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  1. Well, at least SB1000/410 - looks like a good alternative, as by exception from civil defence pamphlet - "Parachutes found..." - seems it was deployed by someone and found somewhere
  2. well - there is a lot of variants listed, but seems not much of them where used (at least operational), and all of them was internal of 250, 500 and 1000kg. PS: early 410`s had external racks for 4x50 - but it was soon dropped from use (if it ever was used operationally).
  3. You mean SB?, not SD (SD only existed was SD500 and then SD1400)
  4. Nice find! Next one - is to find any pictures of how it looked like, maybe like an LMB mine parachute?
  5. Does anybody have any information about SC1000 use on Me-410? The most interest is - what kind of tail it had? There is a only photo of 410 with SC1000 in the bombbay with doors half closed - but its not visible what kind of tail SC1000 had - as it wont fit by length with its original tail. A very few notes in literature about it which i have found. From Me-210 / 410 Zerstorer Units. Robert Forsyth. [Osprey combat aircraft 131] p.75: "March also saw KG 51 carry out several raids on London, but on the night of 27th-28th the target was t
  6. Hi! Thank s for the note! will contact him.
  7. Just to compare it on visual example, here is a video (only problem - its on russian - but i will drop cuts with timeline). Firing are with DShK 12,7 with 12,7x108 (same ammunition used on UB). Example of MDZ (HEI) effect on 200L barrels - kinda close to airplane skin: - just look what it does with barrel skin. And here, in the same video - BZT (API) on the barrels: - much less damage on skin.
  8. Yup, thats definitely a British gyro installation (two additional vertical supports are visible, and british type throttle for gyro). By the photos i have - American type K14 installation is a bit simpler (same way as on P-51D).
  9. dunno about unit, but answer about date is probably within the job that technician working on.
  10. Not sure about that - but frontline photos indicate that these hatches where left opened:
  11. Some of em had it, some of em didnt (dunno why):
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