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  1. Development Team and Jason your so Awesome...… Jason because He has a Pug! Love you Guys Mike
  2. Hi Dev team Thank you for your Fantastic sim and hard work Could we get 4K for the Duck please,,, It's so sad and Ignored PS Pugs are people to and Prefer Ducks Thanks
  3. OH! Boy OH! Boy... You guys and or Gals Dev Team Are great!!!!! Pugs allowed Here
  4. Guys... I had all the Above problems, graphics device removed, Direct X done this direct X done that, Blah, Blah ,Blah I Tried all the Reg fixes no joy. After Messing with it For two weeks I tried another GPU removed my EVGA GTX 1080 ti sc2 installed my back up.... EVGA 1070 ti ftw 2 Wala problem Fixed. my 1080 is on it's way back to EVGA for RMA I'm not saying all of you have to replace your GPU's This is just my story.. And my Apology to 1C I was blaming them for a While out of frustration … Mike Pugs are people too
  5. Have two more Whiskeys and say yes
  6. Great job Team Your Hard work is Appreciated Thanks Hope My DX Crash is gone now ?
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