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  1. Today, on 'Action dogfight and tanks', for the first time, I began to doubt the integrity of the sim. Or maybe my understanding of physics. I, in a Yak, at very low alt, had dodged an attack by a 109, and was on its tail. The 109 had a very slight energy advantage over me, and began the usual, but VERY shallow climb, slightly gaining distance. Dweebishly, I followed. After all, this was still a very shallow climb, and I figured there would still be time to roll away once my energy disadvantage became too telling. As the distance increased, I adjusted my view by zooming, until full zoom. The 109 was still horizontal (as viewed from behind). No roll. No hammerhead. Suddenly it felt like I was rapidly catching up, and the, still horizontal, 109 was coming towards me, shooting at my plane. It had reversed 180 deg, while I had been staring at it. Without pulling up or rolling. How does this work?
  2. Love this server. Mostly I drive tank. Unlike the fly boys I also enjoy the maps at near-darkness. In a tank the pesky planes are just annoying, particularly the stukas with the god bombs. They nearly take the fun out of it, so darkness helps a bit. Taking the god bombs away from them would also help a lot. They might have to acquire some precision bombing skill. 😀
  3. This just happened to me again. Hadn't happened in a while, but I'd been upping my graphics settings a bit, to a nice compromise between gorgeousness and FPS. I think there is a connection between the graphics fine-ness, and this. I was attacking the enemy base in my T34, had it pretty much cleaned of nasty paks and howitzers, and this lame-lord plane came and shot at me with its puny cannon (prob 20mm), which could do me no harm, but, because those tiny explosions were in my field of vision, got me 'ping over limit' and disco'd from the server. Needless to point out how exploitable this is. Anemic planes that can't kill tanks, can get them thrown off the server. While tanking is currently a minority concern, and nobody really cares, I strongly suggest this should be addressed before tank crew comes out.
  4. The Mission Results screen (is that what's called 'briefing'?), with the list of players, allies, axis, the players on it. Typically white. I've noticed sometimes players in colors, orange or red. What does that mean?
  5. Nope, nothing like 'dsr' or that looks remotely like dynamic super resolution is in there. Maybe it's conditional upon turning another thing on/off, so that it would magically appear in that case. But not to worry, I got reshade working last night, which I think eats into my framerates, and I believe dsr would also do that. so both combined would probably be too much for my card.
  6. A week ago I temporarily gave up on reshade, after not getting it to work with only one shader, lumasharpen. In the meantime, I tweaked my graphics settings a fair bit, and since I changed so much, I gave it another go, and now it works. So it seems one of the many settings I changed (in game and nvidia control panel) must have screwed it. Pity I changed so much before retrying, slim chance of figuring out which setting it was. However, I found, that when running, it seems to do something to the escape key. It didn't work anymore, which is kind of a killer. Lacking the normal way to finish the mission and exit, I had to quit the sim with task manager. Edit: my brain wasn't working earlier. This happened when I was opening/using the reshade gui in a mission. So now, I retried, without opening it, and the escape key is fine. As long as this only happens when you have to make changes, it's no biggie.
  7. Ah yes. So it's a Maxwell thing they dropped later, it seems. Explains why I have no setting for it.
  8. Is this a setting that's only available under certain conditions? I have windows 10, 1070 external box, and can't find that setting in my nvidia control panel. I'd like to give that a shot.
  9. Found some threads suggesting that turning off 'focus assist' would fix the issue, but didn't on my system.
  10. Googling some more to find a fix for this issue, I see that on reddit the topic is usually called 'alt-tabbing' . Thought I'd leave this here so that the thread can be found by that string. On reddit there are some reports of broken alt-tabbing in games due to the 1803 creator's update.
  11. I had microstutters, but that's not what this thread is about. It had been asked in one of the early posts whether I was running windowed or not, maybe implying that that could have an effect on the issue, but I found it doesn't. My microstutters are gone, but the multitasking issue remains.
  12. Hope this is not off topic here. Read various threads about microstutter (which was happening on my machine), one proposed (can't remember which thread) , to have vsync on, BUT, to turn off the in-game vsyc setting and, in the nvidia settings, turn it on. I believe this fixed the stutter. --- HP spectre 13" late 2017, Windows 10, Aorus gaming box 1070, (non-gaming)HD monitor 1080p.
  13. I've recently made a lot of graphics config changes, to get rid of microstutters, which worked. As part of that, I switched between windowed and not, the only visible effect of windowed seems to be the immediate appearance of the windows blue donut pointer, but it seems to have no effect on the ridiculous time it takes to switch back to IL-2 from another application. None of the other graphics choices, which DID fix the microstutters, had any effect on this either.
  14. I just installed reshade 3.3.2 . I've not used it before. For the rendering API choice, I picked Direct3D 10+ , is this correct (I'm on Win 10) ? I picked four shaders that were listed somewhere around this section. When I started IL-2, the overlay was present, indicating that reshade was running. This was on the initial screen with the rotating view of the IL-2 in the hanger. I was able to choose some settings there, but decided to go into a quick mission, sit on the runway, do the settings there. I get all the way to the point where the sim would actually start, and then it crashes. Now I wonder, is there any point poking around in the reshade settings before starting the sim, trying to change something, that would make it not crash? Or am I better off trying to uninstall it? Is uninstall done, using the installer, 'overwrite existing installation', and then maybe pick no shaders? Or how do you uninstall it? -- Forgot to mention, having made config changes in the reshade gui, on the screen with the rotating plane in the hangar, I believe I can see that reshade is actually working at this point, I think I could see the effect of the lumasharpen on the plane. But then it crashes the sim when I try to start a mission. --- Ran dxdiag, I have DirectX 12 Saw some older posts for various games that suggest renaming dxgi.dll to d3d11.dll could avoid crashes, tried that, no change. Tried to rename it to d3d12.dll (because I've got directx 12), this resulted in turning reshade off. So at lease now I know how to effectively 'uninstall' it ... From the installer, I changed it to have only 1 shader, in the hope that might make it not crash, but no change. There's a setting, 'configuration mode' vs 'performance mode' , changed that to performance, no change. So, I can fly again now, by turning it off, but would still be interested in finding out what can be done to not make it crash. Is it possible that it's incompatible with some specific graphics settings, whether in-game or in the nvidia control panel? ---
  15. I thought this was a rare occurrence, but currently, every time expel an unwelcome squatter from my turret, the stuck dialog happens, the dialog remains stuck until I finish the mission.
  16. I tried the admin level thing and it made no difference. Since you pointed out problems with the newer opentrack vers's, I tried my previous one, a build from March, and it works! Thanks Gramps!! Life can go on now ... phew.
  17. Just went through an annoying total reinstall on my laptop. Windows 10, Delanclip, PS3 eye cam, Opentrack, IL-2 BoX. Since some weeks ago, to minimize Opentrack crashes, the advice had been to go for new test builds rather than the release, I went for the newest one from just a few days ago. I got Opentrack itself working, with the camera, no problems, was able to reuse my profile, just IL-2 pretends not to know about it. When I initially got Opentrack to work with IL-2, IIRC, It was just a matter of getting Opentrack itself to work, and once it worked, IL-2 just read the input straight away? Were there any settings inside IL-2 to allow it communicate with Opentrack? I didn't think so, but I looked at all the in-game settings and found nothing that looked like that. In Opentrack, I'm sure I had left the 'Output' on the default, freetrack 2.0, and it worked fine. I'm also fairly sure I had, under 'select interface', chosen 'enable both'. Since now it wasn't working, I also tried the other two options, no difference. The new build has a 'repair NPClient location' function to fix the registry entry for the dll location. I tried that. no avail. The other 'Output' select options, is there any point trying them? Under 'Options', the last time around, I'm sure I didn't do anything in 'Game detection'. Now, since it wasn't working, I made an entry for IL-2, and associated it with my profile, made no difference... In a tutorial about setup that I read (a thread in here, I think), there is a paragraph, that Opentrack and IL-2 will only work together, if they are either both run as administrator, or both not. I am local admin on the machine, and I just run both by doubleclicking on them. I guess that means I run both, not as adminstrator? I am only familiar with running things like CMD as administrator ... is it a good idea to do this with applications such as opentrack and IL-2? halp!
  18. I am so pissed off, I struggle to describe things in an orderly fashion. Since I was (and am) convinced that everything was broken by the 1803 creators update, I went for a fresh windows 10 install on my laptop. It took me basically all weekend to get the fresh OS, eGPU working again, and IL-2 back to running, and I've not yet got my headtracking back. Since I knew it would be loads of lost time, I went for a fresh install from a microsoft tool, rather than the oem stuff in my laptop (hp in this case). The reinstall itself was quick, but then craptons of drawn out updates, and the forsaken 1803 update again. Then a fight to get thunderbolt 3 working again, and my aorus gaming box to register. Installed IL-2, and initially thought, wow, I made it, it's working now without the multitasking lockup issues. Spent some hours getting settings back, keybindings, joystick, et cetera, setting up a couple of planes. And just as I am in the process of getting opentrack to talk to IL-2, I start up IL-2 again, and the dreaded blue donut, windows wait cursor, is back (in the sim). And with it, super-drawn out startup, and IL-2 after switching to another application and switching back. So, I'm back, exactly where I started off, minus headtracking, and a lost weekend.
  19. was just on reddit /r/windows , lots of reports of problems since latest update
  20. Just checked, I seem to have used windowed, at least since I reinstalled. I can switch to fullscreen if there is some expectation that it might be better. However, I use a laptop with an external screen, so I'm a bit unsure what meaning 'fullscreen' would have in that context. I don't want the sim to span both screens. Forgot to mention, since the windows update I also have (fairly often) laggy mouse (mouse pointer sticks to the screen for a second or so), not in IL-2 but in various applications, or even just moving the mouse across the desktop. No idea if that's related.
  21. A few days ago I had a couple of windows 10 updates in a row -- I must've lagged behind a bit. I then seemed to have issues to start IL-2, but realized later this had to do with my habit of switching to other applications with alt-tab, usually the browser, while the sim slowly loads. It emerged that I could switch away from IL-2, no problem, but when switching back, everything was frozen. I realised over time that it was possible to get back, when waiting patiently for over a minute. Of course that's not always practical. A Symptom of this issue is that the blue, donut shaped windows 10 wait pointer shows up when switching back to the game (I had not seen that cursor in the sim before). Anyone else get this? I wouldn't mind so much, if it wasn't for opentrack occasionally crashing, which had meant quickly switching away from IL-2, to restart opentrack. That's now not possible.
  22. Warbirds was like that. I liked that about it. You didn't get those situations where lots of people were really pissed off in multiplayer--everybody knew the damage would be applied to themselves, so they took care.
  23. I don't mean to abduct this thread, which is really about another topic, but I need to answer. I've flown on warbirds for many years, in the late 90s and early 00's. Back then, I mostly flew 190s and P51s, I was quite successful at the energy fighting game, and at staying alive. I was able fairly well to stay out of trouble in very populated map areas, to keep my distance and to engage opponents when I judged the energy situation to be advantageous and when I could avoid to engage a group of them at once. Since I started flying on IL-2, I've now already spent a fair amount of time, I've struggled, fairly unsuccessfully, to translate my tactical skills to this sim. One reason why I've become convinced that there is a visibility issue on WoL (and maybe other servers), is that, when I fly around at 6, 7k looking for opponents, I usually end up meeting none before my fuel runs out. Once I sacrifice altitude, I usually encounter a group, and I never manage to keep my distance in such a way that I keep contact and can see what they're up to. This would all make perfect sense to me, without a technical issue, if I were a newbie, but I have thousands of flying hours on earlier sims, just not this one.
  24. If that's specific to A20s it's not what I mean. I have this when engaging other fighters, they are usually 109s and 190s.
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