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  1. Are my new custom photos appropriate?
  2. Hey OREL_Shifty, I tryed the first two skins. Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/6pomccss474op91/SpitfireMkIXe_Czechoslovak_Sqdn_Part_1.rar/file Spitfire LF Mk.IXc, MJ449, F/Lt František Truhlář, No. 312 Sqdn, základna Appledram, červen 1944 Spitfire HF Mk.IXc, ML171, W/Cdr Tomáš Vybíral, No. 312 Sqdn, základna North Weald, září 1944
  3. This is the MJ271, wich became The Silver Spitfire: https://www.silverspitfire.com/about/spitfire-history/ I've done his silver bare metal skin in the other topic:
  4. This topic complements the issue about Alpha Channel
  5. Orel_Shifty, send me the scheme you want, and I make it
  6. This is a demo of my FAB bare metal skin, avaliable for download in the P-47 link: Thanks to Luzitano for the video!!
  7. The Alpha.psd is only to make your skin shiny or opaque. So, it's reccomended that you copy all emblems and parts that shall not shine to the Alpha and paint them darker... merge all layers and copy it to your main file, in this case, the P-47D-28_4k_Public.psd Alright, you did it! Nice skin!
  8. For aditional info about how to work with Alpha Channel, follow this post: Exactly
  9. I think you forgot to copy the markings on the nose and stripes to the Alpha Channel. Make it and, on the Alpha Channel, paint them darker. It will work.
  10. You did a beautiful job, congrats!
  11. Hey DD Snacko, this topic will help you:
  12. Because I use a notebook to manage the skins that doesn't support 4k templates... it crashes... I didn't install GIMP on the PC I use to fly cause I only use it for my sims... And the notebook gives me mobilty... I can manage the skins while I'm out of home... Anyway, I'm happy you liked it... For the Silver Spitfire I know it served on 118, 132 RAF and 401 RCAF squadrons. I'm searching for the letter codes that MJ271 used on these squadrons, because I want to develop the skins. I know that 118 used NK, 132 used FF, and 401 used YO, but I need to find the particular letter in each sqn.
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