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  1. Armored glass has done a great job on yak1b la5fn and 109g/k, at least in GB By the way, whether glass or steel armor can only protect you from bullet not shells
  2. The back armor plate is a waste of bubble cockpit, why british didnt use armor glass? I firmly believe 4 hispano on the Tempest in GB is as powerful as 4 mk108 on 262, if not more powerful
  3. I am 20 years old, but cant see anything in the circle, I promise you. It's fair
  4. man control gunner is much less efficient than ai, only few people will play it in few times, and some server banned man control gunner, like taw. I would like to have a complete plane, but if I must choose between a single seat b-17 and a full making plane that they will never make, the answer is apparent.
  5. yes I know but I see the shell hit on the hull front and my tank explored at once, since f-34 doesnt have ability to penatrate a 80mm armor
  6. Thank you for the mission, thad, yesterday tested IV G on jg5 server, got killed easily by kv1, very surprising. I thought 80mm armor can be invulerable in front of F-34 cannon. I will use your task to test again
  7. I find some mods for VR 10x zoom, and I wonder what's the max zoom for screen, 5x or 10x, are there any mod can break up the limit of screen zoom?
  8. 262 stright b&z cooperate with d9 and 109s turnfight, none of red aircraft could counter that. I wonder why you evaluate 262 badly, in most case fighters are shot down unconsciously or busy fighting with other enemies, and 262's high speed is excellent in disturbing fur ball.
  9. Do you live in Alaska? Didn't know Dalton highway before, but it looks beautiful. And the name joke is fun, though I dont know whats the connection between the two sentence?
  10. Just like ju52, cold won't cause any problem, I think it means devs didn't model cold engine problem on some new plane. so we need to reduce it when see high oil temp?
  11. They have two years to understand japanese book, let alone we send them lots of english material, if two years aren't enough, I think one more year wont help a lot. And some Japanese offer help but I didn't see cooperation.
  12. So Jason just think this model is unqualified and refuse to use it?
  13. Actually the air in BOX is much more turbid than DCS, seems be polluted severely and has serious haze all the time, all kind of weather. In BOX, everything in low altitude become blurred when you are above 6000m, while in DCS, i can see the ground object clearly even much higher. Its not a 10k limit, in fact, the ordinary discover range is within 5km due to the endless fog spread around the land of Russian.
  14. Cos Brits thought Soviet was unable to reverse-engineering such complex technology. Unfortunately, they wrong.
  15. I wont buy yak9 for a 37mm cannon which only load 30 rounds
  16. oh, excuse me, recently my connection to il2 website is not very well and I need to refresh it for thousand times to submit reply just now. Every refresh google will automatically translate English to Chinese(im a Chinese) and I forgot to cancel when I finally submit it So why it takes such long time? 10 times than a single engine plane holy crap... why I had to struggle with bad connection? The network at night in the university is totally a disaster
  17. It take 1 year to make a new map and ten small planes compare to we need 1 year to made a B-17
  18. Im confused that carrier has been a obstacle for PTO... I think the same quality as WT is OK and respawn can been organized by timer, multiplayer landing is a problem, need cooperate, but not too serious to solve. Maybe theres some problem I didnt know, anyone can tell me?
  19. what kind of inaccuracy and model? I am curious. It means a B-17=10 single/twin engine plane?hard to believe
  20. I don't think it gonna be a realistic plan...
  21. That might be the case, agreed. I went a bit over the top there. not the only one feel frustrated about uncertainty around PTO.😭
  22. Wow, your rich imagination impress me!Thank Thad!
  23. Maybe before PTO release BOX has already been outdated,and move to next version of il2
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