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  1. American excellent bombers American excellent fighters
  2. Of course su-122 is worth to mention in a great dd,thank you
  3. You should think of those students have little money to buy 32 in and 2k or 4k screen. I am using my 15.6in notebook in my 5 people dormitory.
  4. Armored glass has done a great job on yak1b la5fn and 109g/k, at least in GB By the way, whether glass or steel armor can only protect you from bullet not shells
  5. The back armor plate is a waste of bubble cockpit, why british didnt use armor glass? I firmly believe 4 hispano on the Tempest in GB is as powerful as 4 mk108 on 262, if not more powerful
  6. I am 20 years old, but cant see anything in the circle, I promise you. It's fair
  7. man control gunner is much less efficient than ai, only few people will play it in few times, and some server banned man control gunner, like taw. I would like to have a complete plane, but if I must choose between a single seat b-17 and a full making plane that they will never make, the answer is apparent.
  8. yes I know but I see the shell hit on the hull front and my tank explored at once, since f-34 doesnt have ability to penatrate a 80mm armor
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