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  1. Yeah the ars review is weird. I believe the guy was also on reddit a week or so ago doing an AMA and didnt know what a sweet spot was... I'll probably give the reverb a go too, but i also have an index on order :S
  2. Sorry I dont have one but everything I've read says its not worth almost 4x more than a O+, not at the moment anyway. I'd try get my money back and then if in a few months when the pre orders are actually over and its actually in stock, maybe consider again if theyve fixed a lot of the issues.
  3. Odyssey+ is better. The sweet spot (as it is the same lense setup) is exactly the same. Only downside is there is slightly more potential light leaking in on the odyssey+ as it is designed to accomodate wider heads than the original. Dagwood: Set your "renderTargetScale" in the mixed reality for steamvr driver config file (default.vrsettings in e.g.C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\MixedRealityVRDriver\resources\settings) to 2.0 instead of the default 1.0. It does not affect performance at all and improves clarity. I also initially thought the O+ was far blurrier until I did that. I guess theres some kind of bug in the driver.
  4. Sometimes happens for me too, usually closing the game, steamvr, and the windows MR portal, then starting them up in reverse order fixes it.
  5. Can recommend for Odyssey/Odyssey+ to set: "renderTargetScale" : 2.0 in the windows mixed reality for steamvr config file. It increases clarity for absolutely zero cost in performance. https://imgur.com/a/qPfBp3g the improvement is more noticeable at higher levels of supersampling.
  6. Would be my estimate too: that DCS benefits more from the upgrade than IL2. I went from a 1080 to a 2080ti though, i Believe you had a 1080ti?
  7. as far as i can tell the scaling in my odyssey is accurate.
  8. would that be the VR Cover aftermarket velour padding? and I can only +1 on the eye lasering. Its a real game changer. And by game i mean life.
  9. You seem to be basing your argument on the false assumption that theyve received money for the keys that were purchased from Kinguin/G2A....
  10. Yeah i just got into a 15 minute turning fight and missed every single shot... im sure i'll learn soon ;O
  11. odyssey user here 6DOF works fine, UNLESS for some reason the headset has lost its positional tracking (happens occasionally if im playing in the dark or if some light sources in the room are overwhelmingly bright)
  12. Thats strange because the consensus seems to be the opposite. Theyre quite active on the /r/hotas on reddit and answer fast to email...
  13. I've read that people have no issues wearing glasses in them unless they're ludicrously big, like larger than wayfarer style
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