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  1. @TWC_MalI only edited some of the values in your file so you can just open the file I uploaded and copy the [KEY = graphics] section into your startup.ini I think Spook's did not work because, just like mine, it's a .txt file.
  2. @TWC_Mal The headset I use is the HP Reverb, with a higher resolution (2160x2160 per eye) than the Rift S. I had a Rift S for a bit and decided to go with the Reverb because of the sharper image/clarity. My specs are a tad higher than yours (9700k, 32Gb RAM, RTX 2080S), so some of my settings are set a little higher even though I'm pushing more pixels. Also, I'm running the Reverb at 60Hz refresh, so less taxing on the GPU. Do heed the recommendations on Opencomposite and Oculus Tray Tool - you will get better results than using SteamVR with Rift S.
  3. @TWC_Mal I edited your file to almost match mine... not sure what rig you have, but I'm running a Reverb on 9700k and 2080S. I have some other settings set higher, but basically turned up the draw distance and removed bloom and HDR. Also set the gamma to 0.7 and unchecked full screen. I don't use antialiasing with my Reverb, but if you need it for the Rift, you can turn that back on. Hopefully this helps. startup.txt
  4. I know, it's hard to go back to pancake after flying VR... and I played a bit of Robo-whatchamacallit while I had my Rift S, and it's SO immersive... Anyway, IIRC Oculus Tray Tool has an overlay that show frametimes... I know Steam VR does for GPU performance. I use that to keep my frametimes below 16ms while I was tweaking settings. I get a couple of spikes above the threshold from time to time, but overall - smooth like butter.
  5. LOL... there's a LOT of tweaking to look forward to... Anyway, I my HP Reverb on an RTX 2080S, and the best way for me to improve spotting/clarity is to turn off antialiasing altogether (drag slider to 0) and just up the supersampling (pixel density in your case) a bit at a time to get a happy medium between performance and eye-candy. I also turned off ASW (reprojection) to get rid of the double image/ghosting. I find it kicks in unnecessarily and gets really annoying. I'm lucky I can run my rig at 60Hz and that gave me a lot of headroom in frametimes to up my settings quite a bit while being very smooth - and things look "pretty" and I can spot contacts up to 10km or so. But ID is another whole kettle of fish... As @Alonzo mentioned, let the "computer tell you" in your initial tweaking stage. Keep an eye on the frametimes as you test out different scenarios. And make sure to test online play as well, because if you only test on single-player (with better performance) you might get a surprise when you fly in online servers.
  6. Launch the game (non VR). Select SETTINGS Scroll down to GRAPHICS There's a checkbox to enable HMD in the top right hand side
  7. One of the numbers is the FPS, the other one is the FOV - I don't remember which is which.
  8. The usual culprit is when a different window/app becomes the active one instead of IL2 (with the 2 split screens). Happens to one of our squadmate a lot, and we always have to remind him to click on the IL2 window. Then he's fine again. Sometimes it repeats in the next sortie... not sure why his IL2 does not stay as the main active window. We make fun of him coz he has an AMD card and the rest of us have nVidia. But I don't know if that's the cause.
  9. This is what I use... it's called Icon Shepherd. https://www.winability.com/icon-shepherd/ Set up all your icons (when you're not in VR) and then save a profile. Then next time you start VR, if the icons move, just open up Icon Shepherd and load your profile and save it again. VOILA! Hope this helps.
  10. I had the same issue months ago, and found out that when I launch WMR/SteamVR, Windows ADDS several "virtual monitors" stacked vertically (check monitor layout) so the icons on your desktop get rearranged, and some of them get placed in the "virtual monitors" and you can't see them anymore. I installed a very simple piece of software that locks the icons in place (and you can save a profile) so when I launch VR, the icons are locked and they stopped moving. I'm not at my computer atm, and cannot remember the name of the software. It has a cute name like "desktop squirrel" or something like that. I'll post the link later when I get to my desktop.
  11. In order to run at 60Hz without distortion, you need Windows version 2004. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/3159635/windows-10-update-assistant That's how I run my Reverb and it helps a lot to allow me to up the graphics settings. And do not adjust the in-game IPD.
  12. I fly with an HP Reverb and am very satisfied with it. The high resolution screens really enhances the experience. I had the Rift CV-1, and later tried the Rift-S but replaced them with the Reverb because I wasn't satisfied with the lower resolution. As far as set up goes, it's a lot of fun (read challenging) trying to get the right balance between eye candy and performance. Eventually I settled on running my game on 60Hz with 134% Supersampling, no AA, no sharpening - mid to high settings and some bells and whistles turned off, so I can get constant frametimes below 16ms and not needing any reprojection at all. Flies smooth and clear, like sitting 3" in front of a 1080p monitor. I also have the VR Enhancer mod (see below) installed to get better color saturation and contrast. I can spot contacts from 8km - 10km away on a clear day, and with the latest zoom settings, I can ID contacts a few clicks before they get within firing range. Overall happy camper here. I have an i7-9700k and RTX 2080S, both running stock, with 32Gb RAM.
  13. @QB.Creep and @=SFG=capt_nasties I use the VR Enhancer mod - the added contrast and color saturation really pops the visuals on my Reverb
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