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  1. Hey, Patrick, I can't seem to find the loose skins for either the LaGG or the MiG-3. They seem to show up fine for the Bf. 109s, but not for Russian aircraft. What am I doing wrong?
  2. I played IL-2 when I was very young, but I never touched the online mode unfortunately. I was barely capable of keeping the plane off the ground, let alone killing anything or doing well online. It's a shame.
  3. Yeah, I figured I was living on borrowed time for me, but I kept lucking out and knew when to run. This last time I figured my luck would hold out a bit longer. I was not correct...
  4. Okay technically I've made other pilots but I usually end up deleting/restarting their careers rather than playing them to the end so it don't count any I lost my first IL-2 pilot tonight, Junior Lieutenant Petr Vorobyev. He was flying ground strike missions in the Battle of Moscow in a Sturmovik when he took a flak round to the midsection of the plane at low altitude. I had no control over its path, so I just plowed into the ground. The ensuing fireball killed poor Petr instantly. While I nurse my wounds and drink to a good comrade, I've got a question for you all - how far have you managed to get your pilots through the war? Has anyone gone, at realistic speed, through a battle? Through all of them? Post below, I'm curious to hear.
  5. So, I've been looking at Soviet fighter squadrons in the hopes of finding one that flies through all of Stalingrad and all of Kuban, or at least one that doesn't miss any significant portions of the battles. Unfortunately, I've not had any luck. Does anyone know if there's one I'm missing somehow? I either end up missing the first part of Stalingrad, the last part of Stalingrad, Operation Uranus itself(!), or the last part of Kuban with the squadrons I've looked at so far.
  6. I've always been fond of Triceratops. I live not too far from the Field Museum in Chicago, so seeing those fossils sparked kid-me's imagination.
  7. This would be a very cool feature. I'm not sure how it could be implemented, but I would love if Career mode allowed you to keep playing beyond the death of your first pilot, or even your fifth.
  8. Shame about no new DD, but the new update has been pretty great! Only a couple more months now until Bodenplatte is released. And I'm willing to bet pretty soon 777 will be pulling back the curtains on any new modules they have in the works. No way they don't have something hidden just off to the side somewhere...
  9. It would be nice to fly over Moscow itself, but I can understand 1C not coming back to add it at any point. There's just better things to put energy towards as a company, and it's too large of a project for a developer to do on their off time. For now, i suppose to re-appropriate an old phrase, "there is no land beyond western Moscow"...
  10. Fantastic update as always, was eagerly awaiting this one for a while now. The Sopwith Dolphin looks fascinating, especially with having such a low upper wing. I look forward to getting my paws on it.
  11. No kidding, so you *can* make a new default view? I'm very sorry for the trouble, I had no idea that this was even a feature. Feel free to delete this thread.
  12. I can make the adjustment, but as far as I know any changes I make are not saved to default. Every time I start a flight in the Camel I will need to readjust just to center myself over both the gunsight and the Aldis (I tested the latter this morning to be sure that it wasn't specific to the iron sights). If this is the developer's intent and there's no intention to fix something, or even if it isn't broken, then I will adapt, but I do honestly feel like the way the Camel is set up right now isn't correct. All of the other planes I have flown, including craft from Battle of Stalingrad and Battle of Moscow, put the camera default so that you are staring down the gunsight of your craft. I don't see a reason as to why this plane in particular is an exception.
  13. Hey everyone, I just got Flying Circus today, and I must say that I'm enjoying the planes, but there's something of a caveat. I have TrackIR, so I can circumvent this problem with some difficulty - and I'm not 100% certain that this problem isn't unique to me - but the default camera placement for the Sopwith Camel is uncomfortably low. I've tested the cockpits of the three other planes currently available (the Spad, the Fokker triplane, and the Pfalz), and they seem to be lined up perfectly as they were (as far as I can remember) in Rise of Flight, where the default position centers you over the gunsight and means that any adjustment will eventually return you to that comfortable shooting position. I have had to either crane my neck up uncomfortably to reach the sight or set a low TrackIR default position to adjust, but even when testing the game's "return to center" command I seem to come back to this odd state. Attached are some photographs of the four cockpits. I think you'll tell which one is the odd one out. I hope that this is just a me problem, and I've skipped some stupid fundamental step, but if not I would greatly appreciate this being patched, as the planes of Flying Circus are wonderful (though I seem to have some trouble coaxing some of them off the ground at times...).
  14. I actually would like to second this, the player profile tab was really handy for when you needed to look up a plane and see what modifications it had.
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