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  1. btw - it would be good to gather information about italian pilots uniforms/equipment and such things, lets say in this form section - so when we will be ready for this - to make all things correct
  2. It seems like its not been used by combat units, as its the only photo that i have seen, and its full-size caption + text description points out that its a photo of experimental installation. Also, its doubdfull that canopy windshield construction (with central vertical strut) will allow its acceptable use.
  3. Ya welcome! Have Fun and Clear skies!
  4. that is a quote from "Typhoon Wings of 2nd TAF 1943-45. Osprey combat aircraft 86" p.15 "As related earlier, the first production aircraft with four-bladed propellers could not be issued due to problems with their oil seals. Suitable replacements were located in the USA, but they were not immediately available. Numbers of airframes held by Maintenance Command steadily rose as a solution was sought. It was possible to fit Typhoons with the large (Tempest) tailplane with a three-bladed propeller, but compensating lead weights had to be added to allayvibration, and this remedy was only effective above 2600 rpm (the Sabre was a high-revving engine, cruising at 3150 rpm, with a maximum of 3700 rpm). Nevertheless, the demand to get these aircraft into use was such that more than 200 Typhoons were fitted with this interim measure." as well as there is a plenty of 3x bladers with large tailplane photos available - even during late war stages (actually its very hard to spot differece of early stab and large stab - but when photo quality/photo position is good - its possible), as example: before D-Day (May 1944): Eindhoven AF January 1945:
  5. Hi All! Starting to grab any kind of information about its performance and anything related to it. Is there any reports about 3-x vs 4-x bladed airplanes? Anything about engines used? Some sourses state that Sabre IIb was installed sometimes? Anything about +11lb boost?
  6. "acceptable"? so used opreationally during WWII - but MTO only?
  7. Does anyone have any kind of information on this type of RP installations? (on picture below). Are these ever used operationally during WWII?
  8. old one discussion about it is here and as we already plan to have it for Normandy - please post anything interesting about it here. And the first question - it seems that XIV`s didnt used any external storages except only "slipper" fuel tanks (ive already seen 45 and 90 gal tanks fitted photos) before VE day - does anyone have anything more to say about this subject?
  9. hmm, thats strange - as i just did a small test mission with it [FORMATION_SPEED_TEST_6x_var.alt.zip] - and all seems ~ok (at least in this case - 6x planes group with bombs in formation - altitude varies from 1000 to 2000m, target speed on waypount is 450). Pls next time when youll encounter the problem you noted - PM me a track file with it (dont forget to include both .trk file and track folder in archive - and make short recording of exactly this issue - if possible). Thanks!
  10. found the problem - will be fixed in closest hotfix.
  11. it can be the problem/or one of the problems. you mean speed showed on speedbar/or on map/or target speed in mission waypoint?
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