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  1. Avimimus

    Murmansk 1942 theatre?

    IL-4 would really round out all threatres The Pe-3 was very active at Stalingrad... The I-153 might be usable at Moscow... So, yes. BV-138... would be pretty cool. I might like it even more than the Fw-189 (which is an aircraft I've waited decades for).
  2. Avimimus

    Are their any Canadians here?

    Message sent.
  3. Avimimus

    No credit for a Taran kill

    Yes. We should also see differences between 'claimed', 'confirmed' and 'actual' kills... We should also see partial or shared kills for the Commonwealth pilots... ...maybe in some future overhaul?
  4. We could also do with cargo pods and maybe some AI tweaks in the campaign (He-111 night fighter AI anyone)?!
  5. Avimimus

    Anthropomorphic Controls in BoS

    It might not be needed in CoD - but in FC it would be a real asset - pulling high gee turns while clearing a misfire? I don't think so!
  6. I'm actually quite curious about what realistic historic tactics are... it has been a long time since I read about them. I also had a lot of trouble getting bombs to detonate reliably (from any altitude) without setting the fusing to 5 seconds. I tried turning off the engine and gliding in at one point - but the engine wouldn't restart (not enough airspeed to spin the prop?). Is this correct? Did they only throttle down during attacks?
  7. Oh? I suspect I'd rather enjoy it (I've tried simulating a Fw-58 nightfighter and it was a blast). In real life the most effective night-fighter against the U-2 was the He-111 (with several aces). I made a poll about this a week ago: Please feel free to leave comments!
  8. Yeah, I QMB over some ships and... well similar experience. It is odd - the turret gun can be controlled actually - but the controls are flipped. You can't use the second seat if the pintle gun isn't equipped though, and the bombsight doesn't seem to be programmed. As for the next - they said they were looking at the Lisunov Li-2... (Fi-156 which you mentioned would be grand - but a Fw-189 would be more multi-role and has that glass bubble and MG81z defenses!) No just pistol flares (and no FC pistols). No parachute flares, air-ambulance pods, or cargo to be dropped unfortunately. It'd be nice if they included a cargo crate at least (or had a loadout where a paratrooper replaced the gunner)... it'd open up more missions.
  9. So, with the grenade bundle we're talking about something that would weight 4.2 kg (if it wasn't for the removal of the wooden handles), and which would have a 1.19kg explosive bursting charge. So, this puts it in the range of a PTAB 2.5 kg anti-tank bomb. It would lack the shaped charge, but would also produce more shrapnel. So, it would be more than enough to take out a machine gun nest, an artillery crew, or a truck! The re-purposed granatenwerfer bombs shown in some of the pictures are smaller (1.85kg with a 500g bursting charge). This makes it smaller than the preceding bomb - but about the same characteristics as a HE shell fired from a 50mm KwK 39 gun on the Panzer III. So, you should really not be describing either round as ineffective unless you believe that the Panzer III shouldn't be able to take out trucks.
  10. One can read some old discussions about bomb racks here: https://riseofflight.com/forum/topic/23737-halberstadt-clii-bombs/
  11. Avimimus

    Air-to-ground AI marksmanship and WWI

    Air-to-Ground gunnery is substantially easier than Anti-Aircraft gunnery. There are two major reasons for this: 1) Ground targets don't move (or if they do - it is very slowly compared to aircraft) 2) Impacts against the ground make ranging easier. Instead of bullets flying past the area of the target, they get stopped at approximately the correct range. Tracers vanish and puffs of smoke show the position of impacts at the approximate distance of the target. So one can "walk" the gunfire over to the target much more easily. (In contrast, it is often hard to tell the exact moment a tracer flies through the air past a target.) This has been known for years. In fact tests as early as 1912 have shown that it is easier to achieve accuracy firing at a ground target then firing at an air target. This is obviously less of an issue for the WWII simulators. The main loser is the He-111H6 with its two forward firing 20mm Mg-FF guns being ineffective in their suppression and trainbusting roles. However, for WWI aircraft the role of the gunner in strafing ground targets is a major part of their offensive capability! In Rise of Flight I made a mod changing the front gunners of aircraft to have custom AI settings, and tweaking gunner AI overall to improve their effectiveness against ground targets. But in Flying Circus I suspect this should be addressed by the developers.
  12. I've been trying to use these. Initially I thought they had to be dropped from high altitude to allow them to spin forward (when we only had the Spad). I then thought that they had a fusing delay when using the Camel. But recently I seemed to manage to drop the bomb and have it go off under my Camel when on the runway... and it damaged the plane... but not seriously. Is this historically accurate or am I doing something wrong or is this a mistake in the modelling? In Rise of Flight I suspected bombs were overmodelled - now I suspect the opposite. Overall I've found ground attack in Flying Circus to be really lack-luster. I've tried shooting up the tires of vehicles and after four good runs they are still moving. That could partly be due to poor marksmanship, but it could also be due to have a damage model calibrated for WWII. P.S. I had a mod for hand dropping individual PTABs one at a time from the U-2 in Il-2... with a fusing delay which required scoring nearly direct hits... so I'm not afraid of trying to be extremely accurate with extremely small bombs - but I want to know if a direct hit will do anything before I put in the effort! Also, if there is a fusing height issue!
  13. The Halberstadt Cl.II is going to have its 3d model reworked for Flying Circus volume 1... this is a chance to implement a few tweaks: 1) Many Halberstadt Cl.II's were fitted with only one forward firing machine gun. It seems that the second gun was fairly rare and when it was provided it seems it was often removed to reduce weight. This single fixed forward firing gun load-out was the most common historically and should be a realistic option. 2) Halberstadt Cl.IIs regularly employed gunner dropped bombs and grenade bundles: The ability to use hand dropped bombs is important (especially for early war aircraft) The code already exists to assign the gunner a task (during which they abandon using the gun)... for instance look at how reloading the Bk.37 works on the Bf-110 currently! With the animation reworks for WWI pilot models, adding animations for hand dropped bombs may even be possible currently So, should these things be done?
  14. I'm having no trouble shooting down multiple aircraft, and wing spar failures still happen at plausible rates. I kindof miss 37mm AP rounds penetrating from the back of the aircraft through to the front though! I'm noticing the 0.50 cals cut flaps and control surfaces off of He-111s really quickly though (could be a bug).
  15. Avimimus

    How is the Yak/Lagg more durable than the P-47?

    Just a note: U.S. pilots were comparing the P-47's durability with the P-51... so this is more a discussion for analysis of photos, structural drawings and physics (as people have been doing) - but not stereotypes or anecdotal inferences (since U.S. pilots didn't fly LaGGs).