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  1. Boost starts at ~86% fuel mixture, but you can push the aircraft into bumps of boost in the 80-85% range if you ram the throttle to full fast. Speaking personally, I tend to cruise at 50%, take-off at 100%, lean at 30%, and when in combat I usually rest at 85% to maintain continuous (at 100% RPM) and then push directly to 100% when I need the extra power.
  2. I've got good news - despite getting well over a dozen error messages, the tracks from before the update do work. I'm actually kinda paranoid to close my game just in case this is some strange fluke, but there is hope.
  3. I actually had a flight of 110s attack my airbase in career today. Some of my squadronmates broke away from landing, but others didn't. Interestingly, my squadron CO, who had already landed, took back off again in order to get into the fight.
  4. 34th IAP PVO remains a personal favorite regiment of mine, you get a lot of action out there by Rzhev.
  5. Fantastic, I'm really looking forward to failing trying to make some personal skins for them!
  6. Might be a silly question, but do you know where I can get my hands on the 4k templates for the MiG-3?
  7. I'd be happy to see this treatment given to the Italian and Spanish squadrons in Battle of Moscow/Battle of Stalingrad as well. Not a tremendous priority, but it'd be a lovely QoL boost.
  8. I'll chime in on the headless pilot request. Not an emergency by any means, but definitely something I would be happy to see come to the game in the future.
  9. I'm very much looking forward to reading the special dev diary when it comes out. Keep up the good work out there!
  10. If you have the Spitfire V, you can fly it in MP, QMB, and any career squadron that flies it in the Battle of Stalingrad (but I don't believe any squadrons do to the best of my knowledge). No fear (unless you were hoping to take it into the career mode) if you buy the Spitfire, you'll be able to fly it.
  11. I'd have given you an upvote if I had any reactions left for the day (why is there a limit anyhow?). I echo that sentiment re: tabletop air war games. To be honest, I've never found a system that really captured the fluidity of air combat well. Blind-plotting I-go-you-go systems like Aerodrome lead to these bizarre scenarios where you'll slot in on someone's tail only for the next turn for both of you to go flying off to the ends of the earth because you plotted to go in opposite directions and (apparently) couldn't gauge where they were moving by sight. I feel like a lot of these games think aircraft move via instant transmission rather than slow, swooping, easily observable banks and pitches...
  12. Honest to God question, what would be the best replacement for the engine timer mechanic? A full simulation of the engine seems impractical given the way IL-2 is set up. Are we talking a full removal of "engine-death-due-to-being-WEP-100%-of-the-time," or some kind of new compromise system?
  13. I would be perfectly happy to buy modules that have overlapping plane-sets. A discount for owners of the overlapping modules would be perfectly fair in my mind. All I really want is more maps to fight on and extend the career mode. I'll probably never have enough time in my life to fly everything, but more chances to pick away at the war is something I'll take in a heartbeat.
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