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  1. After pasting the skins, you will find them in the game through this way. Watch at 0:57secs Afetre
  2. You only need to copy the skins inside the right plane folder. You will find the folders for all planes through this way:
  3. I developed the skin Franz Stigler's Bf 109 G6 used in that encounter with Charlie Brown's B-17
  4. Cool! I developed the skin Franz Stigler used in that encounter:
  5. Is this the font you're looking for?
  6. The problem adding an emblem over the flatten template (dds file) is that you paste it over the smoke exhaust, dirt and other weathering details.... when the correct way would be pasting it under these elements. Curiously, I see no Alpha Channel in that Tempest dds image. How come?
  7. What aircraft do you want to customize? Send me the images and explain what you want in the skin then I'll make it for you.
  8. Hi dog1 You have to darken the decals and other plane parts that don't take part of the bare metal fuselage Here is the final result
  9. LOL yeah I was addicted to Transformers in my childhood I use this nick since I used to fly the F-15C in Lock On (LOMAC), nowadays known as DCS
  10. I used to get 190 FPS in the open sky, around 135 FPS with cloudered weather. But nowadays I lock the FPS in 60, because we are in summer and I don't like to see my machine burning hot...
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