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  1. Just to compare it on visual example, here is a video (only problem - its on russian - but i will drop cuts with timeline). Firing are with DShK 12,7 with 12,7x108 (same ammunition used on UB). Example of MDZ (HEI) effect on 200L barrels - kinda close to airplane skin: - just look what it does with barrel skin. And here, in the same video - BZT (API) on the barrels: - much less damage on skin.
  2. Yup, thats definitely a British gyro installation (two additional vertical supports are visible, and british type throttle for gyro). By the photos i have - American type K14 installation is a bit simpler (same way as on P-51D).
  3. dunno about unit, but answer about date is probably within the job that technician working on.
  4. Not sure about that - but frontline photos indicate that these hatches where left opened:
  5. Some of em had it, some of em didnt (dunno why):
  6. different block models used different instruments, D model (up to D-25) used this type as our D-22 had, here is example:
  7. they are, thats in context of "B-10 replica colour"
  8. as i wrote before - its better to check photos, where pinks - are of very light shade, and it seems that in combat - most of pilots preferred just an OD wool pants (maybe it was warmer, maybe more usefull - as light pants can get dirty versy fast? dunno), heres a couple of examples where pinks and OD pants visible to compare their shade: soldiers in OD at left, officer in pinks at right: top - pinnks, bottom - OD: here how pinks looks in colour (a very light shade) compared to OD top: and the colour example of
  9. yes its B-10 jacket PS: our "summer early" uses A2, so B-10 for "early winter" for variety these are enlisted wool pants, not pinks, much of the photos show pants are of the dark shade.
  10. no - missed it, thanks! now there is somethin about it. but - first report seems like some of very first tests with 6153-12 blades (of Apr 1942), as the next one about 6519A-12 blades had a conclusion that these props are "best combination which had been tested to date" - but infos is all about governor work, not about airplane performance...
  11. Does anyone have any information on FB.Mk.VI performance with Hamilton Standard propeller ("Paddle Blade") installed?
  12. We are working on it. No - tracks not needed at the moment.
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