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  1. Thank you for your quick reply! I appreciate the update, I've been looking into the idea of tinkering with the front line and I appreciate the front line editor returning. Sorry for the inconvenience on your end, though!
  2. Hey, @PatrickAWlson, quick question - where did you get your information for where squadrons were based on this or that day? Was it mainly just a gameplay decision, or is there a history you're working off of (particularly interested in the Moscow map but any info you have would be appreciated)! Oh, quick edit - sorry! - I updated to the most recent version of PWCG and I noticed that the front editor is now gone. Is that functionality removed from the user-end, or is there a way to access it if I want to tinker? And if so, is there a way to do it without going into the .json files?
  3. It happened two years ago - best as I remember, it was a career mission. Something about changing the audio output seemed to have caused the game to hitch and hard, but I don't remember much beyond that. Apologies, I had forgotten this had even happened were it not for the notification!
  4. I was thinking about this earlier - this is a question more aimed for the developers, but I was curious as to how Il-2's career mode works in the sense of "how does it create a pilot, how does it set a pilot as the player controlled aircraft when generating a mission," and stuff of that matter. So much of the career mode's inner workings are a mystery to me, and I'd love to understand it more!
  5. Here's hoping! I wish I could try and take a crack at making some prototype for it, just as a proof of concept, but I don't think I have the tools or the skills to attempt it.
  6. I would be happy to see this come to Il-2 as well! It's more or less what I had in my mind when I refer to "Azazel" mode in my original suggestion, and I think it would fit in great. I am, though, still attached to being able to play as a guiding spirit for the unit, taking whatever role in the flight I choose. However, I'm not sure how feasible this would be able to build versus what you suggested. If you had to guess, are either concepts capable of being built?
  7. (Good morning, everyone!) This is partially true. Azazel was an alternate mode for the Call of Chernobyl mod for STALKER: Call of Pripyat (iirc) that allowed you to change characters randomly to an already existent NPC if you were to die, and to keep swapping bodies until you simply get tired of the run (as there isn't a fixed end state to the mod afaik). What I am suggesting does require a lot of the infrastructure of the squadron leader systems, but instead of a career being over should your pilot die or be captured, you are able to progress forwards and inh
  8. I apologize for the late hour in posting this, as I’m minutes away from falling asleep and won’t be able to respond for several hours. I suggest that a step be added during the start of a standard career playthrough, introduced between selecting a squadron/regiment and creating a character. This step would be an additional choice between a “pilot career” (what we have in Il-2 currently, where you follow a single pilot through the battle and the larger war) and a “squadron career”. Choosing squadron career means skipping the character creation stage and heading directly into the hea
  9. I second this, and I was actually just about to come on here to post something similar to what Gimpel said. Individual control settings per aircraft would be a lovely quality-of-life change, and I hope the sim sees it added in the near future!
  10. Hey, everyone! Just a quick few things: first of all, I do plan on there being a regular set of updates this week, hoping to go live with those sometime after noon tomorrow and Friday, CDT. Second, I'd like to admit that I'm kind of feeling some degree of burn-out with the project. The weekly updates I don't think is the issue, just more a kind of tension between how I'd like the series to be (one pilot in a sea of thousands, exceptional in that the story is about him but because he's an ace of aces) and how the series is progressing in game. This is really quite
  11. Chapter Nine: Hello, Vnukovo! Aleksei clambered out of his plane, helped by a waiting engineer that he didn’t recognize. It would still be the better part of the day for the 34th’s own ground crews to arrive at the Moscow outskirts. Perhaps longer, if the Germans decided to make their presence known. There was little to be done about it now, other than to wait and hope. As he caught his bearings, stretching for the first time in an hour, a large GAZ truck rumbled towards him. The big vehicle looked worn, and its flatbed had no tarp cover to hide its metal skelet
  12. Appendix A: Soviet Regiments at Moscow, October 1941 By early October of 1941, the Soviet Air Forces - both VVS and PVO - were in desperate straits. Casualties since the start of hostilities had been horrific, as were material losses. To compensate, regiments were reorganized and shrunk from 63 planes per fighter element to a mere 21. These 21 planes were divided into two 10-aircraft squadrons and reserving one for the regimental commander. BAPs (Bomber Aviation Regiments) and ShAPs (Ground Attack Aviation Regiments) were similarly affected by the needs of the war.
  13. This seems like something the career mode sorely needs, and hopefully it’s something we’ll see implemented in the future in some way, shape, or form. All of those changes sound fine by me, though from my experience Soviet regiments already fly at least twice a day. I’m not necessarily assigned to both of them, but they seem common as it stands.
  14. Sorry for the heavily belated reply! Personally, I would be all for bumping the squadron/regiment cap up to 20, but I suppose part of me wonders if it might be more elegant to split the regiments into component squadrons, similar to how each of the German JG have selectable Staffels. How difficult is it to make new units in the Career? And if it’s not horrifically difficult, would it be worth the effort to retroactively introduce them to the game?
  15. I've been doing some research - as best as someone can without access to scholarly sources or a mastery of the Russian language, I must admit - and I've found that Soviet aviation regiments, be they fighter, ground attack, or bomber regiments are considerably smaller than their real-life equivalents. I've found, in my experience, Soviet fighter regiments in the career mode tend to be approximately 9-14 pilots in size, which while a respectable amount, would be historically an over-sized squadron at best. At the start of WW2, Soviet IAPs were in the range of 63 aircrews, and even fo
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