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  1. I agree that the AI two seaters are a great idea. Only thing I am not sure of is what kind of stress it puts on the mission or server. If it is possible I would love to see it happen. There many a time I am on alone and having a something to pursue would be fun. There are already AI fighters that are fun as well. AI two seaters on a mission would add to the immersion for me.
  2. Congratulations J99Sizzlorr. Way to go!!
  3. In that same row of tabs that let you choose the different mods like weapon, gauges, paint themes. the far right tab lets you choose streamers, scarves, and side arm pistols. The function of the streamer was meant to identify the flight leader but in game many people use it because they like the look. Some squads use streamers to identify a squad member. Some members of Jasta 5 will use the Green streamer for example. Hope this helps.
  4. Fantastic newspaper post!!!! Great job Larner
  5. Fantastic!! footage...... and man that old reel effect put the clip in perspective. Thanks for sharing Talbot.
  6. I think Matthias said AV will be turned off on Monday. He will run no AV for a week so that a comparison could be made as to what will be more desirable.
  7. Vander has a mission generator that works pretty good. I use it when I want to play single mode. see link below https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/43 ... generator/
  8. As mentioned J5 TS server is available for anyone who wish join in. I am sure JG1 or US103 also have a TS channel as well. I will join where ever people are populated.
  9. Sounds like a lot of fun. I can join in at 20:00. Is there a particular TS everyone gets on? If not J5 TS is available.
  10. I have noticed this as well and I compensated by flying at about 85 to 90% until I am engaged then to full throttle and full rad, then after engagement to about 80% for a few minutes on full rad until I am satisfied with temp before readjusting rad and throttle.
  11. S! Larner, I hope this screen shot is ok for you to go on. If it is not please let me know and I will try to get some while in flight. Thanks again for all you have done to get these skins out to the community.
  12. Hey Larner This a zip of my skin from ROF still working on the screen print. sorry I am not very good at this stuff. AD5_J5_Sturm_v2.zip
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