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  1. On 10/8/2019 at 2:12 AM, 77.CountZero said:

    This is what by default is in game:


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    from cameracockpit.cfg:
        DefaultFOVGrad = 60.0000
        MaximumFOVGrad = 150.0000
        MinimumFOVGrad = 30.0000
        ZoomVelocity = 0.50000
        ISABSSNAP = false


    so fov 30 is max zoom i guess.


    In mod for extrazoom i just modified minimumFOVGrad = 1.0000 to have max zoom, but that mod you can only use when enable mods. I guess it would be used most in sp as you can use it with mods on and no one cares (or on servers in mp with mods on) . But for most of MP users i guess its not usefull as almost all play on mods off servers.



    Why 3Dmigoto can be used in MP, but your mod can just use in SP??

  2. Free demo definitely can appeal more new players, as far as I see in DCS and BOS group, the new player tend think BOS is more expensive than DCS, though BOS is of course much cheaper than DCS. However, the free demo make them feel they can play fly sim free, although most of them will buy bunch of DCS models. Why player tend to buy DCS mods even it is much expensive? Because they have played on demo and start learn and like fly sim and that lead to purchase. On the contrary, BOS has caused a lot of question from potential players cos they didnt know it.

  3. On 10/9/2019 at 5:33 AM, II./JG77_motoadve said:

    Just did a sortie in WOL with expert visibility, lots more fun, more realistic , and its WOL which I used to dislike, but the Alternate Vis in the other servers makes it so uninteresting , gets boring quick.

    Hope TAW gets expert Vis.

    wol have alter vis, right?

  4. Of course su-122 is worth to mention in a great dd,thank you

    5 minutes ago, Manstein16 said:

    I love how the SU-122 models are just tossed in there without comment. On their own those images would be awesome, but they hardly merit notice in a DD that is packed to the gills with awesomeness.


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