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  1. ‘some of the parameters are locked for this mission’ all plane show this tip and I cant respawn,bug or something I need to do?I have registered
  2. Many people dont know you must full power when you use MW50, or it will breakdwn quickly, in seconds. The tip on the right screen' low injection pressure' had already warn you. Watch the injection pressure panel.
  3. Our pandemic is almost down, good luck to you.
  4. Today, Jan 24th, is Chinese New Year's eve, so 新年快乐!Happy Chinese New Year!
  5. after a full month, finally a dev come out
  6. NO. Just look at taw, when target range is longer than 80-100km, few people will attack it, even they start to quit.
  7. press flap button then use trim axis to control flap,flap is bound to trim on ju52,simple to understand.
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