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  1. Just tried, yes, absolutely! If anything, tabbing offline even without Admin is faster than online with Admin.
  2. Some people in chat complained about people picking unrealistically modern planes (specifically Spit IX) in earlier missions, on the 'normal' mode server. Until then I had always completely ignored the mission statement, and assumed it's fine to pick any plane that's on offer. Just now I had a look, Lapino, Spit IX available, and all the other planes, like 109 G14. But the spec said it's 1942. No doubt that's going to cause some bad feelings if some people think they have to stick with the time given, while others will assume, when a plane is available, that's that, it's available. Judging by the planes I see flying around, I think most people on the server fall into the latter group. Some clarification might help there.
  3. On the topic of how the tabbing issue disappeared (or diminished) for me by running IL-2 as administrator. Just spent some time on WoL, got into some quite busy areas where I would certainly have had some microstutter before, but now, running as administrator, none, pretty much. I'm quite curious now regarding what exactly happens differently when you run this as administrator. I'm not a Windows guy, so I don't know, but I would find it somewhat sketchy if there were network security checks being done normally which got turned off when an application is run as administrator.
  4. I'm confused by the news. I gather that, what they've been working on, is not within 'Multiplayer' but separate category alltogether. Hence it's not within either 'Cooperative' nor 'Dogfight' -DED- have a page on IL-2Stats, but obviously that's not 'their server'. So where (in the menu) do I go to have a look?
  5. I've mapped the xtouch a bit more, more dials, the slider, mapped some of the buttons to achieve multi key presses, which I found useful for trim. xtouch2.py.txt
  6. Just tried the advice about running IL-2 as administrator. I initially wondered about the details of this, since the startup that I was familiar with was to start launcher.exe which in turn starts IL-2.exe, hence, how would you run the game as administrator? So, first I tried to just run IL-2.exe, not the launcher. No problem there. I feel a bit stupid now having started the sim for months using the launcher. Next, I ran IL-2.exe as administrator, and was able to tab in and out without a huge delay. Still a delay of a few seconds, but absolutely a huge improvement.
  7. I was just on the Unprofessionals server. I finished a mission, picked a different tankfield, tried to spawn, and got "Already spawned error". So I left the server and tried to get back in, but couldn't. Retried a few times and gathered that the server had probably crashed? That was about 14:05 UK time. I mention this because in the recent, server-crashy times, I had seen that error once before. But in the time before the server crashes, had never got that.
  8. My two cents, regarding this version, features vs. the multiplayer situation, server crashes. I only use this sim in multiplayer, except for trying out something, and a do an offline mission for 10 minutes or so. From a user's perspective, I don't get overly frustrated when a server crashes mid mission. But it turns out that some of the people running the servers feel responsible, even though they provide something for free, for their 'service level', let's say. So they might decide to turn a game server off. Others might not have the facilities in place for autostarting after a crash. So, as much as I love features, I love using the sim even more. I'm sure the devs are aware of the relevant thread, but just in case: "DServer unstable/crashing frequently in 3.005"
  9. I want to chip in, lamenting the paucity of servers with icons. Having spent years with flightsims, I don't subscribe to the view of icons as a beginner-only feature. Spotting and IDing seem to me distinct skills, quite apart from flying. And I agree that the absence of a 'normal' server can only harm the prospects of the game. I don't quite understand the economic model in that respect. Since the AIs are no credible opposition, flying this sim is entirely reliant on the servers, which are provided by volunteers. And providing/renting the hardware/connectivity is a cost. If most or all the people providing those servers coincidentally got fed up at the same time, the sim pretty much would cease to exist. Quite strange.
  10. My install is in 'Program Files (x86)' . Having read the suggestions regarding copying the entire game folder to somewhere else ... In that case, do you still run 'Launcher.exe' ? Are you sure this copy of the launcher would then run the local copy of 'IL-2.exe' ? Or would it possibly look up the 'normal' location of that exe in the registry, which would put you back to square one ... I've had the tabbing issue since the 1803 creator's update. I see in this thread that the timeline of the problem for others, has been completely different, but has been associated with updates. Considering this, I find it slightly strange that moving the application to somewhere else should be the fix.
  11. I'm trying to improve my headtracking, by plugging FreePIE in between Opentrack and IL-2 Great Battles: Opentrack -> FreePIE -> IL-2 Until now, I've just used Opentrack with "freetrack 2.0 Enhanced" output, which IL-2 just recognized, no config was necessary. What I'm trying to do is along the lines of this video https://youtu.be/DREkyWxBJtg , where FreePIE consumes freetrack output from Opentrack, and produces TrackIR output, like this: trackIR.y = freeTrack.y which means in FreePIE there is the opportunity to do some calculations. I've poked around a bit but I can't make progress because I don't know which headtracking protocol IL-2 prefers if multiple are availble. Opentrack has multiple output protocols, and FreePIE can handle various input protocols and write to various output protocols. A limitation of FreePIE seems to be that you can't necessarily freetrack -> FreePIE -> freetrack (it's been difficult to find info about this aspect) I've looked into startup.cfg and found nothing about headtracking. It would be ideal if I could configure IL-2 which headtracking protocol to use, but, failing that, it would help to know which headtracking protocol IL-2 will default to (i.e. read, preferrentially), if multiple of them are present. Ideally I would set the output of Opentrack to some protocol that IL-2 doesnt recognise, but that FreePIE can use as input, and set the FreePIE output to a protocol that IL-2 will use by default.
  12. I've found out a few things about the freetrack protocol, and FreePIE, and thought I'd bounce them off here, in case someone is knowledgable and I might be on the wrong track. It turned out the FreePIE built in functionality for Freetrack has no problem reading values, treating that as input. The more normal case of FreePIE use with freetrack is to use something else, like an Android phone, is input, and freetrack as output. I gather from a post on their forum that it's a problem doing both, input and output. Freetrack doesn't seem to have a concept like sockets, or ports. There is only 'the' freetrack. 🙁Unfortunately there seems to be no way of joining their forum. meh. Since OpenTrack lets me choose other destinations/protocols as output, I thought, try VJoy. You CAN have multiple VJoy joysticks. in FreePIE they are vJoy[0], vJoy[1], and so on. The plan was thus: Opentrack -> VJoy[0] -> FreePIE -> Freetrack -> IL-2 But it turned out with FreePIE, VJoy can't be used as a data transmission thing. If OpenTrack is already 'bound' to a virtual joystick, FreePIE can't bind to the same one. There are more output choices in OpenTrack, but I see nothing in the FreePIE documentation that would indicate it can handle those. This leaves as a possible method: Opentrack -> Freetrack -> FreePIE -> VJoy[0] -> IL-2 I know, FreePIE-wise, this would work. I've already checked that it can read freetrack, and output to VJoy. That leaves the questions: Does IL-2 accept head tracking information from VJoy? If so, and if tracking info is available on freetrack also, is it possible to set up IL-2 to IGNORE the freetrack info and use the virtual joystick? If I have multiple virtual joysticks in use (which I do), can I config IL-2 to use a particular one for head tracking input?
  13. I'm aware that we're in the early stages of the development of the Tank Crew interface, but anyways, here goes, regarding single player / multi player tanking: I'm into the single player tanking, and am not sure if I'll have any interest in multi player tanking (meaning here, multiple players crewing 1 tank). One of the top features for me, of the original T34 and Pz3 has been, to ride around with the hatch open, looking around, using mouse control of the entire turret to move the hatch out of way when it obstructs vision. This is particularly important in the T34 with the big hatch. Yes I see there's a realism argument against that, but I don't care. Did some missions today in the KV1 and was quite irritated by the large blind zone to my left, created by the open hatch, which I couldn't remedy by turning the turret to the left. I'm sure a tank commander could tell the gunner to turn the turret, in order to see better. And if I operate the tank as single player, I'm all of those guys... It would be terrible if this new interface of not being able to turn the turret when looking out, was transplanted to the T34 with the big hatch. You'd see nothing.
  14. That wasn't too hard. The flow is this: -> FreePIE -> VJoy -> IL-2 In VJoy you can set up any number of virtual joysticks. This is good, because for 'analogue' input, i.e. axis, each joystick has got x,y,z,rx,ry,rz,slider,dial. With a device like the X-Touch Mini you have 8 dials, but 2 'layers', so essentially 16 dials. So first, you want to set up as many virtual joysticks as you need to map your dials to (or, as many of your dials as you plan to use). FreePIE works by executing Python scripts. No need to install Python, they run inside FreePIE. I've adapted a script from https://www.mtbs3d.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=139&t=22847&sid=6eb4e62af002a1f0e4f2b71d350ff9f3 which was written for the Korg NanoControl. The differences between that controller and the X-Touch, script wise, turned out to be minimal. My script so far is only for the first 8 dials. Once the script works (easy to check with VJoy Monitor), start up IL-2 and map those dials to axis. xtouch.py.txt I kept using my regular joystick as well. IL-2 doesn't seem to have a problem dealing with multiple joysticks.
  15. Just in case this might be related, it's really a wild guess: On one of the recent tank missions I was on (one that eventually crashed), I was shot at, and a kill message came up. However my tank still seemed to be working. I looked out the hatch, and saw some tank parts, like the gun and the hatch, in the broken, charred state, but also in the unbroken state, i.e. duplicate parts. I was able to continue on. On this mission and others, I observed tanks shooting at me, the shots fractions of a second apart, much faster than you could reload, and on very slightly different trajectories. Could these be symptoms of multiple DServer processes running?
  16. This is quite a technical question, Opentrack related, and not very IL-2 related, and I wanted to post it on an Opentrack Forum, but found there is none 😮. So I'm posting here instead. I'm using Delanclip with Opentrack, 'Output' set to 'freetrack 2.0 Enhanced', from where the headtracking info streams into IL-2 BoX. Overall I'm quite happy with Opentrack and don't want to ditch it. But there are some manipulations to the tracking (processing of coordinates and vectors) that OT itself isn't capable of. I believe I could rig it up with FreePIE ( https://andersmalmgren.github.io/FreePIE/ ) like this: OT -> FreePIE -> IL-2 , and conduct the processing in FreePIE. So I'm wondering whether there is maybe a more convenient way, to plug in a little scripting thing into the OT output stream, rather than routing through FreePIE.
  17. I was just curious. Please don't go to any trouble. I'm not really considering getting another interface device, I wouldn't have any space to put it.
  18. does it move like a dial, and a joystick? so you fly with it, and use the dial ability for rudder, or throttle, or trim?
  19. I've thought about it, and saw there is software for it, but in the end I want something physical, so that after a while, your fingers know which is which knob, and you won't have to look.
  20. I went ahead and orderd a Behringer X-TOUCH MINI Midi Controller I'll report on here how it works out.
  21. It would be very interesting to get a word from someone at -DED- about the reason for "w/o tanks". I had believed that server crashes were the motivation for that, but battle balance could certainly be the reason as well. There is a thread under technical issues about server crashes since 3.005 and the view there seems to be that tanks aren't implicated. Even though I think tanking with a large icon on your head is pretty ridiculous, I'd still very much like the tanks back.
  22. With the current lack of multiplayer servers that have player-controllable tanks, in the hope that any tankers read this, I'd like to point out that this server, which shows up on the list as battle fields com UK1 or similar, DOES have player controllable tanks. Every so often I check the list, and I get the impression that most of the tank-playing users haven't realised that there are tanks on this map. If we could get a number of tankers on there, this might help shed light on the question whether the server crashes are tank related.
  23. +1 for the separate tab for tank keybindings (or anyways, separate key bindings (with joystick bindings) when you're driving tank). So far I don't need a lot of keys to go tanking, and I don't use separate config files. But I anticipate it's going to get more complicated over time. You don't know ahead of time what the balance (blue vs red, and planes/tanks) will be on a map, and the tactical situation, upon which you might decide to tank or fly. So the approach of swapping files is not realistic in the long run.
  24. I think I found the magic searchterm for this sort of thing: midi2vjoy "virtual joystick" is apparently the important concept here, and vjoy is an implementation of this on Windows. midi2vjoy apparently bridges the gap from the midi device to the virtual joystick. I guess I'm willing to chance this, since these MIDI devices aren't overly expensive.
  25. Well what attracted me to those MIDI things is that they are ready made, and have roughly the form factor I'm looking for. The joystick controller approach is very interesting, I might do such a project in the future, but at the moment I want to find a solution that just involves some ready made USB product. Adding an additional layer of software to make it work isn't such a bad prospect for me. For instance I found the http://75r.de/midikey2key/ software. My main concern about converting MIDI to keystrokes is that, mainly for trim, it could be in effect slow. I wanted an axis for trim because, at the moment, I have it bound to keys and joystick buttons, and it takes loooong to change the trim. For me the 109 feels very un-agile, that's why I rarely fly it, but I often get shot down by people flying the 109 in a very agile way, and I suspect they are able to do that because they have trim on an analogue axis. Other hardware that looks ideal to me, form factor wise, are 'stage lighting controllers', but they all use a standard called DMX, maybe converting that to USB may be feasible?
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