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  1. Glad to see all the pre-orders. FC picking up and servers are filling
  2. Very interesting footage of WWI in France
  3. Thanks, I will try that. I have been watching the video as well. LOL WWI planes are much easier.
  4. Hey all, Hope someone can help so here it goes. This is in relation the P51 or the P47 but could be a issue with all the planes as I have never started in the parked position with any plane in BOS or Bodenplate. When I am sitting in the parked plane, I set mixture to 100% press E to start. The engine fires up and I back mixture down to about 95 or 80% and release the parking brakes and increase throttle and the plane starts moving but then slows to a stop and at this point it does not matter what I do I cant get enough power to move. If I decrease throttle all the way wait until en
  5. Sorry for the delay. This will be taken care of today. Welcome to the Event. Do you need any assistance in getting registered for the Bloody April Event?
  6. Awesome video...good teamwork....Thanks for sharing Daedallus
  7. What J2_Drookasi posted is very important for all players regardless of sides to accomplish. If you are red team you should have access to red team updates and instructions and if you are blue team the same instructions will apply for blue team. There are a lot of first time players for this event and it is very important in order to get the enjoyment we are seeking that they reach out to each team commander if you are having difficulties. Remember hostilities begin tomorrow! there is still lots to have completed so reach out to anyone who may have the knowledge and get assistance or who can g
  8. LOL Muller didn't mind I am sure
  9. Awww comon it looks more like a Camel or something like it.
  10. My favorite is the DVa (not something you would patrol in alone (at least not me)). Second to that is the Phaltz. When I fly the D7, I prefer the F. Allied side I prefer the Camel and not a fan of the others. Hat is off for the 3rd and their use of the spad.
  11. Great keep feeling bad and stop shooting.....at least at me 😀
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