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  1. Because many people was asked about new manual i want to notice in separate post that manual is updated thanks to @=/Hospiz/=Metalhead. Please let me know if you see something outdated or missing. Also i would like to encourage you to try SRS
  2. New manual is almost ready. It will be released soon.
  3. so much discussion now and there is not even Me262 yet ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. To give you time to prepare we want to inform you that technochat and injectors on TAW will be off. I don't know when new campaign will start. This can be useful.
  5. It is in manual. Each side on each map has limits of lost aircraft, pilots, tanks and trucks visible on the main TAW page. if aircraft or pilot limit is exceeded then current map is lost if tank limit is exceeded then tank convoys are not generated if truck limit is exceeded then supply convoys are reduced by half in number of vehicles.
  6. Have you ever been on TAW TS at least one time? I don't think so...
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