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  1. Thanks for having another go at improving this aspect of the game. Will be good to see the in game performance - I sure hope your efforts meet with success.
  2. @SAS_StorebrorAh, of course...stupid of me. Will try that. Thank you.
  3. TL;DR: It seems SRS supports single press keys only. Would be good if the binding supported combination keys. Maybe something for the next revision. DETAIL: I had thought of deleting the ingame key allocations for "flight leader orders" (which for me, I never use) LCtl+key 0 , LCtl+key 1, LCtl+key 2 etc but since combination keys are not supported, this and other combinations, are not an option. And I don't have spare buttons on the HOTAS to support SRS (other than push to talk). Exiting IL2 Key mapping is quite densely used. Finding suitable spare keys the thread by @Arfsix is a easy reference (searchable - something you cannot do with the in game keymapping) with updated key mapping added from time to time.
  4. Guess I am not real good with YouTube search.....If you have a link handy it would be good to take a look.
  5. For non-VR players, using a gaming headset (Headphones and microphone). TL;DR : Do you speak LOUDLY into your headset when playing IL2? Do folk you live with get annoyed (REALLY ANNOYED) by this? Solution: Sidetone. Plug your headset into a mixer - a Behringer 302usb does the job - and the mixer into the USB port on the PC. Adjust levels. Done. DETAIL: Without sidetone, with my headset on (and me only able to hear game sounds and other pilots speaking - my own voice being very muffled to me), in the heat of battle, I end up speaking WAY TOO LOUDLY and my wife has certainly had enough of me 'yelling at the people on the computer' The behringer mixer solved the problem for me....and will support other headsets in the future too. (No doubt there are other mixers too) There are alternative solutions but they are suboptimal: they produce echo (eg: the windows 10 software setting); annoy other folk (open back headsets); they have latency, low volume or both (seems headsets with inbuilt sidetone are often reported to have latency or low volume problem). Its cheaper than a new gaming headset. The Behringer MA400 is an alternative (and cheaper) if you dont want to use USB but the cabling is a bit more fiddley. BTW I have zero relationship with Behringer . Until last week I had never heard of them. There is a lot of rubbish on the net with 'solutions' and 'experts' espousing statements like "what would you want that for" and so on. But there is an old (2014) thread on Linus Tech Tips Forum dealing with the problem (its pages long). I installed the mixer yesterday and it works great...so I thought others might like to know. Hope this helps someone. PS: Sidetone? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sidetone. Sidetone is expected behavior for telephonic systems. Absence of sidetone can cause users to believe the call has been dropped or cause them to speak loudly. Too much sidetone can cause users to speak softly. Being able to adjust sidetone level is important for it to be effective.
  6. The Yak-9, Yak-9T and Hurricane Mk.II are classic collector aircraft. On sale right now too...so absolutely 😊
  7. @216th_Nocke Well done figuring that out - who would have thought. I found it...its in Settings/Game/Regional Settings - here choose Metric or Imperial or Plane Dependent Will you be creating a version with Bodenplatte aircraft? (would be great if you do - would only need to add some of them a 109 is a 109, pretty much ...etc) (I have tried creating my own but clearly I failed graphics skills 101)
  8. @216th_Nocke Did you sort the P40 problem? ........ I took some screen shots using the method you describe. Overlayed them and got this image here. I am using IL2 version 4.005d so maybe in this version its different to what you got before. This image seems to show relative sizes that one would expect (in real life the Bf109 F4 was 9.92m wing span and the P40E was 11.3m). Really a terrific diagram showing the relative sizes of the aircraft ... just whats needed. Are you still working on this project? Will you be creating a version with Bodenplatte aircraft? Thanks for your good work.
  9. @Pictor Can I bother you....is it possible for you to post your excellent charts to hang at A3 format again (seems the transfer has expired - they only last 7 days on 'wetransfer')
  10. @Geronimo553 has some good stuff, including about Reshade, here https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/49629-3000-steps-condensed-into-one-simple-performance-guide/
  11. Mine is working again too. I made no changes. Clearly problem is (was?) at Server side.
  12. Using Launcher.exe still gets "failed to update" Deleted update folder ... no difference. Can start game from IL-2.exe and login OK Using restarter.exe starts game OK too and I can login.
  13. The file verification is a Steam feature. So no. Your best option is to re download and reinstall ... that will make sure the files are not corrupt in some fashion. Failing that you will probably have to lodge a support ticket. Remember English ain’t their first language (I think) so keep it short https://il2sturmovik.com/support/
  14. @MyscionGosh I do hope you update with the Bodenplatte aircraft. Its excellent work on your part. Thank you.
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