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  1. Today, Jan 24th, is Chinese New Year's eve, so 新年快乐!Happy Chinese New Year!
  2. after a full month, finally a dev come out
  3. NO. Just look at taw, when target range is longer than 80-100km, few people will attack it, even they start to quit.
  4. press flap button then use trim axis to control flap,flap is bound to trim on ju52,simple to understand.
  5. Simple answer:car is much more popular than aircraft, and racecar sim is much more popular than fly sim.
  6. Free demo definitely can appeal more new players, as far as I see in DCS and BOS group, the new player tend think BOS is more expensive than DCS, though BOS is of course much cheaper than DCS. However, the free demo make them feel they can play fly sim free, although most of them will buy bunch of DCS models. Why player tend to buy DCS mods even it is much expensive? Because they have played on demo and start learn and like fly sim and that lead to purchase. On the contrary, BOS has caused a lot of question from potential players cos they didnt know it.
  7. I just mean it, this is wwii aircraft game, if someone just continue to ask for jet and super plane, you'd better go to dcs. By the way, super plane cant make you become super pilot.
  8. I want alter vis. Even alter vis is on sometimes I can hardly find enemy on my 15.6in screen
  9. American excellent bombers American excellent fighters
  10. Of course su-122 is worth to mention in a great dd,thank you
  11. You should think of those students have little money to buy 32 in and 2k or 4k screen. I am using my 15.6in notebook in my 5 people dormitory.
  12. Armored glass has done a great job on yak1b la5fn and 109g/k, at least in GB By the way, whether glass or steel armor can only protect you from bullet not shells
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