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  1. The picture with the Mk-103 is a test aircraft? Or an aircraft operating in Norway? Do say - whenever I see an image like that I get my hopes up about the Mk-103 being included (so we don't just have it on the Hs-129)!
  2. I kind-of hope it is developer video diaries as part of an overall push with some marketing consultant to conduct more extensive advertising... hoping that if market share grows so that we might get an IAR-81 and some AI aircraft... one can dream
  3. I don't know... teasing the diary is teasing any announcements in it. Also, it'd make sense if they are monthly (or even quarterly) to have them at the turning of the month...
  4. Change in velocity over distance? But so many things in the Sim have that... and they've refined those equations for ballistic before...
  5. British Ju-86? Never thought I'd see it, not really a priority, but I'll take it.
  6. I don't know - I think it is absolute justified given what we put them through... and we should admit it...
  7. I'd personally prefer the G-1 (with 4x20mm Hispano and 2xBrownings). There is also the British versions of the Havoc (e.g. Boston III) which are very suitable for the Normandy map. That said, a Wellington is somewhat slower and would make a great AI aircraft the the Ju-88C could actually catch (e.g. in coastal patrol duties)
  8. Now that is actually a plausibility
  9. The Hs-123 was use on three of our Eastern European theatres, the I-153 on at least two of them, the IAR-81 on two of them... all would make interesting additions - I'd probably prioritise the Fw-189, I-153, and IAR-81 ahead of the Hs-123 though... That said - it would make an interesting AI aircraft.
  10. It is like the Morse Code Normandy announcement, except I doubt it could be as spectacular. I do like use being thrown into a frenzy though... it is like someone tossing bread crumbs or gravel off a bridge - and we're the fish busy trying to grab and digest it.
  11. Wow! Interdiction against rail yards in Normandy?! ...with gradual improvements to the Rhineland map! I'd thought they'd have their hands full and any improvements to that map would have to come in a few years (as part of an anniversary edition or something) if at all.! The detail of the city also bodes well for Dieppe being detailed (enough for us to simulate the Dieppe landings - something of considerable meaning for Canadians)!
  12. I'm pretty sure we'll just get the one cockpit... the bubble canopy was reduced very late apparently (and saw almost no air combat). I suspect the only aircraft with multiple cockpits will be the P-51 (Malcolm Hood option). IMHO, the aircraft that would most benefit from a second canopy option would be the Typhoon - as it would represent early production and allow its use in missions set at earlier dates (whereas currently it would be inaccurate to use it at an earlier time - whereas non-bubble canopy Spits XIV were used until the end of the war).
  13. Yeah, I'm in this same camp as well... Obviously there are objections to the He-219 (would require modelling radars / night combat) and the He-177 (already debated)... But generally speaking, providing aircraft or roles (e.g. recon) which we haven't experienced in past sims is great for attracting players who have been flying sims for >20 years. They are also good for completing the historical plane-set (e.g. Hs-123 appeared in all of our current Eastern European modules). On the other hand, new players might be more attracted by a Go-229 or BvP-215 (I know I was attracted to s
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