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  1. People here agreed 2d bars from RoF (which compensated feeling the controls in the hand) are ok. But what is a profit of having overheat message when you have temp gauge in the cockpit? Or damage control? Or optimal mixture control? Or flaps % if you have indicator in the cockpit? And many more. The only profit of that is you don't have to use the cockpit at all, even in most realistic servers. Just fly with you sight locked at the enemy 100% of the time. PS. Why aybody would take i.e. thermometer as additional gauge in WWI FC planes if he has tipses which are more capable and do not weight 1kg?😃
  2. Many simulators have perished trying to please casual players at the expense of simulation fans. IL-2 will never win the number of War Thunder players anyway. With bot opitons available we would have both servers for casual players with tips, artificial compas, damage control and GPS and realistic for fans of sim approach.
  3. 25% off for "Feedback Feature" functionality, valid until 20.11. - does it mean the patch with Po-2 next week?
  4. Luftwaffe Aircraft Losses By Theatre September 1943 - October 1944 4.06 times as many aircraft were lost in combat in the West than were lost in the East. During the period a constant 21-24% of the Luftwaffe's day fighters were based in the East when 75-78% of the day fighters were based in the West.
  5. Fuel tanks management was unofficially announced long time ago, now it's not sure if we we will have this feature implemented. It would be great but it has not been officially announced yet. This mechanics applies to all aircraft, not just Me-262, although in the case of Me-262 and American long-range fighters like P-51, P-47, P-38 the lack of manual fuel tank management would be much more important than in tactical planes from the Eastern front.
  6. Yes, nice detailed discription. But it won't change such a big difference of FW190 (excep tA-8) in speed above 6km.
  7. No. They say that want to keep their FM within 1% of the reference data. Not 10%. Just imagine what is 10% difference, calculate in mind. It would be like day and night. Gavrick about La-5FN: So La-5FN is 5km/h faster than average real plane tests at sea level and 12km/h faster than average real plane tests at 6km. He didn't say anything about higher altitudes. Looks like the higher the bigger the discrepancy. Looks like above 6m performence drop of La-5 and Fw190 is far too small. For now looks like high altitude performance are not modeled for this fighters. What is strange Yak and Bf109 performance drop looks close to real data.
  8. About La-5FN one of developers, Gavrick i think, said La-5FN is 5km/h faster than real plane tests at sea level and 12km/h faster than real plane tests at 6km. He didn't say anything about higher altitudes. Looks like the higher the bigger the discrepancy. About FW190 i know Germans decided to give pure fighter role over western front to Bf109 because FW190 with BMW801 struggled over 6000-6500m. It may be connected with physical engine of the game. Maybe it was not optimized to this kind of circumstances. They are proffesionals so they are aware of this high altitude parameters for sure.
  9. It's huge, play RoF and you are going to find out. With inexact small graphic bars you don't open the throttle using "pernect" not even knowing where is manifold gauge, you don't set RPM by % don't even knowing where is RPM indicator in the cockpit, you don't set the mix without looking at RPM and so on, and so no. But we are talking about the rest. Look at the table @bies placed, do you really think the right side is more attractive than the left side? Even on the most realistic servers? Contrary to all other flight sims except War Thunder (if WT is a sim at all...)?
  10. @SharpeXB Ok, for the fourth time; what you are talking about is NOT being discussed in this topic. Overall, not exact%, RoF like axis bars CAN stay. The HUD giving awareness, diagnostic and information bigger than modern computerised jet fighter in WWI and WWII plane and rendering cockpit indicators useless should be option to choose by admin.
  11. Well, the real 109 pilot actually indeed had to look at flaps marks on his wing to know to what angle he lowered his flaps (what is modeled in the game but many players don't even know about that because this technochat😂) That’s a good example of how technochat renders cocpit indicators useless to the point many players don't even know developers modeled many features nad indicators in their game because with full hud in every server there is no purpose to look at cockpit indicators Do you think real 109 pilot lowered flaps by "feel" idk. counting revolutions in his mind? Or reading percents on his binoculars? Or maybe by looking at marks on his wing? And one more time: So virtual axes without exact percent like in Rise of Flight could stay and make players without any joystick perfectly aware of every axis, even more than real pilot, but not in form of exact % but like in RoF , more or less bars.
  12. It was solved in RoF by displaying mini axes in lower part of the screen, you didn't know if you have 85 or 86% of the throttle/radiator etc. but you had overal idea like real pilot had. And what was the most important you didn't know - without looking at gauges in the cockpit - if you are overheating, damaged, leaking. You had to use gauges and other output and it was great and immersive. Adding an option to turn off technochat would be fantastic, it's already the most supported suggestion in IL-2 forum. Coding this feature would take 1 hour, it's already in the game but in other place - you can turn it off in SP (for yourself) but not in MP as server admin. In RoF, DCS, old IL-2 1946 and many other sims there is a lot of servers with this chat blocked.
  13. Very nice, glad to see all the details in this sim. I remember it in RoF but for some reason I never thought about it being in Il2 until the graphical effects were added. It was because in RoF there was no technochat in many servers and we had to observe the temp gauges, thermometers and boiling water. It wasn't rare to boil the water. In IL-2 there is technochat so it's impossible to overheat the water and boil it off because we are being constantly warn in real time about overheat in the HUD. I'm really looking forward for an option to turn the technochat off by server admin. An update is great, new effects added a lot to realism in many situation. Dispersion model is also very welcome and it for sure requred lot of work. You are doing megnificent job, this game constantly improves and now i think it has bright future ahead! With Bodenplatte there will come a golden time for IL-2 serie.
  14. This engine fire of old Il-21946 was a nonsense easy to implement in the realities of the game engine. IRL you would just stall the compressor of the engine if you would increase RPM rapidly, but only in lower range of available RPMs, thus reducing its power, a dangerous thing during the takeoff. English language summary and basics, short and interesting
  15. If manufacture quality and random failures would be simulated in IL-2 it would be impossible to fly Soviet planes. You would end the flight more often because of some failure than being hit by the enemy. AN/APS-13 was a standard equipment of some planes. Please do yourself a favour and read Me262 manual and you will see real operation procedures and limitations of the engines. What you write is a huge simplification and it looks childish.
  16. The game do not model failure rates. (Half of VVS would go down just because unreliability and technical problems.) But seriously, it's probably too hard to obtain reliable sources to model failure rates of different systems/weapons/planes/engines and so on.
  17. Yes, in USSR the role of aerial recon was far smaller in compare with other militaries. Contrary to GB, USA, Germany, Japan there were no special aerial recon training schools in USSR, to recon units the worst pilots was delegated, often as a form of punnishment. Recon service in USSR had vely low rank and respect. VVS didn't order even one dedicated recon plane throught the whole war.
  18. I'm afraid Ta152C with 150 octane fuel would be more or less like Spiteful. And i think more Ta152's were built than Sitefuls.
  19. La-5FN had similar cooling system, even with summer Kuban i can fly La-5FN with cowl flaps fully closed, oil radiator also fully closed, full boost and max RPM and after 10 minutes i'm even below optimal temperature! In La-5FN manual there is stated 10 min boost was restricted due to thermal issues of cylinders. Here i can fly with fully closed radiators in the hottest enviroment without consequences with cold engine. What is even a purpose of oil radiator in La-5FN if you can fly with fully closed in the hottest conditions?
  20. klebor


    No. It is not true. It is the opposite Technochat, in it's first form, has been added to the game in September 2014 as an option to turn on to already complete game engine. "the games engine system is based around it" - no, it is the opposite again. Technochat's messages are fiction and it will lie to you. Technochat will tell you "you are combat mode, dont fly at combat mode during cruise" and so on even if you exceed some parameters with 1%. I.e. Normal "mode" is 2250RPM / 1.15 ata and Climb is 2,400 RPM / 1.25 ata, but even if you exeed this parameters with tiny amount like 1% - technochat will lie to you "you are combat mode, dont fly at combat mode during cruise" but it will not cause any negative consequences for the engine. You still have to comply with numbers from manual. Technochat is a relict of old which should help new players to gain some general idea, but it had been just added to finished game and that's why it will mislead the player in many cases. But let's talk about the topic - GPS, not technochat.
  21. Let's take Fw 190 A3 or A5. You have 3 minutes of 1.42ata/2700RPM guaranteed but in practice you can go more than 6 minutes. With ~5 minutes you are 99% save all the time. So there are no "strict limits". The engine is not going to give up after the time delivered by developers from manual. (In real life the engines would go even longer but it's another story) No, it's not a bug, it's a choice and necessary simplification of techno. If you supass the limit by 1% what is completely insignificant techno will tell you you are in i.e. "combat mode", "don't cruise with combat mode" and so on. But you exeeded the RPM limit by 1% what will not have any consequences contrary to what you could anticipate seeing "combat mode" warning. Anyway it's sufficient for novice players which have to know the basics.
  22. It is not a bug. It's a decision to put the workforce in much more important matters. Technochat is kind of novice players help to more or less know the limits of the plane. I doubt it is even consider to expand it even more to cover every specific engine regime in every plane. Who would lose the time to code all low mix different economy modes, cruise, nominal, different types of combat, climb, emergency, take off, all out, maximum possible, boost, erhohte, forsazh, international power with different mix, RPM, manifold, supercharger settings and so on and so on. Devs would lose a big amount of precious time to code some tutorial functionality. Techno will give you some estimated most basic regimes when you are begginer (and lie you in many cases) and that's all you need to know for start. When you will know the plane better just print them from official topic or from here and you are good to go:
  23. Luftwaffe on the eastern front was scattered, small and lacked people and equipement. Since the summer 1943 Luftwaffe, when it comes to fighters, was far stronger on the western front, more numerous, better trained, better equiped etc. because the enemy was more demanding. Western front and defence of the sky over the Reisch was priority for Luftwaffe.
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