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  1. So I tried P-38 for the first time yesterday and what a surprise and joy it was. I personally regard it as capable in air combat as P-51. But the detail I love, which makes this aircraft so immersive – kudos to Jason and team, are the sounds. From the turbos, starting to whistle around 7000 feet, to the rumbling sound of the propellers when you go above 200 MpH, which is pronounced due to the fact, that the cockpit is being close to the propellers discs. Simply beautiful :).
  2. Do you remember that Jane's WWII Fighters hangar and its atmosphere? With the contemporary music, aircraft encyclopedia with opened cowlings, cockpits? And parts of the interviews with the Aces :)? I believe that at least full BoBP version would deserve something similar.
  3. Addition of proper cockpits shadowing + improved FM = almost reaching the status of prefect product, by completion of version 2.012. Thank you for your dedication Jason and team. Long live il2 brand. O.
  4. When I see all those shadows casted by the 3D elements in that cockpit - from the levers, gun-sight etc. - I wonder if we are ever going to see them in the game engine. It looks weird and out of place in otherwise beautiful graphical representation of the simulated world, when your eyes expect part of the dashboard covered by the shadow, but its not there. O.
  5. Sorry if this was posted elsewhere, but I think the video deserves attention : O.
  6. I do not know what to think about this all. If I was a test pilot of 190 prototype with front visibility as presented in BOS, I would suggest to the engineers to return back to the drawing boards. For example, one can look at this https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HESIq6g1ODo, at the mark 8:20, and then shake his head in disbelief. O.
  7. This is torture for me. More than year ago, I have stopped with flying (il2 1946) after decade and sold my PC just to restart my life.... Now I am, and I feel like, the smoker, who quit 14 days ago, standing in front of the crossroads newsstand. O.
  8. Je to pěkné..... Just like Hamlet, staring at the monitor, I keep thinking to my self: " To buy, or not to buy, ... that is the question." O.
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