Diary 214 - Discussion

    Great work 1c crew....Your running with the big Dogs. And Setting new Standards.... The Big dog seems to have Left …..???????
  13. Magnum11

    Windows and visor

    Hi Everyone How do you get the side window on P39 and Bf109 to open. I tried to use just Lalt +W to make it simple .. could someone give me a Cure Thanks Mike
  14. Magnum11

    DD today?

    Waiting for news on the Hurricane
  15. Plane OD USAF 4K Thanks Tom I'm still thanking about that HS129 Russian front Camo no Country markings since you don't do German Markings