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  1. Maybe if they release the D-5 for a 1944 GPW scenario? I'm still waiting for an option to re-arrange the triggers on the Hs-129... but honestly, given the rapid pace of work and the fantastic level of detail... I can see them forgetting or setting aside some features... it is a small team afterall!
  2. It'd be nice to have the QMB maps updated with a few more objects... it'd also be nice to have a way to edit the QMB... or to have more templates for various types of quick missions. BoX is already better than past sims when it comes to modelling river craft - but given the importance of river barges for logistics it would be good to have some Western European ones. Similarly, more logistics objects (e.g. wagons, narrow-gauge trains) for Arras would be lovely.
  3. I'm less into hotrods - so I'd take a Typhoon (or a Lancaster... but that is a bit of a stretch - even though it doesn't suffer from the issues which prevent other heavy bombers from being modelled). But it is nice to have commonwealth aircraft modelled (especially considering that they'll likely be under-represented in PTO or Korea).
  4. Laminar flow airfoils were a mistake. *drops mike*
  5. They could also offer a late war Russian module with the existing late-war German planset - but have a slight discount if you buy both (since you are buying some aircraft twice)! Of course the price structure would have to take into account the map & campaign - so the discount couldn't be huge. A late war German bomber as a collector plane could also be offered with pre-order, but would cost a lot ($30-35) if people don't pre-order... so, a strong incentive....
  6. Hey, some people can't afford the upgrade... (of course, in which case anything that recreates actual likelihoods of seeing an enemy ought to be a good solution)
  7. Something I find very exciting as an idea. Especially given that the RP-3 were often delivered in dives (with special dive fuses). You see, my first flightsim was released in 1991... so I've had a lot of time to outgrow my initial fascination with always "having the best"... now I'm into challenges! The Typhoon barely reaches the threshold. Almost too high performance, too reliable for me. :) It'd also be nice to have the 'missing link' after the Hurricane collector plane is released... really see the evolution of design a Hawker and get to experience it!
  8. A product of having a higher performance aircraft methinks!
  9. Yes: - Different tail (some structural issues) - Lower performance, thicker wing. - 8xRP-3 or 12xRP-3 rockets for ground attack - Hispano Mk.II cannons (lower rate of fire, higher muzzle velocity). Because the increase in velocity is something like 3%, the noticable difference is that basically you have 600rpm instead of 750 rpm. This isn't necessarily a bad thing as it makes it easier to conserve ammunition. So, it would be quite different to use (a lot more ground attack, slightly more challenging to fight enemies with - if you like that sort of thing). It was very numerous in the theatre depicted and it would be deployed more in ground attack roles during the campaign... so it contributes a lot as an AI aircraft. Anyway, quite glad that we'll at least be able to strafe it!
  10. Okay - a war crime is an action banned under some treaty or agreement which considers the act to be a war crime. There are treaties which banned targetting civilian infrastructure or extensive collateral damage. So, the question isn't 'is x a war crime?' but 'should x be a war crime?'... which is a bit too controversial a topic I think. Someone needs to lock this quickly.
  11. Repressing hope are we? :D
  12. Well, my map in QMB has 20mm and 37mm autocannons and Panzer 38t... so that could be part of it. However, in Rise of Flight the heavy anti-aircraft guns (e.g. 77mm) were way too accurate... there was a certain range where they would develop a near perfect hit rate. This could be corrected by modifying the AI to have more ranging errors, and also simulating errors and traverse mechanisms better... but I don't think it has been done yet. I might update my Rise of Flight anti-aircraft gun mod to try to fix this at some point. Also, the problem with bomb fuses (dropped from WWI aircraft and the U-2VS) appears to still be there...
  13. It is pretty realistic... It kindof does motivate us to get a Typhoon eventually though...!
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