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  1. THE DIVINE WIND Recognisable Traits Yells Banzai on radio and power dives on ground target prefer Allies shipping. Head on attack at bombers with no intention of pulling away. Primary values in the way of the samurai and Bushido code loyalty and honor until death. Common Location Anywhere there is Allies shipping. Typically Flies Anything that can strap a 500kg bomb under or bigger. Preference given to Zeros specially M5 model 52 lol
  2. I would like the see the following added He-177 B-25-J Tu-2
  3. Not sure if it be worth for the current maps as most fighter don't need full fuel to get to target... and the bombers you can get away with almost 40% fuel. But if they do the German planes could use that 300liter drop tank lol
  4. We all just want to do this with the Mossie
  5. the Typhoon pilots all going be wearing oxygen mask due to carbon monoxide issue "The first problem encountered with the Typhoon after its entry into service was the seepage of carbon monoxide fumes into the cockpit. In an attempt to alleviate this, longer exhaust stubs were fitted in November 1941 ("Mod [modification] 239"), and at about the same time the port (left) cockpit doors were sealed. The Pilot's Notes for the Typhoon recommended that "Unless Mod. No. 239 has been embodied it is most important that oxygen be used at all times as a precaution against carbon monoxide poisoning. "Desp
  6. Too bad we are not in the pacific... cause planes like the N1K2-J with the automatic combat flaps would be nice to have. https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/自動空戦フラップ
  7. Lol code for Climb Mount Niitaka... one can only wish
  8. Would the Pilot be on full oxygen mask all the time since the Typhoon was know to get exhaust fumes into the cockpit. "The first production Typhoons began to enter RAF service with No. 56 Squadron in September 1941. They were operational from May 1942. But soon after the deliveries it became apparent that the Typhoon still had flaws, some serious and some minor. Fatigue failure at a rear fuselage joint was responsible for the loss of the complete tail units of an alarming number of planes. Carbon monoxide leaking into the cockpit was blamed for a fatal crash in November 1941. Thou
  9. I was hoping at some point we would see a FW 190A9 with a 801 ts engine (1.82 ata) and a BF 109G10 even if they are standalone add on.
  10. From the Fw-190A5 to the A6 these might be some of the difference Fw 190A-6 The main difference of this variant from the previous was the standardized mounting of MG 151/20 E cannons. For this to be possible, it was necessary to redesign the wing for the heavier cannon mount and carriage of a larger ammunition box. Experience obtained during Fw 190A-5/U9 and U10 tests was incorporated in this type. Reinforcements and sockets were made in such a way that serially produced wings would be adapted for internal installation of either 20 or 30 mm cannon ammunition boxes or for installa
  11. I think there is some difference since the P-47 used 4 different type of propellers. "The last of the four is the 13' Curtiss Asymetrical Propeller.(G5+G6)The distinctive shape of the blades makes this one stand out from the other Curtiss props.Heres two examples fitted to D-28-RA's." Here is a link about it. http://p47.kitmaker.net/modules.php?op=modload&name=SquawkBox&file=index&req=viewtopic&topic_id=128328 Here is more info 12' 2" Curtiss Electric "tooth pick", blade N° 714 (B, C, D & G) 12' 2" Cur
  12. these are the foo fighters you are looking for lol
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