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  1. so as i thought and according to what Jason said we will wait a little bit "All I can say is I hope we can spend time on things like netcode after Bodenplatte is completed."
  2. You have link in first post http://www.knightsoftheair.eu/en/
  3. I really enjoyed playing yesterday. Spawn between hangars, distance and size of the targets are really cool. I only hope this is not reason why it was a little bit laggy Maybe you can separate fighters and fighter-bombers because few Bf109 with 250 kg bomb and cannons can destroy whole airfield very quick. The number of jagdbombers should be less.
  4. Of course it's your server so if i want to play on it i have to respect your rules, no worries
  5. I know my value so if random guy insult me it his problem not mine my point is: european server = one universal language
  6. If someone insult me in german, hungarian or russian i will not know because i don't know those languages imo chat should be in one language. Of course it's no big deal for me and i will check your server anyway.
  7. "Server Rules are : Speak English, German or Hungarian in the common chat." is nonsense because for me and i guess most of the people Russian, Hungarian or German are incomprehensible languages so anyone can insult me in Hungarian or Russian and it will be same thing. Imo you should use only one universal language like English.
  8. Hello -=NT=-Baur i've sent you an email from smm......@gmail.com Cheers
  9. Few months ago it was same situation in War Thunder because people bought planes or something at Kinguin or G2A and it turned out that these keys acquired illegally by the seller. I don't know, you have to contact with your seller.
  10. You received this message because you probably bought BOM at Kinguin or G2A so you don't have warranty where the key come from, they can be stolen or bought by stolen credit card.
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