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  1. ju 88 dont have a radio altimeter, what you are talking about is contact altimeter I think, which is also shown on ju87 and bf110. It has two pointers, one of them show altitude according to your setting of barometric pressure, QEF or QNH(this pointer is no different from regular altimeter), another painted red is to set the altitude you want to release the bombs automaticly. Perhaps all plane in BOS dont have radio altimeter, maybe some WWII plane have? Radio altimeter was invented in 1928.
  2. Yes, but what useful to bomber is altitude above ground, not true altitude. And that is what I want to know-----how to get the altitude data of IL2 map, which should be drawn on the map or at least concluded in a handbook to let player know about. Maybe there are some softwares can extract data from game? Measure 400x300km^2 map by using instrument panel is unacceptable and too unefficient. Anyway, ground altitude shouldn't be a mystery for bombers to guess every sorties.
  3. When I testing bomb in quick mission I found wrong altitude data is the biggest error, wind barely make any error if you enter the correct direction and speed. However, the game map doesnt have a contour map, and I have no idea where to get altitude data. The altitmeter toggle only can give your field pressure, not help much. Where can I find useful altitude? Google earth? Or just guess?
  4. I want AF runway become destructible, and need troops to level it up.
  5. hi, can you tell me some more channels of your scgs coplayers? I am searching and collecting great pilots channel
  6. A REAL BOS player should have all collector planes😜lol. It's very nice of you, but I only left ju52 and po2.
  7. Since dcs has made great improvement in their server and game optimizing, il2 MUST make some progress in MP, I used to use taw and coco server and better optimizing game to persuade my dcs friend il2 is better than dcs, but now dcs has official optimizing server and other great server like buddyspike and ddcs, il2 really really need much progress. By the way, language is a another problem, you know in millions dcs players, there are sever hundreds of thousand chinese player, thanks for chinese version produced by chinese player themselves, even don't calculate other asian players. But in il2, chinese only occupy 1%, because jason don't want us to make a chinese version FREE for him, I know because il2 is single byte, but there are also other ways, but he didn't concern about the big market in asia, whose languages need two bytes.
  8. How do you get IAS manually? Use HUD to read speed per 10km/h? OR use some program read directly from FM of BOS?
  9. Thanks a lot for your constant update on forum, it must take you lots of time. But I wonder whats the standard of mixture-alt curve, and the meaning of max and min mix(I used to 85%for m105pf under 2-3000m, for the 3.001x update, i use 80% for yak1/1b and pe2, 75% for yak7 to get rid of smoke, on 4000m, decrease 5%)
  10. A little bit disappoint after I look through the wiki pages, it didn't appeal much attention, few ppl make pages and cant find much useful information, it seems be forgotten. Very sad, I think wt and wot's wiki are much more active, i don't know why. Maybe I'll write some pages for it.
  11. Because .50 in bos only have ap rounds
  12. Today I test Pz.III shoot sherman on jg5 server in short range, (didnt test long range )I just shoot the hull front machine gun and kill the commander and machine gunner use APHE for one shoot, but hard to kill turret gunner and driver, however, you can shoot the turret and destroy persicope and aim system, so the gunner cant aim. it apply for all tanks, if you play t34, you can use this technique to brother tigers, blind him and literally disable him.
  13. I cant preview the book, theres no way to buy it either.
  14. how do you get the flight envelope?I am searching tools to draw curves for BOS planes.
  15. I wonder how to get detailed IAS for drawing continuous curves I am a little bit confused...wheres the bomb and rocket curve? overlap?
  16. in 3.008 seem every plane need more shell to destroy, the plane increase or the cannon decrease?
  17. Sorry, JG5 had been established three years ago, consisting of 60 memebers and lots of aces in our squadron. Our team is an international squadron and we are very glad if you or any other foreigners would join our team.😊
  18. Have you sent it already?Is it good for collector plane? If he didnt need it please send it to me, thank you very much
  19. please put me into bobp queue,i have bos and bom already,cant‘t wait to experience BOBP,please!!!THANK YOU BlackRaven for you generosity!!!!😗
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