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  1. +1 And hopefully the Oculus supporting 32bit thing is resolved at all :/
  2. Im just desperately waiting for DK2 support. Ive never really got on with monitors and flight-sims and after experiencing DCS: Mustang in VR I just want to get in to IL2:BoS and fly all night, every night!
  3. I really like my VKB Mamba. Action not too heavy. Faultless precision. Interesting new grips on the way.
  4. Thanks for the heads up on these. I like the idea a lot.
  5. Right there with you although I cant really take my screen very seriously with decent VR for racing and flying around the corner.
  6. Just taking a moment to agree heartily with this.
  7. ... that effect is called vection, and probably quite enough for your stomach and last meal to be going on with (although getting used to getting flung about in that thing would be pretty cool hehe)
  8. If this was combined with simvibe and the Oculus Rift and could be run with all the PC gear swinging about in there with you on a large battery it might be a ton of fun! However, the Rift would need the positional info from the rig and take account of the position to work right. Im not sure how you possibly get realisitc instantaneous force going, you have to wait to be rotated into position to feel the gravitational loading in your harness and never experiencing the real feeling of flight which is that sudden lack of any gravity making your guts complain. Or yaw. I imagine its very easy to get motion sick if the initial impulses are at odd angular acclerations to what it looks like you should be experiencing in the sim (before you start to hang in the right position). But all technicalities achieved and all ambitions of accurate forces abandoned it would be one hell of a ride! 30p a go, record for the day 3 minutes before vomiting. (A comparison to glider or powered flight lessons costs might be in order also) Realistically I think the Rift alone is the way forward for me. Just note how powerful is the effect of stepping onto a stationary escalator you sort of suspect should be moving somewhere deep down, the weird and powerful vertigo you can feel, and also sitting in a train at a standstill as the train beside you pulls away; you really feel like you are accelerating backwards...
  9. Seems like a lot to wear on your head. I predict optic fibres trailing from a box into something you wear more like swimming goggles for the retail version
  10. I just hope there's room for my nose in the thing
  11. Heres a different option: http://www.tftcentral.co.uk/reviews/eizo_fg2421.htm
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