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  1. Doesn't the saying go: "The perfect is the enemy of the good?" There are a lot of historical examples of that
  2. It has been discussed. I believe the Red Tails aren't in the current campaigns (although I think one of their skins may be). I believe Jason has said that they are open to the idea but it is dependent on resources. I also suspect that it might just be for one or two types of aircraft if it happens someday.
  3. As for the original question - I've tried it in single-player quick missions and it provides some fun driving challenges - I've found it frustrating to try to hit aircraft (firing upward + distance + limited ammunition) but it was very effective in wiping out a convoy. I think it'll be more interesting if we get a few more infantry targets (e.g. machine gun nests).
  4. 910 m/s which makes it closer to the 30mm Mk-103 in performance. The bullet is 288 grams (13 grams bursting) which makes it almost three times the weight of a typical Russian 20mm bullet (but less than the 30mm Mk-103 cannon's 355 g bullet). It should be able to penetrate the side armour of the earliest Panzer III at close to a kilometres, and the mid-war Panzer III when at less than 250 metres (in theory anyway)
  5. The really interesting situations are: - U-2VS - Spad XIII The amount of time required to arm is a bit of an issue I find. Faster aircraft mean that the time between losing sight of the target and bomb release is short. However, with these slower aircraft bombing has to happen at lower altitudes as vision gets blocked by one's own aircraft for too long to be accurate otherwise. The low-speed/low-altitude release means that bombs aren't reliable without a 5 second delay. I'm not sure if this is accurate (e.g. for WWI)
  6. Ah yes! That is technically more correct! 😄
  7. Yes - I think the only fighter which uses the LCtl+B delay is the Fw-190A8... it is only used to control the spacing of bombs in a salvo. So, if one is doing a shallow dive in a Ju-88 one would have a larger spacing between the bombs as they are 'rippled' to ensure the SC250 bombs are spread evenly over a ship, but level bombing in a He-111 one would pick a closer sequence of bombs to ensure SC50 land close enough together etc.
  8. Well... my experience has been that I can fire straight through the airplane from any direction to kill the pilot. One can also often cause an engine to seize with a couple of shots (although it takes time before the engine stops - as there isn't a fire like one gets with other weapons, and the damage is to the pistons etc.) In my experience the AP rounds require a very precise aim (not really possible with the wing mounted Bk 3.7 of the Stuka) and are a bit less predictable in how much damage they do (as they don't light fires and do indirect damage the same way as HE
  9. One can use a 37mm AP (or even a high velocity Vya 23mm AP) to penetrate all the way through a bomber from behind and kill the pilot... it is a neat trick once one gets the hang of it. However, if one misses the pilot the round goes all the way through and out the other side with no effect. With the Tempest you might just have poked a hole in a fuel tank or through some of the wing near the fuel tank... there is no guarantee that a 37mm sized hole will do much (and a few milimetres of duraluminum sheeting will not deform a 37mm AP projectile enough to cause it to spread out).
  10. Well, ...now I'm feeling insufficient! Lure me to high altitude and I'll be your firecracker.
  11. First, one has at least 150 kg more mass in the engine (the equivalent of mounting a 250lb bomb under the nose). Second, one has a redesigned tail to try to compensate for that. Third, one has a significant jump in wing-loading (see diagram) So it really shouldn't be handling like earlier model spitfires. The distribution of mass is different (more spread out - which is bad for maneuverability and stability), it has a new tail, and the wing loading is higher. It should be slower to get the nose moving (lots of mass on a long moment arm), the nose
  12. I actually vaguely feel like I remember a story about that happening (Although I might be remembering the rather tragic mess that happened to the USS Liberty/AGTR-5 during the Six Day war). I do recall one incident of an annoyed Bomber Command aircraft (Lancaster or maybe a Halifax - but I think a Lanc) diving to low altitude and ordering the gunners to suppress a German anti-aircraft battery. Of course, that isn't firing on the same side - but still dramatic enough to be worth sharing I think. That'll be interesting to see - might justify some tweaks t
  13. Well... the Fw-190A3 is light and has a shorter nose - and was harmonized as an air-superiority fighter. Later Fw-190 designs had compromises to allow better functioning as a fighter-bomber, and had increased weight as changing requirements in terms of fuel, armour, armament, and engines... leading to them being a bit nastier and heavier on the controls. The Spitfire was originally light and had a shorter nose - and was harmonized as an air-superiority fighter... and as time went on it had larger engines installed, was equipped for changing requirements in terms of range, durabilit
  14. Ah! I see. If you aim at the spot the bomber is - it will have moved by the time your bullets reach it. Instead of aiming where the target is - you have to aim at the spot where the target will be by the time your bullets reach it. "Deflection shooting" In real life pilots had to learn through experience how to do deflection shooting (and watch where their tracer bullets fly/land). That is how I learned to do it - just watching where my bullets fly. The circle is giving you a hint as to where to aim - but it still isn't perfect. So I think it would be useful to watch w
  15. Ah okay, that makes sense! In that case @pocketshaver - I'd suggest turning off aiming assist, turning off the hud - and aiming just using your gun sight in the cockpit. It works really well.
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