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  1. TacView Record is off now on the server.
  2. Is updating right now so it should be soon.
  3. I've never played red side planes but i will try it. Thanks
  4. You can do the same if you learn how to shoot good instead of crashing on enemy hangars like yesterday.
  5. I vote to restart the campaign anytime when something is wrong or someone is unhappy with the result
  6. Is not up to me. You talked about bugs so i just wanted to know what bugs exactly, that's all. On map 8 you will have same situation but reversed.
  7. Yes i understand you but all issues are happening during the campaign and it takes time (and campaigns) to test and improve everything.
  8. Because server crashed after that mission but you wrote "ships" so you knew about it. Maybe yes but it's Axis offensive. You can't predict everything.
  9. Still it is not a bug. No one expected that front line will move so fast in one day. This is how map started: It's not a problem now? Isn't it? Ships and warehouses have constant spawn places, not dynamic.
  10. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but still it is not a bug
  11. Ok but it doesn't mean that is because of bug.
  12. We can do nothing with that. Everything is in the script. I don't remember exactly but if you have two or more disconnections in short time the airplane is ditched or something.
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