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  1. What is the name on the left engine?
  2. Where did you get information about 1000 kg bombload? As i havent seen such. (even techdocs states about 500kg max load). PS: btw - some combat units had two upper canons installed back (with removal of some armor) - and we well have this feature as well
  3. Its not possible to fit handle on throttle - just due to its construction, and actually there is no photos of cockpit internals available with EZ42 installed, only this one (external) and the only available photo with possible "idea" how its maybe looked like - is this one: so if you check dev diary screenshots more closely - there is an additional lever on the edge of the left bank.
  4. Hanbuch about armament description states that its should be that way, i think its cause lack of details and ways of simplification of things closer to war end.
  5. There was some in dev update 207, or you mean smh else?
  6. its a speed limits vs altitude (taken from available photos of D-9/13 cockpit)
  7. Maybe, but no promises, it depends on time. Thanks! Happy New Year everyone!
  8. Yes, its gonna be optional. Revi 16B is by default. PS: as well as two versions of canopyes - flat one and bulged.
  9. wheel wells and engine internals - are zinc chromate, but the wheel covers - are dull dark green.
  10. PS: its curtiss "paddle blade" prop on D-28.
  11. its gonna be an option for Me-262A-1a/Jabo - with two or one rack for 2x250 or one 500kg bombs, as well as w/o racks - as a "clear" fighter (A-1a) with optional R4M`s its cause cockpit animations are WIP - and gyro handle for throttle aint visible (default handle on screenshots) - so its meant that when Gyro gunsight installed - water injection switch from default throttle (which one is on the top oh handle when regular gunsight installed) - are moved from throttle - just like N model had - as we just didnt have any photos/info about what happened with water injection switch - when it was a retro-fitted gyro sight for old airplanes.
  12. So, updated Mk.IX model is in the latest game update - check it out
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