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  1. Hope this is the correct forum regarding headtracking. I use Delanclip with Opentrack. For a time, I found Opentrack very prone to crashes, until I realised that it was only a particular action that made it crash, which was the tracking on/off toggle. Particularly, quickly toggling tracking on/off twice or more in a row. I'm referring to the on/off toggle that's built into opentrack. It seems the on/off toggle involves some interprocess communication, and at least on my system, happens with a bit of delay. So doing that repeatedly quickly really seems to catch opentrack off guard. Aside from that, I found that using that feature at all (not repeatedly fast), involves some risk of opentrack crashing. I usually want it off to facilitate aiming at ground targets, when it crashes at that moment, a distracting crash dialog appears which steals focus from IL-2. Because of that, I stopped using the toggle, but I'd like to have it back. As far as I know, there is no such keybinding in IL-2 BoX ... Or did I overlook something? I think it would be preferrable to be able to turn head tracking on/off from within IL-2, which presumably wouldn't involve such a delay.
  2. I wonder if something can be done (server side? or in game config?) with regards to the effect of explosions on ping. For quite a while, I hadn't understood the connection there, and when I saw player x has ping over limit , and then saw them kicked off the server, I wodered what sort of crappy internet connection those poor players must have. Until I flew an attack mission, blew up some stationary aircraft on an airfield, and was kicked off with ping over limit. I realised that the explosion rendering, or maybe the collision calculations, but certainly in some way the explosions, were degrading my ping latency. Today I went on a few tank missions on Action Dogfight and Tanks, and repeatedly some AC fired a combination of machinegun and small bombs or maybe rockets at me, which had no real chance of hurting my tank, but the explosions all around me got me kicked from the server with bad ping. This happened repeatedly, so that I began to suspect the pilot had realised he could get me kicked this way. So I'm wondering, can anything be done about this. If I have a choice, I would prioritise not getting thrown off the server, over beatifully rendered explosions.
  3. Where's my sunroof? From the tank gunner position, alt-C would open the hatch for riding cabrio in summer. New key combination for that?
  4. Yup, it happened to me another time, even though now I try to remember to lock the g.p., I forget. Now that I know about the interface, I found that I was able to evict the surprise guest. But that's no help when it happens at a bad moment.
  5. Sorry to reanimate an ancient thread, but this was the closest I could find to what I searched. I've not flown in bomber yet, but went in tanks a number of times. Since I wasn't in a bomber, I thought I could safely ignore the whole players-manning-gunner-positions topic. Just now I saw the "lock gunner stations" command exists in the tanks as well. Is this the explanation for some weird situations I had where I was suddenly ejected from the gunner station and couldn't get it back, leading me to think the "gunner" had unexplicably died. Some minutes later I was able to get back into the gunner position, and was left wondering whether this was trying to simulate a gunner who had passed out? On other occasions I ended up thinking the tank was now useless and aborted the mission. Later I thought it could be a bug, but now it seems more likely that someone had jumped in. Would I get some kind of notification if that happens?
  6. Thanks Faucon, I'll use the website from now on. Very interesting details!
  7. It's not happened to me in more than a week, and I was in some quite busy spots. I think they fixed something.
  8. A few times, I've been shot down (smoking engine, jumped out), clear from various indications that it was a plane that shot me down, and not flak, and there was no attribution of the kill. I've been wondering if this is a sure sign of having been teamkilled. There was always a message, so-and-so got a penalty for firing at a friedly, but these are frequent on a large map (WoL). It may seem petty to want to know this, but knowing this I believe helps me improve my flying, also would give me a better impression of exactly how much teamkilling is going on. My understanding is, if my plane wasn't damaged before (usually it wasnt), and my plane is destroyed, if I was shot down by an enemy plane, the kill should be attributed. Correct?
  9. To wrap this thread up. After changing my settings, this happened again a number of times, and then stopped (so far). In the meantime, on one occasion, I met a genuine warper, who's internet connection was known bad (latency), and the effect was distinctly different. Jumping in space much more frequently, and smaller distances. Since the low frequency jumping I had observed mainly occured on WoL, on a few occasions, typically in a high-plane-density area, it seems to me it was a server side issue that they've since fixed. Maybe it had to do with the rollout of the new version.
  10. While I've not had many crashes, I've suddenly lost connection to a server, and I've experienced many situations where the updating of plane locations becomes laggy, in a multi-second sort of way (planes jump), on highly loaded servers, where many planes are close together. I believe this is a problem with the servers, not coping with the load? I'm surprised such issues exist today. When I stopped flying on Warbirds about 15 years ago, such issues had been nearly (not entirely) solved. There must be some unnecessary bottlenecks in the multiplayer code. Or maybe the server is wayyyyy too slow for the number of players it hosts? I would agree that disconnecters shouldn't be harshly punished until such problems in the code are sorted out, but once they are sorted out, I would suggest this: The plane of a player who disconnects could be set to fly on in the multiplayer space (I realize this is tricky to do, since the sim runs on the client), maybe in a way that autopilot takes over, for a number of seconds. That would give the persuer a good chance of shooting the disconnector down.
  11. Yup, I get 16.00 Mb/s more or less from different speed test servers. I'll set my DL to 4 and try that for a while.
  12. Thanks AeroAce, will take a look at that now!
  13. Hi All, I'm fairly new to IL-2 BoX, so I'm not entirely familiar with the language conventions regarding, what you could call, planes, jumping around in space. I flew a lot around early 2000-ish, in Warbirds, and back then, there was a thing called "warping". I now see some comments on the radio about "lag" and "lagging", and also "stutter", which may be the same thing, or something quite different. I also see many server messages "player soandso disconnected due to bad ping" or similar. Way back in Warbirds, you could fairly well recognize a warper, the plane jumped about in space, repeatedly, the frequency of the jumping was fairly high, maybe every second or so, but the displacement, correspondingly, wasn't very great. I haven't seen this *type* of warping in IL-2. What I experience in IL-2, fairly often, is that planes jump around in space, at a much lower frequency, but much farther, and in those intervals where they are NOT jumping, they look perfectly normal, moving smoothly. Just now I was on WOL, Crymea copy, took off, grabbing alt, looking around and behind me in the usual paranoid way. Suddenly see tracers coming from my 6, look, there's a plane, really close. Dive. Plane is gone. Gain some alt again, looking around frantically. Planes appear, disappear. Get shot down by a plane that suddenly appears. Needless to point out, it's no fun like this. None of these effects seem to be accompanied by any graphics related visible issues. My FPS stays solid 59/60. Everything looks smooth. Is this what people on the radio call "lagging"? Is this ping related, as I assume, i.e. to the internet connection of players, or is it to do with server related issues, or could it be something to do with my own setup? I'm on fairly decent broadband in the UK. Can I check my ping over the duration of a connection with a server, somewhere in my logs? Are there config things in game, or maybe firewall things on Windows that I should check?
  14. happens currently almost every night I fly. In the evening, I first am able to connect for a couple of missions, then "file transfer error". Almost as if the server had decided it had enough of me.
  15. Hi all, I've only got IL-2 a few weeks ago, and have noticed a strange thing in the last 3 days or so. Planes disappearing and reappearing that I was in a dogfight with. At first I put it down to losing track of planes due to viewing angles, but earlier tonight it happened to me on Berloga where I could track the plane fluently with F2 outside camera view, and last night it happened on 1CGS at high altitude with contrails, where the contrails made it quite clear I hadn't just lost track of the opponent. The opponent disappeared and reappeared repeatedly, in sections of 5 to 10 seconds or so. There is an "invisible plane" thread from 2016, but the instructions in that thread don't seem to apply to the current software, since the key mentioned there in startup.cfg (to change) doesn't exist in mine. I should make it clear that this is different from what I've seen in some threads as "warping" or "stutter" where the whole scene freezes up for a fraction of a second and then resumes. While this happened, my own planes motion continued fluently, and the fps counter remained at 59/60 frames. This may or may not be the same thing as mentioned in thread https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/34052-ever-heard-of-ghosting/ in that thread it seems to be associated with a server being near crashing, and then, indeed crashing. When this happened to me however, the servers seemed fine and continued on afterwards. Each occasion this happened was fairly short short duration from my perspective, less than a minute or so, since I got shot down, having no idea where the enemy went ... ================ Windows 10, HP spectre x360 late 2017, Intel 8th gen quad core, external gpu aorus gaming box 1070
  16. Finally figured out the point of the response about FW 190 vs Spitfire. The TARGET software wasn't the problem. I hadn't understood that there are different controls -- propeller RPM control is different from propeller pitch plus minus. I had edited the wrong control, which has an effect on Spitfire but not on FW.
  17. I did check that, but after the dl had already started. maybe that was too late.
  18. I'm unsure about how target works. As per the manual, I ran the target GUI , 'ran' a downloaded script file for BoS, then, without turning that application off, ran BoS (or rather BoK at the time). However, I only did this ONCE. In the meantime, I've restarted the machine multiple times, unplugged the joystick, et cetera. So is target still in control of the joystick? And if so, how can I make it go away? Since there is the "target GUI" and the "target script editor", as alternative ways to deal with those scripts, I suppose there will be a less visible part of target that actually is in charge of applying the script to the joystick. I'd happily uninstall the TARGET applications, if that's what it takes to free the joystick from the control of target. But, as it stands, I'm not even sure if target is at this time in charge of the joystick at all. Maybe it's only in charge while the target GUI is running?
  19. So many answers. So first, about saving ... Yes, I clicked accept. I also exited settings, and went back in to check. About automatic versus manual. I know I have to click shift-P to go manual, and manual does work. It's just that it still works with the original key bindings. About it not working on axis. That may be, and I resigned myself to not being able to assign that. But I can't even get it to work with other keys than the default. About it not working because of using TARGET. So, if I understand correctly, the TARGET settings would override everything, even if the game shows different bindings. If this is the case, two things confuse me. A) why was I able to assign the lever, using the game, and not target? B) why would TARGET override an attempt to assign different keyboard keys to a function? It's hard to understand how it can have control of that. But overall, this may be the best explanation of what went on there. I'm not too sure though of how TARGET works. I used TARGET to load a profile, as per instructions flew in BoK once while TARGET was running. But after that, I've only flown while the (visible) TARGET application wasn't running. So, is the TARGET profile still active? I'm not sold on using TARGET, maybe it's not such a great idea. I'd gladly turn it off, but I'm not sure how to achieve this.
  20. my download eventually finished, and haven't seem a similar weirdness so far, but I also have mostly done offline flying, so I guess that's not saying much.
  21. Just started the game a few days ago. Not sure if there is, software wise, a distinction. I bought BoK first, then added BoS and BoM. I have a joystick, Thrustmaster FCS 16000 without the throttle thing. I had run a Thrustmaster TARGET default file for BoS, which possibly did set up the joystick, not entirely sure if that had an effect. Overall I was happy with the joystick mouse and key bindings. The joystick has a lever, which seems to count as an axis, which I tried to assign to propeller pitch. In the settings interface, this appeared to work, but when flying, had no effect. I then tried to bind this to engine power control, which did work. Next I tried to to change the keys for propeller pitch from the default to some other keys, which, again, in the settings interface, seemed to work, but when flying, it turned out that the default keys still controlled the pitch, and the new keys didn't. I also tried to assign some joystick buttons to the pitch, which, again, appeared to work in the settings interface, but had no effect when flying. I was a little concerned that some of the problems might have to do with the Thrustmaster TARGET software getting in the way, but I can't see how that would have an effect on the keyboard binding problems. All this binding experimentation was when flying the FW 190, not sure if the plane has any relevance.
  22. Just bought and DL'd IL-2. That is, first downloaded the installer IL2_setup_BoS.exe , which came in at regular broadband speed. Installed that. But then there is apparently a "Downloading game client" step, a 6.64 GB file, which is at the moment downloading at a speed of about 1.5 megabytes per second. Is this "normal" in this place ???
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