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  1. Thanks for the answer! One more thing, a practical one: Does using Erhöhte Notleistung on i.e. 1.5km - when it doesn't increase ATA over 1.42 - still increases the limit to 10 minutes? So why 1.42 ATA is still limited to 3 minutes?
  2. Does it mean Erhöhte Notleistung in FW190A-8 is a C3 injection, are you sure? FW190A-5/U17 has C3 injection and 1.65 ATA for 10 minutes with C3 injection but it doesn't work over 1000 meters. I thought in A8 it is just a boost pressure override, not additional C3 injection. Thanks for the answer.
  3. Hi, i have read in game "Aircraft Flight and Technical Specifications and Operational Details" and i know Erhöhte Notleistung overrides boost pressure limitations over 1.42 ATA (up to 1.58 with lower supercharger gear and up to 1.65 with higher supercharger gear). Limit for Erhöhte Notleistung is 10 minutes at once (due to thermal reasons according to: http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/fw190/fw190a8.html) It is not the C3 injection like in case of FW190F-3. So why there is 3 minutes limit for lower 1.42 ATA but 10 minutes for higher 1.58/1.65 ATA? Was there some additional cooling device or something else?
  4. Great thread, thanks @bies ! I would like to reteurn to old virtual wars form the first IL2 when hundreds of pilots fly using gauges instead of all-knowing chat. We would like to have this option available. I also fly without this chat since my first week with the game, sometimes i use it just to see how huge advantege it gives to know about every smallest malfunction and constant awareness and i return to gauges with nostalgy. Flying with chat give me constant situational awareness without the need to look inside the cockpit. I would love to have just TAW without chat like their admins want.
  5. sereme1

    Technochat as an option in realism settings

    Yes please, i would love to have at least one realistic server i.e. TAW - with this tech chat locked.
  6. No. It is not a replacement of 2d gauges - there is a huge difference between 2d gauges and technochat - 2d gauges can be turned off in difficulty options, technochat can't. In best RoF servers there are no 2d gauges or technochat. There are for beginner who are learning the game. In IL2 many people fly without them but they are less competitive and many server admins are eager to turn them off in difficulty options but it's not possible by now. +1
  7. We should prepare to go away from mandatory technochat. The only other sim with this is War Thunder, but in WT half of the cockpit doesn't work. This chat kills the immersion, in VR it constantly reminds you it's only a game. Adding this animation would be easy, but the team is working hard coding Bodenplatte. Maybe they will find some spare time to add the animation
  8. sereme1

    Developer Diary, Part 197 - Discussion

    The moment you have noticed the pilot's hand looks better than in Skyrim. Everything looks fantastic and it will be a great game! I have only one small concern - if the devs can make FC to maintain original WW I style and mood like RoF which was awesome.
  9. sereme1

    Thoughts about the FC map

    I forgot Italy and Japan fought against Germans in WWI. In WWI Germans fought agains whole world combined
  10. sereme1

    DD today?

    Yes, WWI GUI and menu was awesome. Far better than work in progress IL2. WWI and WWII should stay separated. One single by far the biggest drawback of DCS is this lack of cohesion. WWII warbirds mixed with modern computer aided jet fighters, spiced with some '50 Korean planes and Vietnam era fighters being developed. As addition a few trainers and now even some civilian planes... Korean and Vietnam era fighters over Georgia/Ormuz/Belgium. And empty servers. It would be a lot better for DCS to focus and publish ready Korea War, than Vietnam, than '80 cold war etc. The problem is they have too small control over their 3rd parties who calculates many factors developing some new planes. I would like WWI and WWII should stay separated in BoX.
  11. I have noticed many soviet fighters are able to mount RPK-10 receiver as a modification. Were this devices used by air defence fighters only or frontline fighters also? Where was an antena for the receiver located? I don't see any additional antena on 3D model when using RPK-10, did it use some existing antena?
  12. sereme1

    Tactical Air War

    Great idea, the only change defense positions needs is to disperse the units over considerable bigger area, not alowing one big bomb to knock out most of the defense. Keep the server up!
  13. sereme1

    150 octane fuel for the 2nd TAF on the continent

    And what about P-51D, P-38J or P-47D ?
  14. sereme1

    Worst enemy for germans

    Spitfire IX, it's a beast, it's strong in every aspect. But it's Bodenplatte plane from late '44 with Merlin 66, bigger rudder, guro gunsight etc. Except Bodenplatte it's La-5FN and Pe-2 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  15. sereme1

    Tactical Air War

    But who came up with the idea to place like whole batalion in an area barely bigger then a football pitch It would be possible maybe during some military parade inside the city but on the betlefield? TAW is the only server i see something like that.