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  1. airking

    The Global War

    Well, if the engine warm-up is a war, then I definitely can not realize it. Just think about what a real war is and what it is. And as for the number of files that need to be edited, it's not scary, believe me Yes, even in the wars of the old IL-2 there was not what I suggest. Just look at the items that are 100% possible. There are also some interesting points, which are too early to talk about, but they will be, in one form or another.
  2. airking

    The Global War

    Yes. I'm sure that you have not tried the war, which is as close to real.
  3. airking

    The Global War

    So, I decided, after all, to ask - is I the one who wants war or still, we have so many? A little bit about the global war: 1) .24 hours a day. 2). Moving LF, depending on the success of one side or the other. 3). The possibility of encircling enemy troops. 4). Limited resources (especially among units in the environment, the availability of which depends on the stability of supply, and the stability of supply depends on how the opponents will fight. 5). The ability to participate in the global war is not only different servers (including co-op), but also players who play offline. 6). Influence on the alignment in the war of all the participants, both tankmen and pilots, both playing offline and playing online, both with and without markers. 7). Global statistics. And this is not the whole list of possibilities. And please do not think about what is fantastic and what is not. Only yes, I would play it or not, it's not interesting at all. For those who are not interested, it is desirable to unsubscribe why it is not interesting. And most importantly, people's ancient Roman wisdom: "Anyone who wants war - it will certainly get it! Also, I apologize for the translation. For me, English is not native. A Google-translator, can distort the meaning of the written. Therefore, it will be hard for me to answer your questions.
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