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  1. I'm not too sure how the bundle works... but here is the updated file/name. Its still a fictional skin, so only download if you want. I'm happy with it for now. I just like having something different then default. Name: Z_Spad13_Stumble_Kiwi Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/n0ha411j6waho6p/Z_Spad13_Stumble_Kiwi.dds/file S! PS cheers Paul for the bundle. You're doing an awesome job!
  2. Now that you mention that... I went to this air show (not ww2) in Canberra back in 2012. And now I'm starting to remember that apparently we had missed a WW2 air display only a few days earlier. I wonder if that was linked with Sir Peter Jackson, or something completely different.
  3. Well, for someone who's flown replica ww1 planes before, flight sims must be quite boring. Still tho, it would be awesome!
  4. I met this guy in RoF the other week who said he used to work for the airshows where he was apart of the ground crew moving planes around and whatnot. That was a few years ago however, and he said he never actually met Peter Jackson. I wonder how involved Peter Jackson really is with it. I still do think this is an awesome idea! I'm sure he has enough spare time for an additional project
  5. So whats that takeaway from today concerning the new DM. I haven't even gotten around to downloading the update, let alone make it to the fly in today.
  6. Why arn't you using the Arras map for Zoo wings?
  7. Ok I better shut up. 27inch is perfectly fine lol. And you're right about a wing man. Maybe I will someday jump on comms.... we'll see
  8. I thought of it the same as @J5_Baeumer. I thought we were more looking for a ratio of how much stronger we want the DM to be. I'm not sure if I miss read it, or my own subconscious ignorance I still find it so weird that some people don't feel much of a change since the new DM was introduced... where as other people now consider the game to be broken. Is it a result of different fighting styles?
  9. I've been flying with a 49inch 4k screen for the last little while... now I'm back on a 27inch 1080p. Its so much harder to spot now. I'm forever seeing flak, then maybe a glimpse of a plane, and then they just disappear. Next minute they're on my six. I'd like to say that's one reason my virtual pilots never last long, but I don't think that's the case unfortunately I'll get there!
  10. One problem... Zoowings will be right at the bottom of the server list. Hopefully enough people see it lol
  11. Hello! For the last few years I've been using the pedals from a Logitech Formula Force GP steering wheel as rudder pedals. They've worked pretty good, even though they are quite old and glitch out occasionally. I do also have a G27, but the reason I never used that was because the clutch/throttle pedals weren't on the same axis (The throttle and brake pedals are, but the brake is much too stiff!!!). This meant it wouldn't work, since IL2 recognizes each pedal as a different axis, so I cant choose to have clutch for left, and throttle for right. Recently I've been told a
  12. Does anyone know of any very good documentaries worth watching? As much as I like Flyboys and the Red Baron, I would prefer something somewhat more historically accurate! S!
  13. Yes you're, I got the times backwards opps. Since the lockdown I've been able to fly a bit more during the day... but normally I only ever fly at night! I'll try get on Zooropas server at night some time. And i'll see you there hopefully! I've been having problems with my controls for some reason. I wonder if it was from an update or something...
  14. Yup sure is tricky! Even after a few years of RoF and this... I'm still getting shot down left right and centre lol. Recently I feel like I have been getting a little better. The other week at a Thursday night fly in I managed to get 2 kills and make it home alive (Barely). But then I went up again and got taken out before I could blink haha. This is all in the Flugpark server. Its good fun!! Since the lockdown I've managed to make it to the Thursday Night Fly-ins (My Friday 1:30pm). That'll be something like 3:30pm for you right? Its a little better then the time I have to deal wi
  15. Lol I've been flying entente recently. I'm finally getting somewhere in this spad!!! I had a good little fight the other day. I found that I was actually doing things right, and not messing up every chance I had lol. But I'll still fly central.... I'm not sure which I prefer yet.
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