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  1. Stumble


    I really don't want to be making another thread here... we can delete it after i find an answer. I have CS6 Photoshop, and i installed the NVIDIA DDS Utilities thing, however Photoshop doesn't recognize it. What have I done wrong here?
  2. Got a quick question... where do I get the skin templates from? Specifically the spad. S!
  3. Ohh yes I like that idea Hellcat... I don't know much about skins, but what else could I add which would spice it up but still be subtle?
  4. Mhmmm perhaps a Spad or Camel... I mean if you don't spending your time on it, thanks a lot!! Otherwise I could learn how to do it myself. Are there any tutorials you can link me to? S!
  5. Maybe I just need to give Open Track another go... If you could share the config that would be great thanks Also, the the config within the game itself too. And anytime, I'm off to bed now anyways so no rush. Thanks for the help! S!
  6. First off, yes I'm cheap. And no, I wont bring myself to get Track IR or VR when my homemade system works perfectly fine. Yeah this way of seeing things might be a flaw of mine, but we just have to live with that I have a 3 point cap head tracker using IR lights and a PS3 eye camera. I use FaceTrackNoIR with the free track plugin. This worked perfectly fine on RoF and the majority of other games (Euro Truck Sim, Project cars, iRacing, Dirt Rally etc). However, it does not work so well with any BoX game. I cant look down at my instruments without the whole game going crazy, then locking me into a backwards facing view even though all my settings seem to be right. I also cant look up more then about 60 degrees, but this is a separate problem discussed here: I then tried Open Track, but I really don't like the UI and it's very hard to set it up right. That's what I think at least, because i never managed to get it to work any good. As you can expect, this is very very frustrating. Especially since a big part of flying in these WW1 kites is looking around you to see the full picture of whats going on. Basically, I want to know if and what you guys are using, and perhaps the settings you run. I might steal em and see if it helps. S! Stumble
  7. Any advice to help me spot and ID on a 1080p 27 inch monitor? Yes i know, I'm cheap S!
  8. Hi everyone, I once tinkered with making skins for RoF... but either its very hard or I need a lot more practice using Gimp (Perhaps both). If there is any super keen skinner out there, I challenge you to replace the roundels with kiwis... like this: I think this would look awesome and set me apart from all you foreigners out there. No offense, but I'm a very proud kiwi Thanks everyone! Salute! Stumble.
  9. You are treading on very thin ice here @J28w-Broccoli. Comparing me with an Aussie.... Nah hahaha. Yes, I'm from kiwi land so my kiwi dollar is a little bit higher then yours. But neverless, I don't think it's all that fair if we were to be charged extra for additional planes, when we're already charged an extortionate rate for the base game. I do want to add however, I think the half price discount is a much more reasonable price. And I understand that the devs have full control, and can do whatever they want. It just means poor buggers like me get a little angry lol S! Stumble!
  10. Yeah that makes sense... Charge us $120 for the base game, then charge us extra for each update. And most of these planes we have already owned in RoF, just a less updated version... S!
  11. Thanks, will be great flying with you soon!! S! PS I'm not even sure what to call you anymore since you've changed your name so many times lol.
  12. Unfortunately, I hesitated to spend a mere $60 on Flying Circus... I don't think ill be able to get a VR running anytime soon lol. I only have a GTX 1060 6gb, and a ryzen 5 Cpu but it seems to run it without too much hassle. So I finally gave it a go yesterday, and I wasn't all that impressed. That is mainly due to the fact that I very very much dislike the BoX system. Im having few problems with my head tracker... I need to properly set it up, and figure out how to fix this bug where I can't look up and down proper. It's a similar issue I had in BoS, but it looks like @J2_Bidu found a solution to that. So I need to try that out. Also, my snap views aren't saving... For some reason I had to re set them every time! I had this same issue in BoS. It seems to run pretty good on high (not ultra) graphics with V-Sync on, and the graphics do look pretty mint! I haven't actually flown in RoF for a while, but I think it looks a little better then that. Basically I'm just waiting untill I find time to set it all up properly, then find myself a nice server to play on. It'll be good to see all the chaps from RoF again! S! Stumble.
  13. I'm not running VR, and it seems like that is the main attraction with this game. But my trusty DIY head tracking should suffice. See you in the skys... (it does always hurt to see $60 empty out of my account, no matter what its for :)) S!
  14. Yes. I very much hope for that as well! Yup, I think you just convinced me to finally get it. I hope I don't regret this lol S!
  15. The half price also must've brought a few more chaps over. I don't want to start anything up, but it really seems like lowering the price permanently would be very beneficial. Unless they have some genius marketing scheme I wouldn't know ... S!
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