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  1. Many thanks for sharing, downloaded and will read this week end
  2. here is a sample of what the results are : Kendar Sylker. All Information. 11/17/1942. And yes it is very nice and fun, thanks for the Creator
  3. ok, my firsts impression (excuse my poor English language). Once extract in a folder of your choice, you should go to the Settings and change the path to your il2 exe. After that, create new carrier of your choice, once happy with your pilot, select "Next Day" and it will generate a window which guide you to the specification off the next quick battle you have to play (weather, plane etc...). The following missions will be from the campaign and the window will tell you wich one to play. i think the first is to discover your plane) Launch the game and play as required the quick mission with the given specifications. after that, you can enter your results manually (it seems the update stat did nothing or just update the best pilots stats to the left, do not know). It works like that, even if it's not the way to go (trying to figure). One "bug" on the screen below, the button Under my name on my book (the one to disconnect) is still in russian. So, what i think of it ? It reminds me il2 Stab, more a "one note" to keep your missions in memory than a campaign carrier as far as i see it. the fact we should enter manually the results is the big thing i would love to be changed if the game permit it. Well done tool and userfriendly, First step to upgrade SP experience, hope it pave the way to immersion for the future.
  4. Love them, thanks for sharing
  5. Bonjour à tous, Content de voir que la communauté française est présente et qu'en plus, une fois n'est pas coutume, on lui a dédié un espace privilégié pour échanger dans la langue de Molière.
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