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  1. and we too......were in Cliffs of Dover tonight....but went ahead and purchased the Tank portion too for BOS...that's just under a 100 bucks here....pennies when you think of the hours of joy it will bring..... :-)
  2. I MISSION BUILD AND HOST out of Canada and have members worldwide...this sim has a lot of work ahead of it, but what they have accomplished is incredible...the core group is in their 70's and 80's . I mission build and host usually 6 out of 7 nights a week with an afternoon session HERE evening there for our European members...1l-2 1946 Muskateer , COD , BOS, ROF, and FS-X are all in the mix.. But I am ageing so we only fly an hour a night...we just feel so fortunate to be able to do this in our golden years...and we cant wait for what lies ahead..... were pretty excited for what the future holds...
  3. We are a small group....and when I am in a tank, and directing ground operations to my guys in the air....it is beyond wild!!!! Plus I get to join the battle as well....loads and loads of fun...I plan on purchasing the tank add-on in the very near future... PD
  4. Thanks so much for your time guys, Indeed it was a setting in the server that shut the game down and reloaded it just seconds into the start.... server type is set to custom....and I will be checking it out in the manual.....previously, for three months or so, i had no issues but suddenly it stopped the missions prematurely... so now all will be well for tonight's testing.... Much Appreciated PD
  5. I actually put it in the mission to see if it would prolong the mission... also.all yes ALL of my missions now close and restart every 15 seconds or so...... strange indeed.... will keep on looking PD
  6. its a dogfight mission.....very very simple with just some incoming planes and a train to bomb thanks fot the look PD Dogfight.rar
  7. then the same mission and map appear,you can rejoin the airfield of choice,stat fly.and the sequence begins again....for as long as it ends and then you restart it... some help with this please.... Thank-yoi PD
  8. I have tried unsuccessfully to target a complex trigger to a timer......the required ''link'' will not connect ….the start mission and first timer link up and the first timer links to activater the complex trigger....but I just can not get the comolex trigger to link to the second timer that is despertly needed ….. thanks
  9. new to mission building in Stalingrad...have got a few missions working but herein my problem lies.....after I got to ''group'' and save it....I can no longer hit on properties and open up the properties on individual items like aircraft or trucks, tanks ect....somehow I have locked myself out of being able to work with the mission and add to it... secondly...what is the proper way to save a group,and where does the file go? PD-1943
  10. Actually I am trying to build a dogfight server for a small group of pilots all in their mid 70's early 80's self included and it is a bit overwhelming to say the least....If you have any ideas on getting the server going it would be appreciated....and of course, how to get it in operation...much thanks for you time....it's appreciated.... thanks!! PD
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