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  1. SOoooo! If no one ask it, i'll ask first! When EF campaing will start?
  2. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When it staaaaaarts!!!!!1111&&&&777????
  3. So long!!! I need TAW!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!111
  4. It's very good idea, can Admins create Yandex money, or Sberbank online payment system? paypal is difficult system for russian community...
  5. Don't scare our intertnational friends by doubtful creativity of doubtful creator please.
  6. This is joke like every question about start +1 week? or seriosly will started on next weekend? 😕
  7. How much time we have to rest and prepair?
  8. Hello all is the plane set on server historical? or all planes on any map is avalible? Contacts visible is Alternative or like on TAW and WoL? If all planes are avalible on any map is there are any plan to do historical plane set on a maps? Sorry for some stupid questions :))
  9. Спасибо всей красной стороне за отличную командную работу, 72-ой группе и "Трезвому небу", отдельная благодарность за стойкий боевой дух и сражения до победного конца! 72-ые - организация на высоте, очень приятно с вами летать. Также благодарю синих пилотов, сражавшихся до конца, спасибо за то что вы были и давали себя сбить, ну и нас сбивали (как без этого то ) Еще раз всем спасибо, удачи в небе и в жизни! Thanks LG for the best server! Thanks all for very good and interesting campaing! Thanks all VVS side for teamwork and winning: Thanks all LW side for good resistance, i was scared many times Good luck all in flights and real life! Thank you all once again.
  10. Dear admins and creators of server, i have a proposal about AF on Kuban maps. Maybe move some AF on west? Put Depots of red side on Krasnodar and Timashevskaya. Or maybe do not touch depots and move some AF, for example: 0334 (viselky) to 0532 Korenovskaya; 0928 (Krasnodar) to 0728 (Novotitarovskaya) Add 0929. Remove Gelendzhik Akhtyrskaya (1124) to Krymskaya (1021) Add Severskaya (1126) Its just my opinion, i think that map will be more balanced with that position of AF.
  11. Friendly fire on air field, i think he must get a ban for that! http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=86500&name=-=RedS=-Str1ke
  12. Also i think will be greate to exchange a planes inside squads: someone didn't flying on bobmbers/ground attackers/fighter and can give ground attacker/bomber/fighter to another member of squad. And i miss on a "Air Domination War" lines mechanics
  13. May be then move main depots of red side to the west? Map of action will be smaller like on Moscow and Stalingrad maps... and it wiil be mor really to create balanced map.
  14. I Think there is need some correction on Cuban map with AF, maybe LG can add some AF to both sides on this map? 2 for each side ?
  15. How often replenishment of tanks and aircrafts coming from the warehouse to available forces?
  16. Спасибо! Понял. THX, i realized.
  17. Tanks 671 / 665, tanks ended but colomn of tanks near Gzhatsk...
  18. There is some problem with bombs and cars, bomb blowing near car and car still alive. Is it problem of new patch or server settings?
  19. When starts Eastern Front Campaing? Corona virus, all sit at home, we need to fight!!!!!!!!!!11111!!!!
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