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  1. Are the licensing/trademark issues resolved (there was a court case around this back in the Pacific Fighters days - it was ridiculous)? The other issue I've heard is that the gunner stations are very complex - requiring a lot of references and labour to model - so it could get expensive. However, I see the merit given its use in the pacific and in the east... it is a better choice than a Short Sunderland... Perhaps a more feasible interim choice would be the Arado Ar-196... which did see quite a bit of use on the Black Sea if I recall correctly... But this thread is supposed to be the wishlist for things which aren't necessarily well justified... so I thought I'd present... The Zeppelin-Lindau RS.III... a water-launched Zepplin replacement with good characteristics and plenty of documentation...
  2. Well the deeper question is, if I'm honest: How do I make sense of all of the variants commonly listed? How many actually existed? I'll admit to being a bit clueless.
  3. So... at least tell me there were test units in '44... tell me there is some hope of seeing the Mk-103 on something with a power to weight ratio of 0.12hp/lb!!
  4. Didn't Zerstörergeschwader 26 still have a few? Also there were a couple of Seenotstaffeln (naval) units in 1945? I'd assumed that the 1944 order to convert all of them to heavy fighter (U2) standard would've been carried out... but there were still Me-410s in recon units still in operation into the beginning of 1945 - so may be the Seenotstaffeln units received those instead? If you have better information and sources - I'd love to hear more how the units were equipped and re-purposed towards the end of the war ('44-'45)
  5. There were upgrade programs... including converting all recon and bomber variants into destroyers (heavy fighters)... so I wonder if some of the Mk-103 packs may have made it to units in 1945? I find making sense of the Me-410 variants a bit confusing as there were both factory (Ux) and field-kit (Rx) variants for almost all configurations... I suspect this is partly because the modular weapon's bay of the Me-410 meant that most factory modifications could be installed at the front as well (hence identical configurations would get two designations based more on where they were installed rather than actual differences between them). If true this does suggest that - if any kits were made - they could have easily ended up as retrofits at the front-line. I created this thread a while back to try to make sense of it all: I would kindof like to see the Mk-103 on the Me-410 or the Fw-190A6... even if they are rare configurations... it is a weapon we only have on one aircraft at the moment and it is interesting to use...
  6. Development diary... and 'too late' means that people think one won't be posted this week (as it would have already been posted by now)... really - this thread is a pointless ritual. But it does let the excitable focus their energies on somewhere other than the rest of the forum.
  7. It'd be tempting to call for something sane... a missing aircraft that was ubiquitous (e.g. Fw-189, Il-4) or an aircraft that would fill a needed gap (a slow two-seater... e.g. LVG C.II, Caudron G.IV, Voisin V, Morane L) or to call for an aircraft that would open up gameplay we are unlikely to get otherwise (e.g. Lancaster for the C-6 to hunt) But, I'd probably go for a Bristol Boxkite... excellent view, lovely handling, good for training WWI pilots... Of course, since that is actually a rational choice (relatively easy to model... historically relevant as a pre-war trainer...) - I'll have to up my game and propose the Blériot design with a similar aerodynamic layout but with a passenger compartment made by a stage-coach company and mica windows (yes, rock windows)...
  8. It was a really wonderful decision... a real source for joy actually - to see support to be given by the company and the ambitious dream fulfilled by former fans.
  9. Just know that it is a completely different engine... so it will be very different - and you'll have to buy the Mediterranean expansion later (it isn't out yet).
  10. I noticed both sets of improvements... Well, you've obviously succeeded in getting me to regret not doing anything in my power, any villainy or heroism, to get beta access.
  11. Ideally have a lot of realistic & detailed ground target templates... so one can produce a variety of ground attack scenarios quickly... Ideally also perhaps have a bit of randomisation... so it'd basically be like an editor for a dynamic campaign mission template... so you could quickly tweak it for what you want and then get a quick 10 minute long mission to fly... that is what would appeal most to me (if I were the audience). But mainly it is having the ground target templates... Does anyone remember the quick mission generator in the original Red Baron (not Red Baron II/3d... the original... Red Baron/Aces over Europe/Ace of the Pacific)?
  12. I would pay for a better quick mission generation system...
  13. Unfortunately, it has been said that - even if licensing/trademark issues were resolved in the United States - the P-61's interior would be very difficult and expensive to model. Something I saw in one of the dev updates indicated some cooperation... but I might have been misremembering...
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