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  1. I would love that. It'd require a new cockpit though. Dual controls have been added in Il-2 1946 correct? How well does that work? (I haven't gotten to try it yet)... P.S. I think my favourite yak might be the bubble canopy Yak-7...
  2. MC.202... despite the efforts of people on the forum to explain how to use it... I just haven't found its handling sufficiently pleasant. I expect to dislike the P-51... as flight models have improved with each successive sim, I seem to like it less - I'm blaming the laminar flow wing (but that might be bias because of the Horten IVB). Basically, I don't like sudden snap stalls. I also find the Bf-109 to be quite 'heavy'... but I think I'd like it if I actually flew it enough. I adore the Mig-3 and P-39... and I generally like Soviet fighters (my big issue is that their concentrated armament with limited magazine capacity encourages one to get too close to bombers). I also rather enjoy the underpowered Hs-129... one just has to fly it more like a WWI plane... always being aware of how much speed and altitude making a turn costs.
  3. I don't know about some of this advice... the Pe-2 has a fast landing speed, and the Fw-190 requires handling a short nosed fighter (i.e. snap stalls common) with a large bomb hanging from it... so I'd lean towards the 111 or 88 given the original question.
  4. Not a serious suggestion... but there are references for the recon variant with only one Mk-108! Would require 3d model changes and I'm probably the only one who would be excited by a further reduction in armament 😄
  5. I was really enjoying the Lewis bullets overspreading (someone forgot to tighten a bolt on the mounting?) Not a bug, but moving the Hs-129's Mk-101 and Mk-103 to weapon group 3 would be a nice addition.
  6. Also - any chance of using 'weapon group 3' for the Hs-129 while we are waiting for the gun/weapon selector to get coded? I know it was planned as a feature but there haven't been any updates in more than a year.
  7. A bit late to make this comment - but it'd be nice to have an option to only mount one lewis gun (if the Dolphin is ever revised). This was commonly done as the single Lewis gave the ability to attack aircraft from below but didn't have the weight/drag of the twin lewis configuration. Anyway the handling seems really nice with these aircraft - I'm not missing the custom sensitivity settings from RoF!! It almost makes me think that fuselage aerodynamic modelling might've been added to the flight model (something which really helped the BoS flightmodel).
  8. IL-4 would really round out all threatres The Pe-3 was very active at Stalingrad... The I-153 might be usable at Moscow... So, yes. BV-138... would be pretty cool. I might like it even more than the Fw-189 (which is an aircraft I've waited decades for).
  9. Yes. We should also see differences between 'claimed', 'confirmed' and 'actual' kills... We should also see partial or shared kills for the Commonwealth pilots... ...maybe in some future overhaul?
  10. We could also do with cargo pods and maybe some AI tweaks in the campaign (He-111 night fighter AI anyone)?!
  11. It might not be needed in CoD - but in FC it would be a real asset - pulling high gee turns while clearing a misfire? I don't think so!
  12. I'm actually quite curious about what realistic historic tactics are... it has been a long time since I read about them. I also had a lot of trouble getting bombs to detonate reliably (from any altitude) without setting the fusing to 5 seconds. I tried turning off the engine and gliding in at one point - but the engine wouldn't restart (not enough airspeed to spin the prop?). Is this correct? Did they only throttle down during attacks?
  13. Oh? I suspect I'd rather enjoy it (I've tried simulating a Fw-58 nightfighter and it was a blast). In real life the most effective night-fighter against the U-2 was the He-111 (with several aces). I made a poll about this a week ago: Please feel free to leave comments!
  14. Yeah, I QMB over some ships and... well similar experience. It is odd - the turret gun can be controlled actually - but the controls are flipped. You can't use the second seat if the pintle gun isn't equipped though, and the bombsight doesn't seem to be programmed. As for the next - they said they were looking at the Lisunov Li-2... (Fi-156 which you mentioned would be grand - but a Fw-189 would be more multi-role and has that glass bubble and MG81z defenses!) No just pistol flares (and no FC pistols). No parachute flares, air-ambulance pods, or cargo to be dropped unfortunately. It'd be nice if they included a cargo crate at least (or had a loadout where a paratrooper replaced the gunner)... it'd open up more missions.
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