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  1. UPDATE: Managed to get OpenComposite working, so no more SteamVR!!! I started the game from the game shortcut on the desktop instead of from within Oculus. I turned off ASW with CTRL-numpad 1 and confirmed it through the HUD - ASW shows "not available". Also flew a bit with the Composite HUD thingy and the GPU is showing under 1ms, and the CPU is about 5ms, and frames pretty much locked in at 80. So the rig is running well with settings on HIGH, and most adjustments on medium-ish. I will make further adjustments as I go along in the coming days... SS in OTT set to 1.5 in the IL-2 game profile. This is generally running well... but one thing still - can't seem to shake the slight double-image/ghosting when aircrafts fly by. Much less, but not entirely gone. This is from inside a Mustang in a 4v4 quick mission, btw. Is this about as good as it gets? Something else to tweak/adjust?
  2. @Mastiff: I have not updated SteamVR and it's still running 1.8xx @Alonzo and dburne: Thanks, gents. I'm having issues with OpenComposite with this new rig. I ran it fine on my old rig, but now when I start up IL2 I don't see the game in the headset even though it's on the flatscreen - it goes back to Oculus Home - but on the monitor, I see the stereoscopic images of the game. I really have no idea what's going on with that. I know OpenComposite would definitely help a lot. I don't like SteamVR - I think it's just too clunky. Also, I have disabled ASW in OTT and SS is at 1.2, but I still get the double image. I've set all other SS in SteamVR to 1. Thank you, Chilli, 1. My IPD is 63, so I'm okay. 2. I am a bit nervous about OCing my CPU. Is it an easy thing to do? My mobo is ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming 4S-1B 3. Not sure what remagen test is, but I use the PC for everything else on 2D and it's fine. 4. I will try this when I have a bit more time. And the link to that old post has now given me a lot of homework to do, so I will check all those out at a later time. Thank you again.
  3. I'm relatively new to VR and recently got the Rift-S because I've read a lot of good things about it. I did own the CV-1 for a bit, but it wasn't for me. Anyway, I recently posted about not getting good quality and fps on my old rig (i7-2600k 1080ti) when I tried out the Rift-S. I got some really good and insightful responses, which helped me to decide that it was time to upgrade. So over Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, I got myself a new computer with an i7-9700K, RTX 2080 super with 32Gb of RAM. This has definitely allowed me to fly in IL-2 with decent framerates so I don't get nauseated anymore. But now I have more questions... because I'm still not seeing the quality and performance I've read about from other people with regards to using the Rift-S in IL-2. I've updated my nVidia driver and used Mastiff's settings, as well as 3Dmigoto and Lefuneste's mod, but the overall image still looks a bit washed out and "flat". And despite trying different SS settings in SteamVR and OTT, the picture is always a bit "soft" and unfocused. And there's the double image when getting up close and personal with another aircraft. This cannot be right, I'm sure. What am I doing wrong? I tried to search for optimal settings guide, but the more I looked, the more confused I get. Hopefully, I can get some guidance from more VR-savvy and knowledgeable folks here. Maybe even someone with similar pc specs who are having great performance/visual quality. Maybe a step-by-step: "start with this, then do this, then adjust this" type of guidance. Please? Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  4. Thanks a bunch for all your input, guys. After checking and trying different "fixes" and settings, I'm not getting any improvements. My mobo will not OC and it's only good for DDR3 RAM up to 1600Ghz. I think it's time for a better system. I'm waiting to see if Cyber Monday brings any good deals. Looking at an i7 9700k paired with RTX 1080S. Hopefully that will future-proof me a few more years.
  5. Sooo... I decided to get the RiftS at the current reduced price, having high hopes that IL-2 would run and look as had been touted by so many reviewers. I even downloaded OpenComposite in preparation for the experience. Unfortunately, I am not getting the results I hoped for. My framerates barely make it above 40, mostly between 20-30 (single player so far). In game settings on Balanced with most bells and whistles turned down or off. And the clarity is more like looking at a CRT monitor up close. I have read so much that the Rift S looks like a 1080p and spotting, ID and terrain looks nice and clear. Not the case for me. Not too much different from my old CV1 that was returned for that reason. I have a 1080Ti, 12Gb RAM, but an old i7 2600k running at 3.92Ghz. Wireless 5G connection. (I can run IL2 on pancake at 90-110 fps with high settings on that rig.) What am I doing wrong? I have updated Windows, NVidia and Oculus drivers. I need help. I'm willing to try any suggestions. Looking for better framerates and clearer visuals. I it some setting, or some voodoo I'm missing?
  6. "Adult online gaming clan"? Never really thought of it that way... How'd you guys get all them campaign ribbons or whatchamacallit under your avatars? (I have BoS and BoBP)
  7. Cheers, Boo! Turned off the EVGA OSD and it worked again. No idea why that never gave me a problem before... Thank you - spot on as always. TWC_NINja
  8. Having the same issues... problem started recently. Played on the same rig for about a year with no issue whatever. Game launches fine and everything works, until I try to start a mission or get online. Game just crashes to desktop with no message. Searched for solutions online, tried a few things, but no result. So I uninstalled and re-installed the game last night, still no joy. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  9. I just had the same error. Came to the forum for help and found this thread... I'm running W10 CPU - i72600k stock 3.4 Ghz 12 Gb RAM GTX 970 Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!
  10. Hi all, I'm new to this game - just bought BoS during the sale. Trying to figure out how to get the game to run smoothly on MP. I get stutters and fps ranging between 35-61. Single Player mission runs fine - 50-60 fps, no stutters. Searched through the forum to get answers, and hoping this might be the best place to get some help. Here's my rig: i7 2600K stock (3.4Ghz) 12 Gb RAM EVGA GTX 970 SC Currently running "Balanced" setting. "High" performs worse. 1980x1080 resolution Full Screen and Sharpen checked. Shadows Quality Low Mirrors Simple Distant Landscape Detail Normal Landscape Filter Blurred Grass Quality Normal Target FPS 60 DSR Full Antialiasing 4 Gamma Correction 0.9 Multiplayer setting: Sending/Receiving 10Mb Am I expecting too much with my rig? I play IL2 Cliffs of Dover and that runs buttery smooth. Same with DCS 2.5 Hope to get some guidance on this game. Thanks in advance. TWC_NINja
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